Alfonz, The Kitten

UPDATE: Al passed away in November 2011. She was about 2 but seemed so much older. We had moved to the new house a month before and she just preferred to stay outside. I think she was in the house once and was like, nope.. not for me! We moved near a wildlife reserve and the outside was her playground. We had made a “condo” for her on the front porch for when the weather turned cold and she was having the time of her life. One afternoon as Chief and I was turning up the driveway, his face went white and he told me to get in the house. He had seen Al curled up at the base of the driveway. He said she looked peaceful.. hadn’t been hit by a car or mauled by another animal. He said it just looked like she laid down and went to sleep. We surmise that since the weather started to get chilly, she may have lapped up some antifreeze that perhaps leaked out of someone’s car when they were filling it up. So so sad. I miss her so much!

Meet the newest addition:

Alfonz, The Female KittyHer name is ALFONZ .. or “AL” for short. We picked the name before we knew she was a girl but she doesn’t seem to mind because she is absolutely bonkers and a bonkered cat deserves a gender flipped name, dontcha think?

Anyway.. she used to live with the family across the street behind our house but when they moved, they just left her outside to fend for herself.

Not going to get on THAT soap box now..

Anyway, Chief saved her from being prison raped by the neighborhood feral cat and even though the plan wasn’t for us to keep her, come on! It’s me your talking to here!

She’s EXTREMELY lovable.. has no issues being picked up or held.. likes to sleep on your head.. in the hamper or in the bathtub. She’s funny and quirky and bizarre and weird.

In other words.. she’s right where she belongs!!

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