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Sometimes.. Just Sometimes

Posted: January 14, 2008 in Old Blogs

Yknow.. it’s hard sometimes for people to relate to certain things.

Take raw oysters for example. I just don’t get how people go gaga over something that feels like a snot ball in your mouth :: shuddup!! ::

Or people live to get wasted. Don’t get it. It takes way too much effort to keep my mnd under wraps as it is.. imagine what it would take if my twist was chemically induced?

But in the immortal words of whomever, that’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla. OR that whole “poTAto” “PoTAHto” thing.

At any rate…sometimes, because people don’t always share or bare witness to what others to, things get said or deeds get done that may knock the order of the universe off kilter for awhile.

More times then not, it’s not done maliciously or with any kind of Dr. Evil intent. And sometimes what strikes the right cord a week ago, will stike a different one a week later.

It’s a tough situation, especially when hurt feelings get brought to the forefront and the person who progenerated the offense is left with shoulders hunched up… hands upturned.. and a “whaaaaaaa???” look on their face.

I will say this… for the most part whenever there is something that someone is uncomfortable with about themselves, they’ll strike the first blow for deflection. Sort of like the old “I’ll make fun of me before you do” kind of thing… which really just makes people think that they can roll along with it because they think you’re down with it.

Truth of the matter is… no matter how much someone laughs at themselves.. makes fun of themselves.. points out their flaws.. etc, it always stings when someone else says the same things..

Just something to think about from a mind that’s stuffed to the gills with Old Country Buffet’s meatloaf…

Which was actually really good.

Go figure.


Lovin’ The One Your With

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Old Blogs


Really doesn’t matter what you’re doing.. whether it’s baking a cake or snaking out a sewer main… if you’re doing it with the one you’re in love with then there really shouldn’t be any other place you’d want to be…


And yea… I did say snaking out a sewer main. Call me crazy :: well, that’s a normal occurance :: but one of the best times I was elbow deep in sludge trying to get the snake in the drain.

Tonight.. it’s off to the laundromat because we couldn’t get the asforementioned sewer main cleared…

SO another post for another time!!!

Anyway.. so yea… if you ain’t that lucky to have someone that you want to do t


Calling You

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Old Blogs

Happen to catch the song playing on my profile?

.. if you didn’t, here’s the video for it:

The band is BLUE OCTOBER
The song is CALLING YOU

… and even though I’m probably a wee bit on the “too old” side and it’s a totally girly chick thing to do… this song is kind of like our “unofficial” song.

Actually, I don’t really know how he feels about it.. except when I had it as his answer tone on my phone he kind of got alittle overdosed on it after the hundredth time… but whatever, it’s his ringtone on my phone. So there!!

To me, this song is just us. And everytime I hear it on the radio :: which isn’t much anymore :: I get a freakin’ chipmonk cheek smile and I fall in love with him all over again.

The words are the words but I think it has more to do with timing. We had had this little itty-bitty “thing” way back in the very beginning which could have caused “US” to go either way. Obviously, things when the way I wanted them too and it was right after that I happen to catch the chorus of the song on the radio. “WE” were the first thing that popped in my mind. I looked up the video and it rocked because it had the whole space theme which he’s into so I sent it along.

And so it became ours… for me anyway.


Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

Posted: January 7, 2008 in Old Blogs

… Okay. Here’s the deal…

I just can’t wait to get the hell out of here and be surrounded by the chaos that is my home and family.

I hate Mondays.. but the fact that this is the first Monday I’ve actually worked in like 6 weeks just made it even harder to get through the day.

AND.. AND.. AND… knowing that the kids are in school and Tim is home alone watching the Dr. Who marathon on the SciFi really just makes things drag the hell out.

Do you realize that I’ve been sitting here with headphones on for the last 45 minutes with NO MUSIC PLAYING?

Seems not being able to keep my eyes open are the LEAST of this chick’s problems!

So needless to say, I’m not looking forward to the drive home. It’s somewhere between 40 and 50 minutes through the city filled with nut job drivers :: ok, ok, I’m one of them but not on purpose! :: and it just cuts into my time with my family so… yea

I get to thinking that there just HAS to be an alternate route.

Has to..

Tim did mention a way to go somewhere someway but it escaped me so I spend a good part of the afternoon combing internet maps of the area and the fastest way I could come up with is by taking the one highway that is sure to kill you!

Have to say I contemplated it for a quick minute but then realized that not only is it the one highway that’s sure to kill you but it’s that way because EVERYBODY takes it… so it’s congested and clogged and full of no-go-no-where-joe because you’re basically on one big parking lot with exits.

I guess I could figure out how to take the ghetto.. but yknow.. it’s bad enough I have a hard time seeing at night as it is.. don’t necessarily want to be driving in neighborhoods where I shouldn’t be in the first place scoping street signs that were probably ripped off anyway…

So I guess it’s going to be the same old way…

But dunno.. I’ll see how awake I am when I leave…

I’ll go into the whole car dibolical on another post.. it’s a winner!! LOL

Don’t It Just Figure

Posted: January 6, 2008 in Old Blogs

See the time?

No… really… see what time it is?

Okay… so here’s the deal.

This is around the only time that I get the opportunity to jump on the PS3.

Nooooo…. i’m not exaggerating.

I live with three seriously extreme gamers. Well, four but normally the last one is holed up in his room 23.5 hours of the day and is basically a stealth ninja. Anyway.. thing is.. I can never get on the damn thing while any of them are around because they have this almost Torrette-like compulsion to tell me how to play the damn game.

I hate that.

Let me repeat… I HATE THAT!!!

So to avoid me getting frustrated.. and attitude-ye.. and bitchy.. and throwing the damn controller at the head of whichever one happens to be doing it at the time… I just let them at it and play when they’re all asleep.

Except for now…

The damn game I’ve been waiting a month for :: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune :: finally came in and it fucking ROCKS. All the hype about Assassin’s Creed? Yea.. forget about that. UDF has just about everything. Highly recommend it.

Okay.. so the problem is that the game came in yesterday and Josh, my 9 year old gamer extraordinare :: seriously, this kid is a fucking savant when it comes to video games :: is already at level 18 and there’s only 22 so it’s going to go back soon.

I figured since I was up, I’d take the opportunity to  have alittle me time but NOOOOooooooooo…. the unit had froze up earlier so the kids just shut it off and were watching tv.

Now, I can’t turn the damn thing on.

Yes it’s plugged in

No there isn’t a blackout

Yes I’m more then competent on turning on a PS3

No it just isn’t fucking working

Yes the universe still likes to toy with me

… I guess it’s for the best anyway because for some reason, Josh keeps sleep walking down to the living room and crashing on the couch even though his dad’s sent him upstairs a few hundred times so far. And yknow… extreme gamer that he is, as soon as the blue light goes on his third eye will be wide awake and reaching for the controllers!!