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.. as much as I wanted to run away over the weekend, I didn’t.

It’s that whole ridiculous “money” thing.. and “security” thing.. long gone are the days when you could just stow away on an ocean liner and start life fresh using a different identity!!

I did hide out in my bedroom a lot .. did sleep a lot :: my preferred method of avoidance :: AND I did go see SALT and INCEPTION which I’ll post reviews on later.

Sunday, though, was a surpriser.

Well.. yea.. kinda but not really.

Chief woke me up Sunday morning around 11am. And while I appreciated sleeping late, he had a motive.

He had scrubbed and cleaned THE ENTIRE HOUSE.

Yes, you read that right.


Even behind the toilet in the bathroom!!

He said it was because he wanted me to have a “.. true day off.” He didn’t want me to get up and have to worry about cleaning this and cleaning that… ¬†but in reality he knew how bugged out and pissed off about what was going on in the house with the boys. He knows I’m right.. he knows that he can’t do anything about it so he took it upon himself to do something for me that would make me happy.

And I appreciated it.


So even though he’s not a “talker” .. I at least know that he gets it.

And that’s just as.. if not more.. important.

Funny thing happened which really put it all in perspective for him…

After scrubbing the kitchen and making it all spic and span, he was in there getting a cup of coffee when Spaz came in to get something to drink. So he opens the fridge and pulls out the gallon picture of lemonade but instead of lifting it up straight, he kind of swung it out of the fridge which spilled it all over the fridge.. all over the floor.. and Chief freaked out.

I happened to be making my way to the bathroom when I heard the commotion so I went into the kitchen and there’s Spaz still holding the dripping picture and Chief telling me to shoot him.

Nope. Only got one bullet left and it has my name written all over it.

Spaz was all, “.. it’s not my fault.”

And Chief was like “… HOW COULD IT NOT BE YOUR FAULT???”

So he tells him to clean it up and Spaz started to say he didn’t know how to but I think he thought better of it mid sentence because Chief’s bald head was smoking.

Spaz goes to the back porch and gets the mop and just starts half assed moving the mop back and forth.

Chief is still ranting, “.. if I wasn’t in here you would have left it and then I would be walking through a sticky mess at 2am, right? RIGHT?”

Then he yells at Spaz to clean it properly and Spaz was like I AM!! and Chief was like YOUR NOT!! You’re just moving the shit around more.

My first instinct was to just tell Spaz to get the hell out of the kitchen before his father blows an aorta but then I was like, no.. not this time.

So I told him that I was going to tell him how to clean it the right way … I told him to get the bucket.. put it in the sink.. turn on the hot water.. add the Pine Sol.. put the bucket on the floor.. undo the mop.. put it in the water.. take it out of the water.. turn the thing that makes all the extra water come off..

You get the idea..

I made him do the whole floor the way I would do the whole floor and he hated every minute of it. I didn’t let him half step anything.

When he was finally finished and started bitching and complaining that it wasn’t his fault because HE didn’t fill the pitcher to the top, I told him that I’m sure NEXT time he’ll be more careful.. or at least, know how to properly mop the floor the next time he does makes a mess on it.

When I went back into the bedroom, Chief was sitting up on the bed and was like, “… do you believe that?”

I was like, “… welcome to my world, Bucky.. Welcome to my world.”