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… I know, I know!! It’s been far too long since I had the opportunity to just sit and blog. I should just MAKE the time but it’s the same old.. same old.. life happens, yknow?


I promise I will commit.. at least right NOW I promise to commit. You have to agree I need a reality show so just go easy on me!! LoL!!

Now.. back to it.

In the time honored tradition of ME101 .. let’s recap 2011

I may need a valium for this!

Okay.. the good stuff first:

After living without electricity for close to five months, we were finally able to move into The House Of My Almost Dreams. I say “almost” because we’re renting.. if I was paying a mortgage instead of rent well then.. you get the idea! But believe me, we were truly blessed to find this house. It was everything I was looking for LAST year when we thought we were moving to West Virginia.

But I think I told you all this already.

On-set Alzheimer’s. Throw me a bone, here.

Spaz started a new school and he actually has a friend. A NORMAL friend… well, as normal as anyone who would want to hang around Spaz can be. They’re kind of like the two misfits in the lunch room who sit with eachother because there is no one else to sit with. Believe me, I’m not being sarcastic. But his friend is a nice boy. Respectful and friendly. Lives close by and they even joined a school club together. Who am I to complain? It’s a step up. Believe me.

Spaz has also become a little LESS spazzy since we moved.. not ready for another nickname yet but he’s a lot better then he was so kudos to him. Being around his brothers is a WHOLE other story.. but we’ve addressed it. Told him that his attitude doesn’t get a free pass anymore because he doesn’t realize he has an attitude after spending time with them and that will be the end of it.

Did it sink in? Time will tell.

I did go back to work in May. Loving the job.. loving an actual paycheck now.. the company was sold to another company in October but so far there isnt anything to worry about. For now. But when God closes one door another opens so I’m just riding the “see what happens” wave.

My aunt bought another car and gave me her old one. It’s about 10 years old but still in great condition. The reduced rent made carrying another car on my insurance possible so now we’re actually using less gas because Chief doesn’t have to drive me to work and then pick me up. Bonus.

There may not be very many GOODS this year.. but what was GOOD is VERY VERY GOOD so I’m extremely blessed.

Now for the BAD..

When we moved out of our old house, the old landlord became very shady about giving us back out 2700.00 security deposit. Even though he gives slumlords a good name, he was fair to us when we needed him to be (think paying rent on time) and so we offered every opportunity to be fair to him. The security was suppose to be held in escrow but everybody and their mother with distant relatives knew that he didn’t have it available when he was suppose to. And if he would have just called us and told us that, we would have been cool but he decided to ignore phone calls, set up appointments for the final walk through that he didn’t keep, ignored more phone calls and then tried to pull a pile of crap out of his ass so we had to file a civil suit against him.

According to Pennsylvania’s Landlord / Tenant Act, if he didn’t return the security OR a list of deductions with the balance of the security within 30 days then he has to give us everything back. If we sued him for the original amount, he can’t counter sue us. If we sued him for double the amount (which we could) then he could counter for up to the original amount only. Either way, we walk out with the security.

We’re not greedy. We’re only suing for the original amount.

After he was notified, he sent us a certified letter outlining all the thing that we were responsible for (excuse me while I choke on complete fabrication) along with wanting to get paid for November’s rent. We were out of the house by November 1st. He’s clawing at straws. Either he really does think he has a case OR he never dealt with tenants who are actually literate and know how to read laws.

Either way, watch what happens.

The worst thing that happened this year.. actually the two worse things.. happened fairly recently and destroyed my heard.

Al .. one of our cats .. decided she wanted to be a complete outdoor cat when we moved. At the old house, she was outside 90% of the time but once we moved she decided there were far too many interesting things at the new place to waste time indoors. She stayed on the property.. had her condo on the front porch.. always had fresh food and water.. and was a happy camper.

The Saturday before Christmas Eve, Chief and I had returned in the late morning from shopping. As we turned in the driveway, Chief saw Al curled up at the bottom of the driveway.. dead. He rushed me into the house before I completely burst into tears and buried her under the japanese maple tree on our front lawn.

