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You know.. I was just laughing at how someone who didn’t know that I call my oldest step son “Weed” on this blog would think that I was some kind of huge pot head!!!

Sorry.. don’t indulge..

But anyway… since Weed has gotten out of rehab, I guess something clicked in his head that he needed to stop doing the things he was doing and start getting his life together. He mentions that he went to this AA meeting or that NA meeting and he just looks healthier then he used to..

One way that I know that he’s not getting into the things he used to is that he calls and texts me ALL THE TIME.

It started the day he got out of rehab and I was washing his clothes. He thought he had left his wallet in one of his jeans but it turned out he left it up at the rehab place so he asked me if I could drive him to get it. We went the next day and a two hour trip turned into a four hour trip because we got lost on the way up and wound up taking the non-highway way home which was all screwed up because of stimulus money construction.

So we had a lot of time to talk and he said that he wanted to go back to school.. get a job.. get his own place.. etc. etc. I was encouraging where I needed to be.. silent when I needed to be.. and argumentative when he changed the channel on my car radio. I even sprung for lunch. It was a good ride.

He wound up spending a few days with friends out of state and on the day he returned, he texted me asking if I could pick him up from the train station .. so I did and that was a comedy of errors all in itself because have you ever tried to pick someone up at one of the busiest train stations in the country during rush hour???

But he told me all about his trip and it sounded like he had a really great time and didn’t get hammered or trashed. He looked fresh.. his eyes were clear and his face wasn’t broken out the way it used to get when he did things he wasn’t suppose to do.

He asked me if I would be able to take him back to the rehab this weekend because they were having a picnic and had invited him the day he went up to get his wallet.

Yea.. sure.. no problem.

Yesterday he asked me if I could drive him to the local discount clothes place because he wanted to get some shorts and shirts. I asked him if he had money because I was broke and he said he did.. so I took him and then he said if I wanted him to go with me to get his father something for our anniversary he wasn’t doing anything. So I took him up on his offer and we went to Walgreen’s where they were having a huge sale on chocolate.

Chief with chocolate is worse then a hormonal woman.

Earlier this evening he called me and told me that someone had given him a gift card for Barnes and Noble and could I drive him to get some books. I told him that I didn’t know where a Barnes and Noble was.. that the closest book store was Border’s. He said there was one in a town that is like an hour away and I told him that his dad was going to be home from the shop in 45 minutes and that I would take him after dinner.

He said he thought they closed at 8 and that he would just take the bus or something.

I felt really bad that I couldn’t take him but he said it was cool and not to worry about it.

Later on in the evening I get this text from him:

WEED: Leese, a buddy of mine wanted to know if we could pick him up on the way to the picnic.. can you do that? Its ok if not

ME: No prob… as long as he isn’t carrying a kilo of something illegal. that’s the right term.. right? Kilo? I remember that from Miami Vice

WEED: Of course not!!!!!! We’re going to a REHAB PICNIC dude!!

I was literally peeing myself hysterical laughing!!!

Chief asked what was so funny and I told him.. I also told him about going to Barnes and Noble and he was like, “.. what does he think you’re his personal chauffer?

And I was like.. look, he could have sold the card and bought SoCo or pills but he wanted to buy books!!! BOOKS!!!! Aren’t you proud of him??

Because even if he wasn’t, I was.. and I don’t care if he thinks I’m his personal driver.. the more time he wants to spend in my car is more time he’s off the street and away from trouble.

.. so Thursday was me and Chief’s three year anniversary.

OMG.. it feels like 90!! No.. seriously..  when I tell you we’ve packed A LOT of drama in the 365 x 3 days we’ve been together then that’s a HUGE understatement.

I started to list the Good, Bad and Ugly but it was too exhausting.

I really need a reality show… no lie. I really should get paid for living my life!

At any rate…

Chief had wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate but given our financial situation.. I really couldn’t justify spending the money when the rent for both the store and house were due. Sometimes you just have to say “.. what the fuck”.. and he IS a “.. what the fuck” kind of guy but that’s why I have to be the “adult” in most situations and be responsible.

Beside, in past years he’s always been good about getting me a diamond this or diamond that all on his own so I could forgo the usual this year and not feel slighted.

He did wake me up Thursday morning with a card and four rolls of SweetTarts.. It was definitely an Awwww!!! moment.

There was a little snafu in the middle of the day because, really, what would my life be without a snafu?? I can never get to point A to point B without a lot of twist and turns, yknow?

So the night before we had to pay the rent for the house.

The rent is 1400.00.. and because of the way my unemployment checks fall, I have to give them two checks. One for 1000.00 and the second for 400.00 dated for the day my next unemployment check falls.

My landlord.. dick that he is.. really doesn’t mind that. He knows the situation and he knows that the house is so OUT of code that he would have to sink a lot of money that he doesn’t want to into the house in order to re-rent it. So he basically leaves us alone.

Unfortunately, he isn’t local… so we have to drive something ridiculous like 20 miles to the rental office. It’s a pain in the ass but it’s something that has to be done and usually me and Chief take the ride at the end of the night and get some time together without the kids and dogs and cats.

