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Who knew the days would fly so fast?

Hugs to everyone who reached out to me via email and Facebook to find out how I was and what was going on .. it means a lot.

Especially with everything that’s been going on.

Crossroads are hard.

Gambling on with your life is harder.. scarier.. riskier..

And even though I personify the Make-A-Plan-Be-In-Control poster, everything now is completely out of my hands.. there is no plan.. and I’m scared to death.

Which is why I’m up writing at 1am.

So just to catch you up:

We had to close the store. It’s been closed two days shy of a month and instead of looking for work, Chief insists that he’s going to open another business at another location. Which means…..

We’re moving.. moving 3.5 hours away if he has his way. So close to every weekend and with some week days in between, we’ve been spending roughly 50 bucks on gas and driving a minimum of 9 hours up and back looking at places to rent. We did stay over night one weekend and as much as I kind of enjoyed getting away, the additional cost broke me out in hives.

There were some places I wouldn’t sublet to my worse enemy and other places where the rent was perfect but the landlord wouldn’t rent to us. Why? Well.. would you rent to a couple who’s only source of income was unemployment but there was a POTENTIAL of opening another store? Which means….

My husband came up with this brilliant idea of living in a mobile home. Mind you, I’ve seen some that would put houses to shame.. but not the one’s we could afford to buy.

I’m trying hard but I just can’t get over living in a run down mobile home.

Not that we even have on to live in, mind you.. because we don’t.

And because he had given the okay to one potential landlord to call our current landlord because we were 99.9% sure we were getting this particular place, we now have to be out of here by January 31st.

And did I mention that my unemployment runs out in April?

Of course, we didn’t get the house.

So with no money .. the holidays right around the corner.. and having to move with no place to go.. it’s been BEYOND stressful. So stressful that in the middle of releasing tears of built up stoicism, I told him that I hitched my wagon to the wrong cart.

Thankfully, his oldest brother got wind of our situation and offered to let us drop a mobile home on a piece of his land. I’d still be living in a mobile home but somehow living on the land of a relative I’ve never met before made me feel better.

Maybe it was the gesture.. someone lending a hand out to us like we’ve done to so many.

There I go crying again.

At any rate and in other news:

The Crack Whore still hasn’t paid child support

Bubba is now attending cyber-school

Spaz is still pulling the same bullshit that he has been for the past three years including another call from the school nurse about his hygiene and fecal odor due to him not changing his underwear.

Have not seen or heard from Weed since we closed the store. Oh. Wait. Once. He had left a friend’s Nintendo DS at the store and came by the house to pick it up so I have no idea if he’s still going to school or not and I really don’t give a shit.

Given all the above, I know you’ll forgive me for not writing here.

I have been writing though, only on Blogspot because it’s easier to link ads there. I figured I’d give it a shot and see what happens. Anyway if I’m not here then I’m definitely there:

Crazy Lady Hair – just shit about what’s going on in my dysfunctional world

The Leese Files – reviews, recaps, opinions, etc.

The Shoe Whores – god, I have to have some kind of comfort, right??

Drop by there and say hello .. stay awhile.. I’ll put a pot of coffee on!!