She wasn’t hit by a car.. and he had seen her early in the morning doing her morning yoga stretches on the front porch and she was fine. Beyond being upset, we were completely puzzled until the guy who exterminates my office building said it sounded like she had gotten into antifreeze.

Made sense.

The weather had gotten colder and I’m sure there were people in the neighborhood that put antifreeze in their cars and maybe spilled some.. hell, I could have spilled some. I don’t know.. but I sincerely doubt it was intentional. It’s just one of those horrible, hurtful things. The exterminator said that animals can’t resist antifreeze because it smells so sweet and that it can kill them in as little as 2 hours.

So let that be a lesson..

Al had had a litter of 6 kittens back in May. We kept one that we just started calling “Retard”. It’s a long story and if you’re offended then .. what can I tell you. My sandbox. But the name fit her and she was the most loving, friendly, comical, prettiest kitten you ever wanted to see.

The picture doesn’t do her justice.

She was more like a puppy, actually.. especially when I would come home from work and she would run to the door with the dogs to greet me.

About a month after we moved into the new house, she got out.

She used to follow Chief outside when he would be out there chopping wood or doing whatever.. but this time she went out the bedroom window and never came back.

We did everything that owners of lost kittens are suppose to do but nothing. Honestly, she is probably living large in someone’s house. She had no fear of people and if she wandered into someone’s yard, she would have went right to them.

that’s what I’m telling myself so don’t burst my bubble. I know everything I did wrong so you don’t have to bring that up either and it’s breaking my heart just typing this so I’m going to leave it alone.

So now we’re down to three dogs.. 1 cat.. and I pity the husband that tries to bring another animal into this house!! LoL

Now for the W.T.F!!

Believe me.. it deserves it’s own post so I’m going to run to the bathroom.. get a cup of coffee.. and set to typing!

One of my father’s favorite sayings was:


I learn lessons the hard way.

I haven’t been posting because there’s been a lot of turmoil.. and drama.. and W! T! F!s .. and it was bad enough living it let alone blogging about it. I had to come to terms with a few things.. whether I would accept them.. or distance myself from them or have-n0-clue-which-turn-to-take because of them.

Make no mistake.. I am a fighter. But I also know not to waste strength on a losing battle. I don’t see it so much as giving up.. rather, putting my best efforts to where they are 1) wanted and 2) most beneficial to me.

I’ve wasted too much time.. too much effort.. suffered through too much heart ache to continue being miserable.

I’m generally NOT  a miserable person.. I generally make the best of thing and GENERALLY let crap go where it belongs but enough is enough.

I have some heavy decisions to make about my future.. I have decided on the important things, it’s just the logistics I have to figure out.

To those who have been following, I’m going to use this post to put the puzzle pieces together for you and fill you in on what’s been going on but I don’t think I’m going to continue doing that. For those that know my email address and want to be kept updated on the saga, feel free to write me..


You all know that I put the computer on lock-down because Bubba refused to do what he was suppose to do regarding the whole cyber-school thing.

Aside from the reports that the cyber school generates.. I’ve been keeping my own log on Excel. God bless the day I fell in love with Excel!

I know exactly how much time Bubba has spent on school work .. which assignments are over due.. the length of time he’s spend on each assignment down to the second .. everything. At a glance. He might THINK he’s smart because he can get over on his parent’s, but with me? No. I just have my hands tied as to what to do about it.


So last Friday, I had to drive Chief up to his job to fill out some paper work or something. We left at around noon. Bubba was still sleeping because even though the computer shuts off at 11pm, he was still staying up to the early morning hours watching tv and playing video games.

We get a text message from him around 1:30pm asking for the password to the computer. I was driving and couldn’t text him back so I told Chief to tell him that he needs to do his school work first.

Now, the day before I told him that he didn’t have to do his mandatory four hours if he completed all the master tests that needed to be done. He jumped at the chance because THIS IDIOT didn’t know how many tests he actually had to complete.. and to complete them all would take WAY more then four hours.

