Moan-Ah The Cat

UPDATE: We have changed this poor cat’s name yet again. She is now referred to as MOAN-ahhh because that’s all she does. Personally, I just call her cat. I get to confused on what her name is half the time!

Pretty (aka “Katu”) was only 2 days old when her momma abandoned them. Chief’s cousin Bird stumbled across the litter and took care of Pretty and her three litter mates around the clock for the next four months.

Pretty aka Katu

Pretty aka Katu

Our original cat (named “Cat” ) had decided that he was too good to co-habit his space with Ernie, The Terrorist Puppy so he went to go live with the couple down the street.

I lost a GREAT mouser but he now has to wear a flea collar.

Things even out in the end!

Anyway.. since Cat was no longer around.. we started to get mice in the house. Something that this non-surburban bred girl was NOT used to and had not desire to get used to. Chief’s options :: glue traps :: did not sit well with my humane sensibilities so his only other solution was to get another cat.

Talking about the mice situation with Bird, she offered to give us Pretty. DSCF0051The kittens were getting to be too much financially.. along with her other menagerie of pets.. so it was beneficial to both of us.

Pretty is already used to being around dogs.. noise.. and uses the litter box like a champ.

She just starting to get used to the idea that this is her place now so she’s running around and tormenting Ernie and being a fluff ball of love that likes to cuddle in the crook of your arm and stare at the fish tank.

I’ll be able to take more pictures of her soon so be prepared!!

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