Kid 2: Bubba

13 year old Bubba reminds me of George in “Of Mice And Men”.

He’s a big kid.. in both directions. Probably pushing 6′ tall and takes a size 40 pants and size 13 shoe.

Bubba is a slob. A pig. The laziest mass of human flesh I ever encountered who has the balls to think he wears a princes crown. All he does is WANT. He wants what he wants when he wants it and if the answer is NO, then he gets pissed off and mumbles stuff under his breath.

The only thing that I can come up with to explain his behaviour is that he just doesn’t give a fuck. About nothing and nobody but himself. No matter how many times you tell him to do something, it never registers. He could care less that I’m up until 2am doing laundry because he never put his school clothes in the hamper. Or that I’m up until silly hours of the morning cleaning the bathroom because he pisses on the floor or cleaning up the crap that he leaves around on the living room floor… candy wrappers, pencils, cups, chip bags.

This is the kid that KNOWS that if the inner dog to the front porch is left open the dogs will dump in there. So not only does the door get left open, but he trudges in and throwns his jacket on the floor where it either lands in poop OR is left there long enough for the dogs to poop ON it.

But he just don’t want to get it.

Last year, he flunked 7th grade because he didn’t do his homework. He knew his grades were in troubles months before so I did everything I could to catch him up and put him on the right track. Did he do it? Nope. So he failed.

I wanted him to repeat 7th grade because to me, he needs to start learning consequences for his actions. Big time. But his father, who is too much of a freakin’ creampuff when it comes to his sons, didn’t want him to. The cutoff for the 340.00 summer school payment deadline was missed :: because we didn’t have the money :: and so it wound up costing us almost 1500.00 (in installments) to send him to Sylvan Learning Center.

We had given him the benefit of the doubt that his excuses for flunking 7th grade were valid and thought that by enrolling him in an environment that would teach him how to learn, the money would be well spent.

It wasn’t. He went for 2 hours, 2 nights a week for 5 weeks before it was a bust.

Now in 8th grade, the same patterns are developing again and I really just don’t care anymore. Especially since it’s more then just his school work.

  1. willowbatel says:

    I wouldn’t clean anything of his. Leave it all alone. If he wants his stuff covered in crap, then that’s what he wants. And if he wants his clothes clean then he needs to get them put in the washer when you ask for it. Don’t let him walk all over you because he’ll be like that for the rest of his life if you do.

    • Leese says:

      Hey Willow…

      Thanks so much for driving by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it and your advise.

      Bubba’s page was written about a year ago… there’s been a lot of trials and frustration and angst since then but I do have to say that since the last issue we had with him, he seems to be pulling his act together.

      I talk SO much trash about him that I would feel incredibly guilty if I didn’t give him credit when credit was due .. so maybe this is his turning point!

      • willowbatel says:

        Oh well that’s exciting. Yea no problem, I just didn’t want you to have to deal with all of that and figured some advice might help. Of course I’m a fourth your age so what do I know?

  2. Shannon says:

    Amen I hear you sister. Laziest little slobs I can’t believe it. And why don’t the parents get that they are hurting rather than helping their kids?

    • Leese says:

      They need to invent a new word for “lazy slobs” for my skids, Shannon!! The bio-‘rents don’t “get” it because they either feel guilty or there is still so much lingering anger and animosity over the split that they can’t see past themselves and what it’s doing to their kids.

      The first (.. and only time) the middle one said “.. your not my mother” to me I told him he was right and THANK GOD for that because 1) I’d be embarrassed to say he was mine and 2) he did have what it took to be “mine”…

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