So about 2 or 2.5 hours go by and he texts again for the password. Chief was going to give it to him but I was like Uh-Uh. No.. ask him how many tests he completed first. The response came back that he did 3.. which, you know, if I BELIEVED him would have sounded about right. I half expected him to say all of them.

I still told Chief not to give him the password.. that he needed to wait until we got home to verify his work. Chief texted him back and when Bubba didn’t text back, I thought that was weird. No begging? No pleading? Nope. Because the fucking idiot GAVE him the password.. not only did he give him the password, he also have him the ADMINISTRATOR’s password.

Honestly, if we didn’t have our seat belts on and I wasn’t on the highway, I would have beat Chief silly with a tire iron.

We finally got home a few hours later and Bubba was gone.

Of course he was. He knew what was coming.

I checked the cyber school logs and not only did he NOT do the tests.. he didn’t do ANYTHING.

Shoving the laptop screen into Chief’s face, I asked him how it felt to be lied to.. how did it feel to have a 16 year old sucker you.. repeatedly? Just how DID it feel knowing that your 16 year old son thought you were a pussy and treated you like his bitch?

I’ll tell you .. he didn’t like it at all when it was said out loud.

He went on ranting and raving about what he was going to do.. (right) What he was going to say to him (don’t hold your breath).. And how things were going to be (suuuure they are) ..

I told him that he was all big and bad venting to me but as soon as Bubba walked in the door, he was going to be a cream puff.

I actually didn’t think Bubba was going to come home that night… but he did.. well after Chief was asleep and he knew better then to try and get on the computer because HE knows ME .. and he knows that I was going to do everything short of sinking the damn think in concrete and since I was the only one up, he sure as hell wasn’t going to ask me for a goddamn password.

So Saturday morning comes.. rather, it was Saturday afternoon before Bubba rolled his lump of flesh out of bed. And as expected, Chief did say something to him about being lied to.. but, as expected, followed it by asking if he wanted him to make him something for breakfast.

That’s his MO .. act like a parent then feel guilty afterwards.

Bubba complained that it was Saturday.. Chief said that he didn’t care.. Bubba said that HE did.. (I would have popped that son of a bitch in the  mouth right then.. but that’s me) .. Chief pulled out the list of all the tests he had to complete.. Bubba complained that there was 8 hours worth of work.. Chief said to only do 4 hours.

Both of them needed to be popped in the mouth then, by my estimates.

I was in the bedroom working on a project. Chief comes in and starts watching a movie. I tell him that he needs to be out there staring over Bubba’s shoulder. Chief is confident that Bubba will do the work.


Not a half hour goes by and I smell the nasty ass cologne that the Crack Whore gave Bubba for Christmas. I thought I heard the front door but the dogs hadn’t stirred so I wasn’t sure.  I get up to look and sure enough, Bubba high tailed it out of the house. Mind you, this is a BIG kid.. we have hard wood floor  that vibrate whenever he moves around so I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did his best to sneak out. May have even used the back door because it’s furthest from where we were and would explain why the dogs didn’t bark when the front door was opened.

I went back in the bedroom and casually asked Chief if he knew Bubba had skipped.

“I do now.” he answered, and then went back to watching his movie.

Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously. Are you FUCKING kidding me?

He got all cocky with me and said, “.. what am I suppose to do? Call the cops?”


Nope. I was told he wouldn’t answer his cell phone anyway and why get more aggravated?

Well.. simple ass.. because YOU aren’t even aggravated! I AM! You see what’s wrong with this picture?

Bubba didn’t come home Saturday night. He texted my cell at 11pm and said “.. sleeping out”.

My response?

You can run away from your responsibilities but that doesn’t make them go away. Leaving only made things worse.

No return text.

Sunday night he texted again saying that he was sleeping out. The school’s had off on Monday so I didn’t count on him coming home Sunday.

He did come home on Monday. At 10:30pm.

