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So you know that (No Longer) Weed has really taken cleaning up his act seriously. He’s been avoiding all his druggie / drinking friends except for one.. Harry Potter.

No.. not the books.

His one friend looks exactly  like Harry Potter except he has long hair. I know him and his family and they are really good people. Harry’s younger two brothers are complete fuck ups but Harry has his shit together.. works a third shift job.. is always reading something and has always been quiet and respectful.

Why him and (No Longer) Weed are still friends is beyond me but they are..

Anyway.. so Harry Potter likes to smoke pot every once in a while and (No Longer) Weed has been talking to him about stopping and even invited him to a NA meeting.. which Harry Potter went to.

Yesterday (No Longer) Weed was telling me that the Crack Whore FINALLY gave her consent for Harry Potter to use her car so him and (No Longer) Weed can go to the movies or book store or whatever when they got into an accident.

Apparently, Harry was switching lanes and there was a 2010 Black Cadillac in his blind spot. Harry is used to driving his mom’s mini van so I guess it was easy for him to miss a big black Caddy…

(No Longer) Weed said that they guy was cool about it and didn’t even want to call the cops. I thought that was a HUGE mistake but either the Caddy guy didn’t have insurance.

This is the second accident the Crack Whore’s car has been in in as many months so when he told me, I was like “.. yea, her insurance is going to go through the ROOF.”

Chief was like, “.. I said the same thing!!”

That is… if she even has insurance. Not sure of that either but although I did get a little giggle.. I’m sure this is going to yet another excuse for not paying her child support.

AND I’m wondering if she’s going to hound Harry Potter to pay for the damage. It WAS his fault and I’m sure he will want to pay for the damage but she also has to understand that he’s a kid, living at home and not making a shit load of money.. I know how she can be and I’m wondering if she’s going to cause a problem between Harry and (No Longer) Weed…

.. so while I was off on my StepMom File sabbatical .. the usual things have been going on over here:

Weed :: I’m going to have to rename him since he appears to be taking his sobriety seriously :: is still looking for a job. He was suppose to have an interview on Thursday but for some reason, the woman who set it up :: one of our customers :: didn’t do what she was suppose to do and so there was no interview. He was really disappointed but I told him that that’s life so.. not really much you can do about it but push forward.

He also called me one night asking if I could meet him and the Crack Whore at Target because she bought a futon for him to sleep on :: he was sleeping on her love seat but he wanted a bed and there isn’t any room in her apartment so she was tossing the love seat and replacing it with a futon :: and it wouldn’t fit in her car. It was close to dinner time when he called so I wasn’t going to be able to do it but I wondered how you can buy a futon but you can’t pay your child support for 2 months?

I mentioned that to Chief and he said that if she misses one more payment that the court will haul her in.

Ok.. that’s all fine and dandy but that will be AFTER school starts and how am I going to get them school clothes in the meantime?

Spaz mentioned to me that SHE was going to take him to get clothes and I told him to remind her to get him new underwear and socks too.

Hell.. if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right… right?

I’m not worried about it.. their problem, not mine.

I finally found out what was going on with Bubba and the Fort Blahblahblah trip that I posted about.

He called Tuesday night and said that he wasn’t going to be able to make it home and if his dad was going to get pissed about it then we were going to have to drive there and get him.

I was like, “.. what the hell are you doing up there anyway?”

He explained that his friend had started college up there but didn’t like it.. or it wasn’t what he thought it was going to be.. so they went up there with the intention of packing up his stuff and they were suppose to get a ride home on Tuesday. But wires got crossed somewhere and who ever was suppose to pick them up with a truck wasn’t going to be able to. The friend :: who does have a job and has had a job the three years I’ve known him :: didn’t want to spring for a UHaul.

I told Bubba that if he didn’t WANT to stay anymore, then I’d pick him up but I wasn’t going to be able to fit all the friend’s stuff in my wagon. He’s just going to have to suck up the cost because that’s what happens when you enter adulthood and change your mind about your future.

