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I get it..

You saw the YouTube video on how to make a lag switch and you went for it … Good for you!!

You tested it.. and it worked.. and you’re ALL thrilled with yourself because you FINALLY.. FINALLY.. got a higher kill / death ratio…

Feel good about yourself, bucky?


Now put the damn thing away because YOU are ruining EVERYBODY else’s game.

Look.. I understand how you feel when you’re always on the bottom of your team.. or how your 3/21 ration would make you want to just throw your controller across the room.. but for me.. and everybody else like me that has played for a ridiculous number of hours so that we can LEAD our team with a +20 or more K/D ration you’re nothing but a cheating bag o’douche.

It’s not necessary and all your doing is driving people away from playing and taking the fun out of it.

So if you think you can beat me ( hey, I have bad rounds too ) then go ahead.. but do it fair because if you beat me using a lag switch then you’re really not beating anything but your dick against your mother’s crocheted blanket in her basement where you troll.

I play on PS3 either under (uzz)WarKittenz or (uzz)DooFuzz

Comment your screen name and we’ll get a round going..

With the economy the way it is..

With thousand upon thousand of people that have exhausted their unemployment benefits..

With prices of every day necessities sky rocketing..

With this country is so much economic trouble..

THIS is how all that stimulus money is being spent???


I want y’all to read this.. and see for yourself how many thousand upon thousand upon hundreds of thousands of dollars are being wasted while there are hard working Americans who find them selves in dire financial situations through no fault of their own.

I being one of them.

Where is my grant for working my ass off trying to keep our store open?

Where is my grant for saving every single penny I find in the washing machine.. couch.. under the car seats and then turning them in at the bank so that I can buy a kid a pair of school pants?

Where is YOUR grant to help you over whatever financial burdens you have?

Ohh… I get it..

I need to be listening to ants.. or giving cocaine to monkeys.. or creating video games for the elderly …

People.. I really, really, REALLY want you to not pay any attention to the fact that this document was put together, in part, by John McCain. I don’t like that bastard either but since I am currently unemployed .. and can’t find a job that will pay me more then I am receiving in UC benefits.. I had the time to check almost 75% of those listed and it’s on the up and up ..

In fact.. one locally I’ve known about for a while and it pissed me off just as much now as it did then..

This HAS to get your ass in an uproar…

.. so this afternoon when I got home from the shop guess what I found?

Yep… you guys pay sooo close attention!!

Bowls.. glasses.. forks.. spoons.. plates.. all in the sink.

Gobs of peanut butter and ice cream melted on the counter.. oh.. and pancake syryp.

Why pancake syryp is beyond me but there it was.

So I promptly went into my bedroom and what did I found there?

One of my desk drawers open.

If there is ONE THING that GOES BEYOND anything.. the dirty dishes.. the dirty clothes.. the piss on the bathroom floor.. it’s GOING INTO MY FUCKING BEDROOM.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD REASON for ANYBODY other then the people that SLEEP IN THAT ROOM to BE in that room.

Can you tell how pissed I am?

So I go out into the living room where the blubbering mass that is Spaz is stretched out on the couch?




I wasn’t in your room


I don’t know. Probably Bubba.

Fine. Bubba was STILL asleep at 3 in the afternoon and I wasn’t about to go in his bedroom and wake him up because 1) I didn’t want to see anything that was going to scar me for life and 2) He would only say that it wasn’t him and I would get more pissed off then I already was.

I figured I’d wait until their father got home and address it at the dinner table.

Bubba got up around 5… Spaz is still melding to the couch.. and NEITHER of them are doing their dishes.

So around 6:30, I go into the kitchen to start dinner and it’s either I leave everything and cook around the mess.. gross! Or I wash everything and add it to the list of things that have to addressed at the dinner table when their father gets home.

I go with the latter..

Big mistake.

As I’m washing in the sink, I put my hand in the to wash a glass and guess what?

The glass is broken and take a good size chuck out of the bottom of my pinky finger.

The blood just pooled out and I was literally afraid that I had sliced through whatever it is that makes your pinky finger work because sharp glass can do a lot of damage.. that’s how bad it looked.

Thankfully, it wasn’t anything more serious then a chunk of flesh.. but that wasn’t the point.

So I wrap the bloody rag around it and drive to the shop. I had to get out of the house before I literally sliced them all up and deep fried them for fondue… plus, I needed a band aid.

I get to the shop and when Chief sees me walking in at first he was all smiles but then he notices the rag and gets all worried. I tell him what happened.. and I told him why it happened.