Chief was already asleep and I had absolutely NOTHING to say to him. I thought about it long and hard over that weekend and realized that this isn’t anything CLOSE to being a family. I know other step parents are able to discipline their spouses’ kids.. step up to the plate and be a parent.. but those have supportive spouses. I don’t.. and if Bubba’s father isn’t going to be a father.. then I refuse to be the one who lays down the hammer all the time.. when I did, I only had it thrown back in my face.

But there’s more.. because there’s always more.

Tuesday rolls around and it’s another late afternoon rise for Bubba. I had gone out for most of the afternoon and while I wasn’t planning on returning to far into the night, circumstances dictated that I returned to the house around 4 or 5. I passed Bubba on the computer to get to my bedroom and while I was getting changed, he knocked on the door and told his father that the Crack Whore was picking him up so that she can help him study for his driver’s test.

Chief responded, “.. if THAT’s what your going to do”

Bubba says it is and leaves.

He hasn’t been back to the house since.

Around 11:00 that night, I said to Chief, “.. guess Bubba isn’t coming home” and he got all defensive saying, “.. he’s at HIS MOTHER’S.” .. like that’s any better then staying at his friend’s? Because she has a computer and you know he’s going to be up all night being the Top Cop of Pretend Town .. exactly what he wasn’t allowed to do here.

Wednesday morning I went out and when I returned home, the Crack Whore had sent a text saying that she had had a long talk with Bubba and that he wasn’t going to go out driving unless he does his work and to have his social security card and birth certificate for when he goes for his permit.

Chief then tells me that he sent her a message via Yahoo and told her about Bubba and his school. Whatever.  I’m the one who knows where they’re at and guess what? You’re going to see just how spiteful a bitch I can be. Because like I said before, bigger and better have tried to roll me.. I’m not about to let a 16 year old do it.

Thursday comes and goes with Bubba doing about an hour’s worth of work.

Friday comes and goes with Bubba doing no work at all.

Saturday .. Sunday.. nothing.

Today? 8 minutes.

The Crack Whore sends a text message. I didn’t look at it, just handed the phone to Chief and told him the message was for him. She must have asked him to call her because he dialed and asked “what’s up” when she answered.

She said that Bubba wanted to go back to regular school .. that he’s been asking to go back to regular school and Chief won’t send him (lie) .. Chief told her that he did inquire but that if he went back, he was going to fail the year because he’s too far behind .. he told her that he wasn’t trying to be a dick towards him… he’s just worried about his future (when exactly did we move to dilusion-ville?) .. he told her she had to be a bitch to him about his work because the only reason why he’s there is because he can’t do what he wants to do here.

She said fine and that she was going to swing by after she went where she had to go and pick up some of Bubba’s clothes.

This was at 8pm? It’s now 4am and the clothes are still on the dining room table because she never showed.

Considering the vast amount of chemicals she ingests, do you really think she’s going to get Bubba to do his work? Do you really believe that Bubba doesn’t know that she goes into a drug induced coma leaving him free to do what he wants to do?

Are you asking the same questions I am?

Don’t bother.. you’re wasting your time and I am the expert in wasting time asking logical questions of the illogical. The answer is that she will do whatever she can do to disrupt anything in the kid’s life. I’m also expecting custody papers in the mail because you KNOW she’s not going to have him living with her and NOT try to get some monetary gain .. especially since Chief is working now. The last time Bubba stayed there, she filed for custody the next day.. so you know, I’m not going to be surprised when they arrive.

As far as Chief goes? I really don’t know why he wanted custody to begin with ..

Me? Well, I finally stopped trying to pet the dog.

Even thought I know he doesn’t realize it, our relationship has changed. I don’t have the hopes.. the dreams of the future.. the silly giddiness I used to have when being around him. Anymore I just feel regret and contempt. I don’t look at him the say way .. I’ve lost respect for him as a man and a father..

It’s time for me to go..


One of my favorite Judge Judy quotes is:

On your BEST day your not as smart as I am on my WORST day

Now.. I know kids think their parents are dumb.