He was more worried about Chief being upset with him and I told him that he did the responsible thing by calling so there was no issue. I did tell him that I would make a few phone calls and see if I could find someone with a pick up but I really had no intentions of doing that.

Bubba called back a few hours later and said that his friend decided to stay at college after all and that he would be home on Friday night.

No problem.

He also said that the next time he went up there, he’s going to need to take some money with him because so far, the friend has been picking up the bill for everything. So I told him that he needed to not wait until the last minute to tell me so I’ll know to put some money aside for him.

The following day, he called AGAIN to ask me how much a UHaul would be because the friend decided NOT to stay at college. I swear, for all the hassles my skids cause, I would kill this kid if he were mine and changed his mind fifty times in a night.

Bubba came home last night saying that after being out all week, he’s going to be glad to sleep in his own bed.

Too bad Spaz didn’t close the bedroom door and one of the cats pissed on his pillow.

And speaking of Spaz..

Thrusday night I over heard a conversation with him and the Crack Whore. She wanted him to sleep over this weekend :: um, I hope she realizes that this is NOT the weekend me and Chief are going away :: but Spaz told her that he was staying at his Uncle Sarge’s house the weekend.

Um.. didn’t know that but ok..

The one thing she does that I absolutely deplore :: well, there’s many but.. :: is that she puts Spaz in the position to make decisions that he shouldn’t have to make.. she lays MAJOR guilt trips on him.. and from what I hear Spaz saying, she was asking him why he couldn’t stay over her house Friday and have Uncle Sarge pick him up at her place. Spaz told her because he didn’t know where she lived and she actually started yelling at him which caused him to get really upset and frustrated.

Because .. yknow.. the RIGHT thing to do would be to call Chief and ask him about taking Spaz in the first place since she has NO legal custody of them and NO court ordered visitation rights. But yknow.. Chief isn’t bothered by the fact that everybody does what they want with his kids.. most times without telling him.. and for the LIFE OF ME I can’t wrap my head around that.

Friday, I reminded him to call the Crack Whore to make sure she was taking the kids the weekend of the 28th. I know WE had the discussion but you never know what color pill she popped before you talk to her and so if you don’t keep reminding her she uses the “ never told me” bullshit.

So he calls and she doesn’t pick up. He doesn’t leave a message which drives me up a freakin’ wall. NONE of them leave voice mails. So I  make him call her again and he leaves a message.

She never calls back.

When we get home after closing the shop… no Spaz.

Now, earlier I had mentioned something to Weed about the possibility of Spaz spending the night at his place :: he hates it when the kids stay there because they really are assholes :: so Chief may have over heard me.. or not. I don’t remember. But we come into the house and he sees that Spaz isn’t home and left all his dishes in the sink. So I’m like, well.. guess he knew he was going away the weekend and figured, fuck doing the dishes.”

Chief doesn’t say anything.. he just starts washing the dishes and I say to him, “… did you get a phone call from her saying that she was taking him?”


“… and that doesn’t bother you? It doesn’t bother you that you come home and the kid that NEVER leaves the house isn’t hear and if it wasn’t for me overhearing his conversation yesterday you’d have no idea where he was or who he was with?”

He turned the water up and didn’t answer.

He made a quick dinner :: hot roast beef sandwiches and potato salad .. the man in RENOWN for his potato salad :: and when we sat down to eat, I asked him:

Why did you even want custody of your kids if you weren’t going to care about where they are, who they’re with or what they do?

He never answered and I didn’t push it because I didn’t want to argue.. especially since we had the house to ourselves.

<< start rant >>

You know.. I watch a lot of news and read a lot of newspapers. There’s really little else to do when your standing around the deli all day waiting for customers.. there’s ONLY so much DoodleJump, Solitaire and Brain Challenge you can play on the iPhone!!

Two things caught my attention these last few days and I had that ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING reaction so I figured I’d share!


