Kid 1a: T3

T3 is Weed’s newborn.. my grandson.

Born June 13, 2012 while his parents were in jail and addicted to methadone.

Both Weed and his girlfriend are heroin junkies and midway through her pregnancy, she decided she didn’t want to do heroin anymore so instead of doing the logical.. responsible thing and go to a clinic or turn herself in to the police for outstanding warrants so she can get prenatal care and a methadone regiment she decided to go see the unlicensed pharmacist who is Weed’s Crack Whore mother.

The Crack Whore proceeded on giving her some of her pimp’s boyfriend’s methadone which you know.. why wouldn’t you give a 100lb pregnant girl pills that are dosed for a 240lb man?

At any rate.. T3 was born addicted and is still in the hospital being weened off the drugs and going through withdrawal.

It’s sad.. so very sad.. but he is doing better then anticipated and honestly, it could have been so much worse and we’re blessed that this little guy is coming along as well as he is.

Chief and I will be getting custody of him.. for the obvious reasons..

Life will no longer be the normal that is normal to me but I’m looking forward to raising this baby in the way he deserves.

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