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Dallas_PADallas, Pennsylvania.

Who knew.

Anyway.. see that green star? That’s where the Baby Mama’s is currently residing in a half way house.

See that red dot where Philadelphia is? That’s where I live. Well, just a little further then a smidge south-west of the city.

Still.. we’re talking 100+ miles.

Pennsylvania is a big state. Not as big as Texas.. but big, none the less.

So just to give you a little ketchup .. ( ha! Ketchup = catch up!! I amaze myself sometimes with my silliness!).. Baby Mama was in jail when she gave birth on June 13th. She wasn’t released from jail until January something. I think the 4th or 7th or something. In the month prior to her release she called practically every night. I have nothing really to talk to the girl about. I don’t even KNOW the girl sober for crying out loud. But she was calling about her kid and at the time, it was a hell of alot more then Weed was doing.. and he was OUT of jail. So she would call and I would half pay attention to the 30 minute allotted phone call. And when it was time for her to be released, I took the day off from work and me and Chief drove up to the prison with the baby to pick her up.

THAT was a whole event in itself that’s for another post because.. O! M! G! .. who knew that the security guards treated the people picking up offenders like THEY were offenders themselves? Considering who is shipped to this prison, maybe they are.. but still.


I had kept the tree up.. had bought her Christmas gifts from the baby.. and not because I had any emotional attachment to this girl. BUT, she is the Baby Mama and (as I told her).. you only get one chance to fuck up. I’m all about second chances but don’t ever take my kindness for my weakness. Big no-no.

So she gets out and it’s awkward because I don’t know what to say to her.. she don’t know what to say to us.. we have her kid.. she doesn’t know who her son is as a little person after all these months.. etc. etc. etc. But, she knows that she can’t do anything to benefit his life and as long as she was walking the straight and narrow, we would have an open door policy for her to see him.

Now, that may sound very generous but remember, she’s a junkie and couldn’t wait to run across the open fields of heather with the breeze blowing through her buzzed hair into the arms of Weed. Weed was still using at this time.. was staying with Chief’s brother Sarge until he stole a bottle of Oxy’s from him (Sarge has a legal prescription from a back surgery gone wrong) and had been holing up with his crack-whore mother because he gave her half the bottle. Nice, right?) so I may not be the best at math but I do know what 2+2 equals.

She would come by to see the baby. Maybe twice a week.. maybe more.. maybe less.. can’t remember. But it wasn’t everyday and it wasn’t for long periods of time. And then by the second week of February, nothing. No phone calls, no emails, no text messages .. just dropped off the face of the earth.

We found out about a week and a half later that she had tested hot at her last PO visit and was sent back to jail.

NOTE: For those of you who don’t have to deal with junkie step kids and their jail records, “testing hot” means failing the mandatory drug tests that comes with probation. Just stick with me, you’ll learn the lingo quick enough. I did!

From jail she went to rehab and from rehab she was court ordered to a half way house.

We found all this out after the fact.

We had been receiving phone calls from a 570 area code but I’m not one that answers unfamiliar numbers and a voice mail was never left so I just figured my cell number was on some kind of list. It wasn’t until I got an email from her basically accusing us of changing our phone number because we didn’t want anything to do with her.

Like I said… drama.

So I emailed her back.. told her what I just told you. That’s how I found out her details and where the half way house was.

She started bugging us around May to take the baby to visit her. Bugging may not be the right word but she kept on asking. And I kept on telling her that it all hinged on my finances.

Could I have made the trip up and back in one day and a tank and a half of gas? Yes.

Could I do that with a baby who’s mobile and hates being in the car seat? Hell-freakin-NO!

So we would have to stay over.. which meant a hotel.. which meant food.. which meant a whole lot of things that isn’t in my normal budget. Anybody with any brain cells could comprehend.. but she’s a junkie, remember?

So the more I couldn’t take the baby to see her the more her warped mind went into fantasy-land. Her fantasy-land when it concerns the baby is a dangerous place to travel. Not that any court.. regardless of how much they want to (cough) keep the family intact (cough) .. would award her custody but it’s just the fact that I would have to go through the bullshit. And since she would have to hire an attorney .. I would have to hire an attorney and quite frankly, I would prefer to pay my electric bill then a lawyer.

