Butch, The Big Dog

Butch came with the house we rented.

.. he’ll let you do just about anything to him!!

When we first went to see the house, the woman who would become my landlord had Butch locked in the yard. She said the he wasn’t really too friendly with men but he took to Chief right away and we both commented on what a good dog he was. She seemed wistful when she agreed with us but we moved on to other parts of the house and that was that.

The following morning I asked Chief if he thought my landlord sounded some type of way when we mentioned the dog and he said he had picked up some sadness. He suggested I tell her that if she couldn’t find a home for him :: she was moving and wasn’t able to take him with her :: that we would be more then happy to take him.

It turns out that she hadn’t been able to find a home for him and it was weighing heavy on her heart because her last resort was to take him to the SPCA. She was beyond relieved with our offer to keep him and even when there was a short time when it looked like we weren’t going to be able to rent her home, we still offered to take him.

Thankfully, it worked out for all of us.

Butch, a red nose something-or-other coon hound is THE BEST dog I ever had. He’s so chill and easy going. Everybody who comes to my house falls in love with him and his big lumox cuddles. He loves to be loved and for as big as he is he’s so damn gentle! His kisses are like butterflies and he can fold himself up like oragami to sit next to us on the sofa.

He truly is Chief’s dog.. he’s his daddy and whenever he gets scared because of any one of a number of loud noises he’s afraid of (thunder.. fireworks…) he goes right to Chief for comfort.

He loves rolls.. and gets this oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! excited face when you toss him one. Which he catches… so damn funny!

he’s awesome to cuddle up to on cold days because he gets a gold medal in sleeping and just lays there while you do whatever  you want to do with him!!

He’s awesome.. and I’m lucky he’s mine!


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