So we drive out there on Wednesday night.. stopping at our store first so that he can get me TWO envelopes for the TWO checks that I’m turning over to the landlord.

I put the checks in their respective envelopes in the car.. write CAN DEPOSIT IMMEDIATELY on one and DEPOSIT ON AUG 11th on the other. We drive out to the rental office.. double park.. and Chief jumps out and puts the envelopes in the door.


All’s good.. right???

Yea.. come on.. you read this blog.

Thursday afternoon, I’m in the store and the phone rings. It’s the landlord’s secretary. She’s asking about the second check.. which was actually 425.00 because I had to pay the rent a day late and there’s a 25.00 late fee for everyday that we’re late. It’s bullshit but yknow.. I’m not going to make any more waves then they make for me so I buck up the extra 25.

So she’s saying something about this check and I couldn’t quite get what her point was … I explained to her the why the amount was the way it was and what the HELL was the problem? She explains that she only got the one check and I’m like.. no, there were two envelopes. The other envelope has the check you can deposit right away.

She says she doesn’t have another envelope and puts me on hold to check the mailbox. In the meantime, I go into the back of the store where Chief is playing a round of Call of Duty and his dad is peeing in the bathroom with the door open (GOD!!!!!)… so I ask him if he put two envelopes in the door.

Then I ask him again because.. yknow.. he’s playing COD and never hears me the first time.

He said no. As a matter for fact, he only put one envelope in the door?


I’m like.. completely taken off guard. I stomp through the store on my way to the car to find the other check when the secretary gets back on the phone and says that I might want to contact my bank because there was no other envelope.


I apologize all over myself and tell her that I’ll drive up right away and give them the check so that they can deposit it before the bank closes.

Then I stomp back through the store.. grab my keys.. and tell the asshole that I have to drive the TWENTY MILES UP AND BACK on less then a quarter tank of gas.. because HE’S an IDIOT.

I don’t wait for him to say anything and my father in law has the good sense not to say anything either.

When I tell you I was pissed.. believe me. I was pissed. More pissed too, because I didn’t have any cash on me to get gas for the trip.

On the way up, I was almost in tears.

On the way back, I came to terms.

Whether I like it or not.. whether it makes my life easier or harder.. he is who he is and I married him. I either have to accept him.. and accept the stupid, bullshit things that he does.. or I don’t. Either I assume responsibility for handling everything that has to do with the house and finances, etc. or I don’t. Either I stay married… or I get divorced.

And the thing is.. there are things that I am just better at. Paying the bills on time and managing money being at the top of the list.

With everything going on OUT Of my control ( read that as being his kids ) .. I have to control the things that I can and I can’t fault him for not being the person I WANT him to be… and for all his faults, he does have more redeeming qualities that maybe I don’t talk about enough here.

It’s really as simple as that.

So by the time I got back to the shop, I was over it.

And when I walked into the store (( behind the cop who was asking if anyone from the shop had called 911.. but that’s ANOTHER story ))  he stopped slicing a customer’s order and just hugged me.. telling me how sorry he was and how much he loved me.

I appreciated his sincerity more then he could ever know..

I stayed for a few more hours and when I was getting ready to leave, he said:

HIM: I have an idea!!!!!! Let’s recreate our first date!!!

ME: Um.. yea.. I don’t think you can..

HIM: What do you mean?

ME: Dude.. you don’t have it like that no more. You’d need to close the store and take a four hour nap first?

HIM: Why? We went for coffee that night

ME: Yea.. and fucked for five hours straight afterwards..

HIM: Ooooohhhhh…. yea….. that’s right! Raincheck, maybe??

Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t make it a habit of having sex with someone on the first date.. there’s a back story to that but that’s another post for another time..

In the end, we had hot dogs for dinner because we were broke and the boys were home. We locked the dogs out of our room.. put a blanket on the floor and ate our hot dogs pretending we were sitting at the primo table at the Palms.

Sometimes.. you don’t need a lot of money.. and sometimes, you just have to accept things the way they are and be happy in it.

R O F L M M F A O !!!!


I’m sorry…

I just HAD to do it!!!

I was over my cousin Bird’s house earlier because she has a new addition to her family .. beside KeyKey on the left here… she rescued a year + some months Rottie named Caser.


That’s him on the right.

He’s a big ‘ol baby of a pup that was never played with before and was kept primarily in a crate.

Horrible, isn’t it?

So now he joins Chyna, a Shar Pei .. Vallia, a Dojo Argentino.. Bella, a MinPin.. and cats KeyKey, and two other cats that for the life of me, I can’t remember their names.

Bird is like one of those hoarders on A&E .. but instead of hoarding plastic bags and McDonald’s wrappers, she hoards animals!! LOL!!

While I was over there.. the three cats were climbing all over me and the four dogs were all wrestling around my feet and all of a sudden there was this STENCH!! It smelled like the bowels of hell opened right in the center of Bird’s living room.

ME: Ok!! Which one of you puppies farted????

BIRD: Oh. That was me. I have really, really bad gas!!

OMG.. it was hysterical!!!

Hug your puppies tight tonight.. there are a lot of them out there that are just longing for a home.