So fine. You want to spend the afternoon with a 12 month old who wants what he wants when he wants it and all be damned if he can’t run across a room of broken glass barefooted? You want to spend it with a child who is just learning to use a spoon and therefore refused to be fed unless he can feed himself which means you’ll have more yogurt or cereal in your hair then he does? Don’t forget the flesh pinching (he thinks he’s tickling you).. hair, earring, necklace pulling..? Screeching.. pooping.. wailing… ?? You go right ahead.

Now, please don’t be mistaken. If it was solely up to me, I would have given her a not-so-polite PISS OFF. But in order to get the fantasy of having her son full time out of her head, she needed to spend sometime with him.

NOTE: I was less then thrilled with leaving him with her but Chief did a good job of explaining that he would be safe because it was a controlled environment. She isn’t allowed to be alone with him.. there were medical personal on duty at all time and other women who had raised children. I deferred. Reluctantly. Actually, kicking and screaming but (shrug).

So we decide to drive up on a Friday. Chief felt it would be better for the baby. I think he just wanted to have an extra-night’s sleep without dogs hogging the bed. We check into a Days Inn.. which was, you know, a Days Inn in Wilkes Barre, PA (where EVERYONE looks like a Walmart greeter).

Timbo loved being in a hotel room. He spent the next FOUR hours running from one end of the room to the other with his little arms up in the air making his “Deet Deet Deet” happy noises. Me? Not so excited. I didn’t want to be there. Was exhausted from not only the drive but from working a full day before we left. Did I mention I didn’t want to be there?

He finally fell out exhausted around 11:00 and since he was going to be sleeping on a bed, I laid on one side of him not getting any sleep at all because I was afraid he’d wake up in the middle of the night.. climb out of bed.. and make his way down to the truck stop and take candy from a guy with three names in a white panel van.

Hey listen.. everyone has irrational fears when it comes to their kids. Leave me alone!

So no sleep and a baby that woke up at 5am just as excited as the night before! Lovely.

Finally Baby Mama calls us right before we’re about to leave to see her and tells us that the address she gave us in the email? Yea, not the right one. That’s the address their mail goes to, but the actual place she’s staying is like 30 miles north of where we the hotel was.

30 miles. NOT a typo.

When asked for an address for the GPS, she comes up with some cockamayme address that it doesn’t recognize. Basically, she had no fucking clue and the search was on to find someone inside the half way house who DID know where the fuck they where.

Way long story short.. we finally get there and Chief was treated to the sight of skanky junkies sunbathing along the side of the road. He’s scarred for life.

But we did what we had to do.. met who we had to meet.. made sure the boy was going to be in good hands and reluctantly made our way back to the hotel to sleep for at least an hour before we had to go pick him up. Which we did and promptly took him back to the hotel to scrub the skank off of him.

We stayed another night at the hotel and left on Sunday morning. We took the back roads home because, you know, this was going to be the only “vacation” WE would have and at least wanted to SEE something other then skank junkies sunbathing to make the whole trip worthwhile. That took 4.5 hours because stupid us didn’t realize that that was POCONO DOWNS weekend and every race car enthusiast from as far away as Mars was in the area trying to get into the Pocono Raceway on a two lane road.

Anybody forget that there was a baby in a car seat that he doesn’t like being in?

By the grace of God we made it home safe and about 600.00 poorer. Like I said in another post, we live paycheck to paycheck and this is going to put a dent in our budget. Going up there meant I had to pay half on the utilities (the other half this coming paycheck).. reduce the food bill.. all that creative budgeting stuff.

And here’s the kicker. But first let me offer apologizes if my head explodes (again) while I type this…

When we went to pick up Timbo up, Baby Mama tells us that her stint in Dallas is over on July 22nd and that she’s trying to find a sober house closer to us in one of the other two counties (one of those counties currently has Weed as a resident).

Like, really?


So I just spent a hell of a lot of money to drive all the way up to Bum-fuck, Pennsyl-tucky and you’ll be moving within an hour from us in some direction on JULY 22ND????????



NO.. you’re NOT a victim. You still do whatever it is you do and the only person who lost ANYTHING was me. I lost my ability to sleep when I want.. buy what I want.. go where I want.. do what I want. I’m the one paying the consequences for your mistakes.

And I unleashed all the pent up anger and frustration and everything else that was pent up because of this whole situation right on Rt 309N and next to the skanky junkie sunbathers.

Don’t get me wrong.. my grandson is the center of my universe. Everything I do, I do for him. He is the light in my life and a blessing each and every day I wake up.