Luckily, I’m not a parent!

I didn’t hear Bubba return to the house after spending the weekend wherever because he was blocked from the computer.

I was sleeping .. and because my sleeping patterns are screwed up, I get up in the wee hours of the morning to a quiet house and the opportunity to do what I want to do and check what I want to check.

I’m seriously reconsidering trying to get my sleep back to normal.

At any rate, I wake up at around 3:30-ish and find the television on.. the dining room and kitchen light on.. and a bunch of crap on the table.

In other words, Bubba just picked his ass up and went to bed not bothering to turn off lights or straighten out his mess.

So I go on the desktop to play some Zuma Blast because I get higher scores then when using the laptop and took the opportunity to check the parental activity report. For shits and giggles.

And boy.. did I giggle.

Because Bubba tried to log on 17 times.

Under his account.. under my account.. under Spaz’ account..

Now.. while his father uses the same password for EVERYTHING and has used the same password for YEARS.. I’m a lot smarter then that. And even though he didn’t get anywhere.. in my mind he shouldn’t have even tried because HE knows the computer was locked down until Monday.

And so.. I decided that I was going to make his life even more miserable.

I set up another account.

One without a password.

One that CAN ONLY access the online school’s website.

I used the activity report to see what websites he was on and what programs he downloaded and blocked them all.

I blocked Google and Facebook and YouTube.. and a variety of other sites.

I blocked access to programs already installed on the computer like Skype and Teen Chat and Google Voice.

I blocked search engines and  email and a whole host of other things.

The only internet access the account has is through Foxfire and I made it’s home page the online school’s web url. I removed the search engine fields from the tool bar.. I stripped own and blocked everything I possibly could.

So now he can’t do anything but school work .. he doesn’t need Google to do it .. everything is contained within the website .. if he wants to listen to music? Well, guess what? There’s a freakin’ radio sitting right on top of the computer.

And I plan on sitting at the dining room table while he does his minimum of 4 hours of school work crocheting Baby Faith’s blanket..

I can tell you right now that this is going to come between me and Chief

And I can tell you right now that I don’t give a flying fuck.

GOD I love Vista!!


Remember about a week or so ago there was a confrontation at dinner regarding Bubba and his online school work?

Ok… there’s ALWAYS issues.


At any rate .. the deal is that Spaz gets on the computer at 7pm and stays on until he’s ready to get off sometime before his bedtime at 10pm.

He can stay on five minutes.. he can stay on  until 9:59pm .. his choice. Spaz is out of the house most of the day because of school and since Bubba spends every waking moment in front of the monitor, I think that’s fair. Actually, no… it isn’t fair.. Spaz should be able to go on whenever he wants to after school because at least HE’S DOING HIS SCHOOL WORK!

Neither here nor there …

So anyway .. Wednesday night we eat dinner relatively early. We try to time it so that we’re finished by 7 and there’s no opportunity for Bubba hog the ‘puter and eat at Spaz’s time. But Wednesday we got done early and me and Chief were in the bedroom trying to fix the blinds that one of the cat’s had messed up when Spaz comes into our door way and asks his father to tell Bubba to let him on the computer.

It was 7:10pm.

Chief tells Bubba to get his ass off the computer and Bubba starts whining that he’s “… doing something”.

Chief yells that he’s “.. always ‘doing something'” and if he didn’t get off RIGHT. NOW, Chief was going to pull the plug on the computer.

Bubba did get off but not without calling Spaz a fag*ot bitch.. Chief threw down the screwdriver and went out to the living room with a few choice words for Bubba.

Me? I had had enough of this every single night so in the wee early morning, I got on the desktop and removed the passwords that Bubba and Spaz had on their accounts. I never wanted them to have their own accounts but they did and while Spaz’s password was more of a copy cat move, Bubba’s password was designed to keep everybody out of his account. He had even made himself an administrator.

Yea.. that went out the window too.

