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So you know that (No Longer) Weed has really taken cleaning up his act seriously. He’s been avoiding all his druggie / drinking friends except for one.. Harry Potter.

No.. not the books.

His one friend looks exactly ¬†like Harry Potter except he has long hair. I know him and his family and they are really good people. Harry’s younger two brothers are complete fuck ups but Harry has his shit together.. works a third shift job.. is always reading something and has always been quiet and respectful.

Why him and (No Longer) Weed are still friends is beyond me but they are..

Anyway.. so Harry Potter likes to smoke pot every once in a while and (No Longer) Weed has been talking to him about stopping and even invited him to a NA meeting.. which Harry Potter went to.

Yesterday (No Longer) Weed was telling me that the Crack Whore FINALLY gave her consent for Harry Potter to use her car so him and (No Longer) Weed can go to the movies or book store or whatever when they got into an accident.

Apparently, Harry was switching lanes and there was a 2010 Black Cadillac in his blind spot. Harry is used to driving his mom’s mini van so I guess it was easy for him to miss a big black Caddy…

(No Longer) Weed said that they guy was cool about it and didn’t even want to call the cops. I thought that was a HUGE mistake but either the Caddy guy didn’t have insurance.

This is the second accident the Crack Whore’s car has been in in as many months so when he told me, I was like “.. yea, her insurance is going to go through the ROOF.”

Chief was like, “.. I said the same thing!!”

That is… if she even has insurance. Not sure of that either but although I did get a little giggle.. I’m sure this is going to yet another excuse for not paying her child support.

AND I’m wondering if she’s going to hound Harry Potter to pay for the damage. It WAS his fault and I’m sure he will want to pay for the damage but she also has to understand that he’s a kid, living at home and not making a shit load of money.. I know how she can be and I’m wondering if she’s going to cause a problem between Harry and (No Longer) Weed…

.. so I’m not really that good at keeping my cell phone glued to my person. I’m always leaving it somewhere.. in the car.. in my jacket pocket.. in the bathroom :: don’t ask :: I’m not that big of a phone person anyway and really only have it because of the night my mother and I were stuck on the highway.. with a flat tire.. in the middle of an ice storm. HER cell phone has never been intimate with it’s charger so we were up the proverbial creek.

But I digress..

Anyway.. so early Sunday morning, around 4am, I get up to go to the bathroom :: which I am not afraid to do now since we got a kitten :: and noticed this odd light in the kitchen :: our bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are all on the first floor.. I don’t live in a rancher, just a weird house set up :: So I go check it out and the light was letting me know that there was a missed call.

A missed call from the Crack Whore

A missed call from the Crack Whore at 2am

A missed call from the Crack Whore at 2am AND a voice mail!

Did I WANT to listen to it? Not really but there’s only a few reasons why she would call my phone at that time. Either she was wrecked out of her nugget and felt the need to once again blame her pathetic life on me OR something happened to Weed.

It was the latter.

She said that we needed to call her back because Weed came home and she doesn’t know what he’s on but he can’t talk and was beaten up pretty bad.

Ahhh… the downside to being a junkie.

So what do I do? Regardless of OUR history, regardless of how I feel about Weed.. I’m not the cold hearted bitch that people think I am. I wake Chief up and tell him about the phone call.

He rolls over with “… let her take him to the ER” and goes back to sleep.

I don’t agree with this. At all. But it isn’t my call. I just figured I’d wait until she calls back and then answer the phone.. telling her that my cell had been left in the kitchen which is why the first call was missed.

I don’t have to tell her that.. I don’t really have to explain anything but some part of me knew that she was going to think her call was ignored on purpose and some part of me wanted to make sure that she was told it wasn’t.

She never called back.

Not that morning.. not all of Sunday.

So considering how she rolls.. I’m figuring that Weed is alright.. just out on another bender because… yknow.. NOTHING happens in HER house, right?

But we’ll see.. I’m sure at some point today she’s going to make an appearance at the shop and I’m SO SURE it’s not going to be any better then the last time she came in.

I’ll keep you posted

UPDATE: So this morning when I got to the shop, I asked Chief if I REALLY needed to be there since I have a feeling there’s going to be drama and I don’t want to be anywhere near it. He asks me what I’m talking about and I said, “.. the phone call? The 2AM PHONE CALL from the other night?” .. he gives me this blank I-Have-No-Clue-What-Your-Talking-About-Woman look. I said, “.. the call from the Crack Whore saying that Weed was all fubar?” He said he doesn’t remember. I ask him if he remembers saying that she needs to take him to the ER and he said he doesn’t.

I don’t NOT believe him… when he does sleep, he goes into a coma and if you wake him up in the middle of the night you can have all kinds of conversations with him that he won’t remember the next day. Comes in handy sometimes :: wink wink :: but not when you’re talking about something like this.

So I reiterate everything and tell him that I have a feeling she’s going to show up waving her Your-Not-A-Good-Father flag. He says he doesn’t care and that Weed won’t show up until any bruise he has heals.

I left the shop at 1pm and she hadn’t come in or called so maybe I’m wrong but heh.. .the day’s still early!!