I apologize in advance if I give you the same reaction!! ;)


So here’s the deal. Apparently, “homeless” people living in RVs have decided to take up residence in Venice Beach, California. Parking on streets.. leaving trash around.. using resident’s front lawns as bathrooms.. there’s even been mention of drug dealing and prostitution but to be fair, I don’t know if there is.

I DO know that the people of Venice Beach are fed up with this and want it to stop.

Seems fair, right? I mean you pay a mortgage and property taxes and have to follow laws and regulations and stuff and all of a sudden all these RVs start parking in your neighborhood causing a problem. You’d be pissed too. I know I was…

I was ESPECIALLY pissed when I heard one of these RV people saying that HE had every RIGHT to shit on someone’s lawn and that THEY should provide a Porta-Potty for them to use.

Are you FUCKING kidding me?

I’m sorry but I don’t consider living in an RV as being “homeless”.. and I know there are RVs that have bathrooms. Not all, I grant that.. but why are the rights of people who don’t pay taxes surpass the rights of the people that do?

Why is it that people breaking the law :: and I’m sorry, if you’re parking where you shouldn’t park and shitting on someones front lawn then you’re breaking the law :: are being allowed to bring down the quality of life of people who work for a better life?

Okay.. so insert the violin playing here ______________

Some are going to say that I’m being too bullheaded because people are down on their luck and what are they suppose to do…

Look.. I’m sorry if people are down on their luck or if circumstances found them where they’re at .. but if the city is TRYING to make concessions for you… trying to make both sides happy.. then WHO THE HELL GIVES YOU THE RIGHT to thumb your nose at it and say Oh? That parking lot 10 miles away? The one where we are ALLOWED to park and won’t have to be harassed by the people that live here? Yea.. the one that would have bathroom and shower facilities?? Um.. yea… nooooo. Not going to go there because it would just be too damn far from the beach.

Come on people!

Believe me, I am no fan of California in general :: sorry Cali, I’m an East Coast girl through and through :: but this has GOT to stop!

You  need to get tough on these people because it isn’t fair and it seems to me that the RV-ers are using their numbers as leverage.

So.. how would YOU feel if this was happening in your neighborhood? Am I being unfair?


You know these people, right? They’re the ones with 19 kids.. who just had their 20th that was born really premature and both mother and baby had serious health problems to contend with because of it?

Come on.. you know the ones! They have a TLC show and all their kids names start with a J?

Ok.. well.. they’ve been coming under fire for years :: I think after their 12th or 13th kid :: about their lifestyle and the fact that they have so many kids.

All these bleeding hearts are blasting them saying that they’re being irresponsible.. that they are overpopulating the earth.. that they are robbing their kids of a normal childhood… that having the older kids help taking care of the younger kids is just like having kids work in coal mines.

So what’s the problem? Why is it anybody’s business what they do?

They don’t live off the state.. NOBODY other then themselves are providing for their family.. Their kids appear to be educated.. well mannered.. and happy. Do they have responsibilities and chores and have to make sacrifices? Sure.. but you know what? They are also learning about team work.. about not being selfish.. about putting other people first instead of yourself.. learning a work ethic and being responsible.

I think there are TOO many kids today NOT being raised that way.. and I’ll be the first to hand over my three step sons as evidence to that.

But really? I think the main reason why people are objecting so much is because they’re Christians and for some reason, it’s okay to bash Christians ( maybe because we can take it? ) .. I don’t hear anyone publicly blasting the 35 year old in Florida who has 16 kids with as many different fathers and has been living off welfare and never once held a job or paid her own rent.

So what’s the difference?

If you’re going to put one on notice, why aren’t you putting them ALL on notice?

Until someone’s lifestyle directly impacts your own, shut the hell up about it..

<< end rant >>

Now it’s time for a Hershey Bar!!!

Thoughts From My iPhone

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Me thinks me gas insomnia.. only two hours of sleep in the last two days.


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.. it’s 3am and if I try to get my iPhone from where it’s at, Chief is going to think that I want something MORE then my iPhone.

Damn men who can’t NOT roll over when their sleep!!!