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See my picture?

Right there —>

In the upper right corner..

Yep.. that’s me.

A few posts back I wrote about an opportunity to make a little bit of spare change from writing and I finally took the jump and started my career in quarters! LOL!

No.. seriously.. this is legit.

Basically, whenever you click on one of the posts written on it’s sight, the author gets some money. Not a lot. But it has the potential to add up.

Since I read a lot of blogs and have met A LOT of great writers, like Gary and Tonya and Shelli and Jean and Jen and Marc oh. my. god. the lists goes on .. if you want to do the same, then sign up and we can help each other out.

I was turned onto this by one of my customers, Jennifer Bove.

I am writing this is a rush because I really think my stuffing is burning!!!! But if you have any questions, let me know and I’ll explain everything to you!!