I also set time a time limit on each account so whoever was on it, the computer would shut down at 11pm. And there was nothing that Bubba could do without MY password.

So Thursday comes around and when Bubba wakes up, Chief tells him about the computer. He didn’t get ornery * surprise surprise * but he wanted to make sure that he had free reign to stay up as long as he wanted on Friday and Saturday night.

Now Friday comes.

Around 5pm, I check his online schooling log and it only showed him doing about an hour’s worth of work. I show Chief.. Chief tells Bubba and Bubba says he’ll do more.

A little while later, he asks Chief for the password of the admin account so he can do whatever. Chief asks me and before I give it up, I check his online school log again .. 27 minutes.

Chief’s not happy and let’s Bubba know it.

I wind up falling asleep and a few hours later, Chief wakes me up asking for the password on Bubba’s request again.

I gave it up because 1)I wasn’t thinking right and 2) I was still asleep enough to not feel like going online and checking his log.

But that’s ok because things happen for a reason and I’m pleasantly surprised with how this all turned out.

I wind up waking up around 3:30am .. Bubba is still up. In fact, he didn’t go to sleep until around 4:30am … but when I checked the log, it only showed him doing EIGHT MINUTES of work before he asked Chief for the password when I was sleeping.

You done did it now, Bubba!

I patiently waited until Chief woke up.. and was fully awake before I busted Bubba. And you know, I told him that as much as he makes fun of me for watching Judge Judy, he needs to watch her more because he believes everything that Bubba says even though he’s a known liar and manipulator and he never questions it.. never drills down to the truth like I do.

So I told him that I was locking down the computer until Monday and then the only thing Bubba will be able to do on Monday was his school work. EVERYTHING was going to blocked. And that’s exactly what I did..

I also put a nice little note on the computer that said:

Don’t even ask about the computer.. it’s locked down. Last night you were to do more school work and you only did 8 minutes. So since you continue to play this way and not do what you’re suppose to do, the computer is off until Monday.

I put it there because since Bubba didn’t go to sleep until 4:30, I didn’t know when he was going to wake up and me and Chief had errands to run, etc.

We happen to be in our bedroom watching a movie when he rolled out of bed. Chief jumped up and went into the dining room where the computer is at and confronted Bubba.. finishing with the fact that all he does is play a game pretending to be a cop instead of putting his nose into school work and trying to become one.

I had to laugh at that. Bubba isn’t going to be a cop like he’s not going to go into the Marines. He was only saying that because it sounded good and kept people off his back.

Bubba says that he’s going out because he can’t be on the computer so Chief picks up the phone and calls the Crack Whore to tell her that if Bubba show’s up there, he’s not allowed on the computer and why. I heard him say, “.. he’s playing you” so I’m sure Bubba had already called her and started playing his “poor me” violin.

But when Chief hangs up the phone, he tells me that SHE got a letter from the school the other day saying that Bubba had gotten an F in one of his classes and she called and told Bubba about it.

Now.. MY first response was “… why didn’t she tell YOU about it when she got it?” which,  you know, is a redundant question but needed to plant it in his head that there are things being mailed from the school going to her address that he’s not aware of.

He wasn’t dealing with that.

But Bubba is still sitting in the living room and Chief goes out to to blast him again about the F.

There’s a knock at the door and Bubba leaves with his friends.

Chief comes back in the bedroom and starts bitching and complaining about Bubba and the what not and when he was finished I said simply, “… it’s your fault” and went on to explain that Bubba knows that he doesn’t follow through with anything and all he has to do is wait it out until he becomes complacent again and Bubba gets to do what he wants.

When he said that he has a confrontation every week about Bubba and school, I told him that it shouldn’t have continued after the FIRST week.. because what was done with the computer should have been done back then instead of always giving Bubba the benefit of the doubt. Case in point, the 8 minutes. He just took him at his word that he did more work instead of checking up on it.. I also told him that it’s tough being hard on him but the ends justify the means and if he wanted a son that he could be proud of, then he was going to have to be a father to be proud of.