I’m BEYOND whatever… he keeps apologizing.. for getting cut .. for his kids.. for everything.

I’m almost at the brink of tears because I’m so damn frustrated and I’m not getting the reaction that I would have given if the roles were reversed.

Maybe that’s my problem. Maybe.. just maybe my frustration level increases when he doesn’t do what I expect him to do. Or maybe all the blood loss is affecting my thought process.



So we just get home a few minutes ago and I heat up a cup of coffee for me. He says that he’ll take a cup of what was left in the pot because it really wasn’t that old and hadn’t been heating up for twenty hours.

I say fine.. he walks through the kitchen.. says hello to the boys and goes into the bedroom to get unchanged.

This doesn’t sit well with me. Are you at least going to say SOMETHING???

So my cup is heated and I put his in..

He comes into the kitchen and puts the ground beef in front of the microwave :: hamburgers for dinner, courtesy of HIM because.. yknow.. can’t do anything with a bloodied.. band-aided gaping hole in my hand :: so I tell him that his coffee is in the ‘wave and start to walk out of the kitchen.

“What’s the matter..” he asks.


That’s what I WANT to say.. but I don’t.

I just say, “… you put the ground beef in front of the microwave and I was letting you know your coffee is in there.”

And then I walked out of the kitchen an towards by bedroom… halfway through the dining room, Spaz asks me what’s for dinner. I ignore him and keep walking. I think THAT’S what made Chief start yelling at them about the dishes being left in the sink.

I don’t know what he said.. but I heard him saying something like taking away the computer and the Playstation the next time it happens.

Blah.. blah.. blah.. blah.. blah….


Because.. um.. isn’t that what you ALWAYS say and never do??

A few minutes later he comes into the bedroom with a hamburger.. I ask him why we’re not eating with them in the dining room and he said he didn’t think I wanted to be near them. I tell him that I wanted to find out who was in our room. OH! he says.. By All Means.

So we go out there and we’re sitting around the table and I bust out with it.

No nicities.. no asking.. no hey by the ways… just I WANT TO KNOW WHO WAS IN MY ROOM.

Of course, both denied it. Bubba insisted he was asleep until before I went to work and until after I came home. Spaz denied everything. Bubba insisted that if he did go in our room, Spaz would rat him out until I very precisely told him how he would do it without Spaz even knowing about it.

And Spaz.. OMG!! He started acting like he was being persecuted.. so over it.

Then I asked him if he left the Crack Whore’s apartment looking like he leaves our house.

He said no and I asked him why. He put his head down on the table and I asked him again. I said I wanted to know.. answer me honestly. Is it because you don’t live there? Is it because you have more respect for her then you do for me and his father? Is it because she would come home screaming and hollaring?

He never did answer so I switched it up.

I asked him how he felt when he cleans his room and then Bubba comes in and messes it up.

He said he gets angry.

I asked him if he saw my point and he said I did.

But once again.. it was ME doing the talking.. taking the lead while Chief just sat there at a loss and so I went for it.

I told both his kids that it’s at a point where they’ve made me so angry.. so pissed off.. so frustrated that  I don’t even want to be around them let alone do anything for them.

Chief piped up and said that I wasn’t their maid and I corrected him..

“.. oh yes I am. I am their maid.. their cook.. their chauffeer :: or however you spell it.. you get the idea :: .. they come to me when they want clothes.. or a ride somewhere.. or whatever. THAT’S when they come to me.. other then that? Fuck me.. right guys?”

Chief looked hurt. He started to say that he doesn’t think of me that way but I cut him off. Don’t you? I asked. Really? Because if you didn’t then why does the house look like the house does when I’m not the one doing everything that I do?

I knew that he was going to bring up cleaning the house on Sunday but I cut him off.. because, yknow, I smarter then he is.

I said, “.. and don’t even bring up Sunday because when was the last time you did that? Six? Eight MONTHS ago?”

He had the good idea to not try to defend himself because he knew I was right and at one point, all three of them put their heads down.

Great.. I said.. between the 12 year old.. 16 year old and 43 year old.. I’d be better off with infants.

So I said my piece and Chief lightened things up like he always does by changing the subject and saying something funny about the cats or the dogs or the fish or whatever.

And then I just had to let it go.. because harboring stuff isn’t going to make things better only make me crazy and I think.. I THINK.. I just might be crazy enough!

Ok.. first of all.. I’m not a big fan of Danielle.

Used to be.. but not anymore.

