Bella, The Old Gal

UPDATE: Bella passed away on 06/05/12. It’s taken me a while to come to terms with losing her. She started to fail rapidly and at first, we thought she would pass at home because she showed all the signs a old dog shows when their time has come. But she was a fighter and it got to the point where it started to be painful so there was no question that we needed to take her to the vet and give her the gift of sleep. In hindsight, I’m glad we brought her because she passed in my arms. I’m not sure how I would be able to handle it going forward if she had died alone. She was .. and is.. the true love of my life.

Named WAY before the Twilight series!

Actually her real name is LUCA BELLA but that’s a mouthful to yell when she’s running around the house with egg shells from last night’s dinner in her mouth!



I found Bella around 13 years ago. She was a baby when someone chopped off her tail, burned her paws and threw her in the park covered in fleas and ticks. I guess because I had two other dogs, she felt save coming onto my property but it took me a good three days to chase her down and two bagels with cream cheese from Dunkin’ Donuts to lure her into my garage.

She’s been with me ever since and she is a piece of work, let me tell you!

Being older, she kind of does what she wants and expects you to just go along with her flow. She loves hot dogs, chicken and runs through the house like a puppy when you mention the word “COOKIE”.

I know that she won’t be with me for much longer but I also know that the last two years have been some of her happiest.. she has kids that give her all the attention she wants :: or MORE attention then she wants depending on perspective :: .. she has a man that doesn’t abuse her in any way, shape or form.. in fact, I think he over-indulges her and even will go so far as to lift her on our bed because she can’t jump that high anymore.

She has the life that she deserves and I’m eternally grateful for that day.. so long ago .. that she found me

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    look at that face…*

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