Mind you, I really could give a rat’s ass about Bubba and his school work and whatnot. I’m not proud that it’s gotten to this point but really, when I said I was done I meant it. Now, I’m just the mosquito buzzing around in the middle of the night making his life miserable.

If he comes out better for it .. thumbs up.

If he doesn’t.. well, he really isn’t going to amount to anything the way he’s going now so it’s not like he’s going to be disappointing me any.

And besides, it doesn’t phase me one bit whether he calls me a bitch or not.

I’ve been called worse by better.

.. so very early this morning, I called the head teacher for the alternative schooling program at Bubba’s high school.

I left him a message saying that I would appreciate a call back because we’re having an extremely difficult time getting Bubba to do his school work and that his lack of seriousness has caused him to fail the semester of courses that had been on the lesson plan.

I wanted to know two things:

1. How do we get him back into school

2. Where is he at academically now that he failed the online semester of work and had failed some courses at the end of 9th grade.

I mean really, is this kid still going to be in high school at 22? I’m never going to be able to get rid of him.

After the call, I had left the folder labeled “Bubba’s Cyber School” on the dining room table. And a little later, Chief saw it and asked me why it was there. I told him that I called the teacher and left a message for him.

Bubba got up at 10:30 and I immediately heard him talking on the computer. So he didn’t get right up and do school work.. he got right up and started playing the online game he’s obsessed with. I didn’t say anything to Chief then.. I wanted to see just what HE was going to say about it .. if anything.

I really need to learn that I always have my answers before I ask the questions.

I wound up falling asleep because I had been up all night but around noon, my cell phone rang and Chief answered.

It was the teacher.

Ok. Let’s see how he handles this.

He tells the teacher about the situation.. I hear the teacher say that there are a “few things” that can be done and then I hear Chief say “.. Oh! Yea.. that sounds like something we were thinking about.” and I’m like Huh????

So I still under the blankets and stretch and make like I’m just waking up. Chief ends the call and tells me it was the teacher.


… well.. AND the teacher tells him that there is an independent study program that Bubba can get into. He’ll have to go to school three days a week from 10 until noon and the other two days he’ll be home doing the online school. He would also have online school to complete the three days he attended the class but it would help him catch up.

And I stared at him thinking, “… are you REALLY that much of a moron?”

He tells me that he thinks that’s the perfect solution.

Ok.. you already answered my question. You ARE REALLY that much of a moron.

So I say to him.. yknow.. um.. and how are you STILL going to get Bubba to do the school work here? Who exactly is going to be checking over his shoulder? Do you REALLY think that after spending two hours at school he’s going to come home and do ANOTHER two hours when you can’t even get him to do what he has to do now?

He stared at me.. with that stupid empty look on his face.

So I continued saying that wouldn’t it be ALOT better to have him back in school full time and have him work towards doing the independent study? You know.. like giving him a GOAL? And btw… just WHAT is he doing on the computer now? Playing his online game? So like.. did anything REALLY affect him at dinner last night? Do you really think he GETS it? No.. he doesn’t.. because he knows your his bitch.. if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be so concerned with appeasing him you’d be making the right decisions for him.

His reply?

“..well, the teacher sounded like they didn’t even want him back”


He leaves the room and I hear him, very sweetly, tell Bubba to do his school work.

And I just shook my head and rolled my eyes and went back under the covers to sleep. Useless.

I got up around 5pm just as Chief was leaving the house to go to the supermarket .. Bubba was still talking on the computer so I checked the reports online .. he had only completed 2 hours worth of work. Just under 2 hours but I’ll throw him a bone.

So at that point, he’s been on the 7.5 hours and just 2 hours of work.

And this independent study is going to fly?


Sure it is…

I was so torqued that I wasn’t in any frame of mind to have the “discussion” I wanted to have today.. in fact, if my car wasn’t surrounded by the Wall of Snow, I would have gone over Bird’s and hung out with her an Baby Faith..

It’s still on the agenda though.. I’m not letting this one fly.