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Thoughts From My iPod

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Thoughts From My iPhone

(( This is the first chance I got to send up this post. More posts will follow once I get home ))

It’s 219 in the morning and me, Chief and about five hundred people ( so far ) are hanging out and sleeping in The Mall (the area between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument).. It’s definitely an awe inspiring moment. Being thisclose to all these representatives of our country gives me the chills.

If your using a GPS and traveling the I95 corridor, DONT opt out for using toll roads.. I’ve seen things in Baltimore and DC that I would have gladly spent Three dollars to avoid.

Driving at night for three hours after being up for seventeen is not a good idea

Only eating mcdonalds all day right before taking the trip isn’t either

Using a GPS when your walking will make you walk five miles out if your way

Because we are idiots and don’t plan for anything I’ve realized that I could never ever be on Survivor. This ass likes a matress and bug free room to sleep in