Actually, the whole damn show has gotten WAY too over the top for me but once I start something I have to finish it so there I am on Monday nights at 10.

But before I get to Danielle.. what the FUCK was up with the christening?

To bring you up to speed, Teresa :: the one with the bankruptcy drama and foreclosure drama :: held a christening for her fourth daughter.

Now.. I’m Italian and even though christenings ARE a big deal if you’re Italian and decided to remain Catholic once you were old enough to know better.. can we say OVER THE TOP here?

RIDICULOUS over the top?

Not sure if this “event” occurred before or after their money troubles but OBVIOUSLY her husband knew something was up financially just because of all the looks he was giving her through out the episode.

Teresa, honey.. ignorance isn’t always bliss and hopefully, if you heard NOW what you said THEN.. you may need to get a better grasp on reality.

Of course.. Bravo could have footed the bill and the Brownstone could have given a HUGE discount but it just doesn’t make you look good, girlfriend.

Ok.. now back to Danielle

We all know she’s a fucking crazy .. has issues.. and is a therapist’s wet dream .. but I have to side on her on this episode.

Excuse me while I dodge the daggers.

Danielle confides in her “closest .. most dearest” friend Kim G :: who btw, is double dealing her :: that she wants to seek out her birth mother. I’m not going to into all the various stories about who Danielle said her birth mother was or the various stories surrounding her birth because when someone believes something.. regardless of whether it’s true or not .. they believe it and that’s that.

So she confides in Kim G .. who OBVIOUSLY couldn’t wait to tell someone.. namely Teresa.. about it. Teresa then tells someone at the place where she gets her bush eyebrows waxed and in turn, the waxer relays a story to a girl who turns out to be Danielle’s daughter’s friend.

Did you follow that?

Danielle’s daughter then says something to her mother about it and Danielle freaks.

Honestly, she is one HELL of an actress if the hurt showing on her face wasn’t real. I literally thought she was going to cry right then. And I don’t think it had  much to do with WHO Kim G told :: well, yea it did but that only added salt to the wound :: but the fact that her daughter found out about it from someone other then her.

And I have to respect her there for that because maybe she didn’t want her daughters to know.. maybe if this woman turned out to be some wack job, she wouldn’t want her around her daughters…  for whatever her reasons are, Danielle should have been the one to either tell or not tell her daughters.

Of course, her jumping down her youngest daughter’s throat wasn’t cool…and her plotting and scheming with her Denny Terio Wanna Be friend wasn’t cool.. and her just twisting things around like she usually does wasn’t cool but this one time, yea.. I have to agree.

Staring Leonardo DiCarprio

So over the weekend when I wanted to be as far, far away as I could from any address listed on my various driver’s licenses, I decided to go see Inception.

Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind..

Maybe it has something to do with the couple in front of me arguing over an email he saw of hers that he was suspicious of and that she was getting all pissy about because he figured out her inbox password..

Whatever it was.. I just wasn’t getting this movie.

At all.

Now, I’m a fairly intelligent person who actually UNDERSTOOD the Matrix on the first go around so I was getting all pissy with myself because it wasn’t making sense to me..

Apparently, Leo :: who really should have sunk with the Titanic :: has the ability to enter people’s subconscious through dream manipulation.. or something like that..

Apparently, Leo’s wife is killed and they think he did it but he didn’t so he keeps here in a hotel of memories and he can’t come back to the States or he’ll be arrested … or something like that..

Some Asian dude wants him to get into some other dude’s subsconscience so that he can come up with an idea to break up his grandfather’s company and forgo world domination… or something like that.

I don’t know.

I WANTED to like this movie.. I actually even wanted to like the new fangled flavored popcorn the theater was selling but it was not to be.. and because I couldn’t turn the channel or jump on over to, I skipped out of Inception and planted myself into the screening room next door to watch:

Sorry... no Angie boobage in this one!


‘Cause if I was a lesbian, Angelina Jolie would be my fantasy!

Actually, she’s still my fantasy but that’s beside the point.

This has been reviewed as being the female Bourne Identity.

I actually thought that 90% of the story line was believable.. in fact, the whole children indoctrinated into Russian spy-hood and carrying out a decades old plan to collapse the US was brilliant..

What was unbelievable was some of the stunts and to me, that actually took away from it instead of enhancing the movie.

Maybe it was just me.. OR.. maybe I’d much rather see Angelina rolling around naked on a bed with Antonio Banderas.

At any rate .. I did enjoy it.

Inception? Really.. don’t bother unless you’ve smoked enough weed to not make you care that you don’t understand it!!