I think you know where I’m coming from, though, right? Can you stop being selfish for one nano second and think of the people who are raising your kid.. and doing all with any assistance for anybody or any government agency?

Sorry.. I think I have to clean up the rest of my brains that exploded on the ceiling again!

.. so I’ve been gone a long time.

I mean.. a REALLY long time. And not for any reason. Well.. there was a reason but not a reason like, moving to the middle of Montana with no internet service.

I can blame it on my iPod Touch. I mean.. if you don’t have one, you may want to get one if you’d like to curl up in a ball and play endless hours of Tap Tap Revenge.

OR I can blame it on the fact that I had an opportunity to actually get paid to write. Like in money. Like the kind of money that you can actually spend :: well.. while it’s actually WORTH anything anyway :: and once that opportunity presented itself, I had no desire to write. Not even a check.. which, yknow, I’m not that fond of doing anyway. But yea.. I had an attack of self doubt which completely shut my brain down.

And then there’s that blasted family tree thing I’m doing.. which basically sapped up my brain cells.. time.. and desire to write. Sort of like replacing one addiction with another. Cuz, yknow.. my family’s hobby IS breeding and my over-achieving self had to do BOTH sides of my family at one time.

Honestly, I didn’t really think too much about it until Tosha @ THAT’S WHY left a comment on an old post asking if I was ok and it dawned on me that I miss you guys.. and I miss writing.. and I miss throwing all my shit out there for the world to see… read.. whatever.

So here I am.. sitting on my bed with the good ol’ laptop.. after having to clean up all the wrappers and crumbs from three boxes of cupcakes that the dogs plowed through while I was at work :: I know two little dogs that are going to have the major runs tonight :: bringing everything up to speed.

So the highlights:


We were still dealing with tons of snow and winter weather but on Valentine’s morning, Chief got up early.. walked.. like in putting one foot in front of the other.. roughly three miles THROUGH THE THIGH DEEP SNOW and bought me flowers.. a bag full of SweetTarts and a locket.

Definitely an AWWWWWW!!! moment.


On The Way To NYC Via The NJT

On Feb 28, the two morons :: that being me and Chief :: decided to take Manhattan and attend the International Food Show at the Javits Convention Center… an industry thing with a lot of vendors and products and samples.

Gotta love the samples!

It wasn’t so much a LAST minute decision because we had registered like, a month and a half before but because of the weather and because the wagon was inspected and registered :: still isn’t :: and the van was having transmission problems :: still is :: I wasn’t really that confident in getting there and back without incident.

‘Cause.. yknow.. whenever WE do ANYTHING, there’s “incidents”.

International Food Show

But armed with Chief’s confidence that he can fix anything that went wrong with the van, we made our way up the New Jersey Turnpike armed with coffee and a Tom Tom.

Did I tell you the story about the Tom Tom .. how I don’t like them.. don’t trust them.. and didn’t want one but got one for Christmas because Chief wanted one? Yea.. well.. let me tell you something about that fucking Tom Tom. First of all, you can’t help but argue with it when you actually do know where you’re going and it tells you to go in a different direction. But the worse.. is when you DON’T know where you’re going and the fucking thing tells you to make a left onto a FOUR LANE street with traffic going in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION from the way you’re facing.

Like it did in New York City.

Thankfully.. THANKFULLY .. when we turned the wrong way down the street, traffic was stopped at a red light so I was able to pull over IN FRONT OF AN NYC COP CAR.. :: thankfully unoccupied :: .. and turn the car around. We pulled into the first parking garage that we found and on wobbly knees, walked the six blocks to the Javits.

Yes.. that is a pig WITH it's head still on

I had never been to an industry food show before. Chief had been to this particular one before as a seller not a buyer. I can’t tell you how hard they suck your ass. They must give a class on it or something.

I’m not adventurous with food so I wasn’t doing a lot of tasting. He was.. which was good because the only thing I kept thing was “.. did you SEE how much the hot dog vendor was charging????” But we did come away with a few products that we wanted to start carrying in the shop so it served it’s purpose.


We had gotten there early and the good thing about that was by the time the place was filled to capacity, we had seen everything and were ready to chug it back home.

So we make our way back to the parking garage and contrary to everything I’ve heard, it really wasn’t too expensive. Notice I said “too” and not “that”! It was around 25 bucks and considering we almost got KILLED by the evil Tom Tom, I could deal with 25 bucks.

More food

Chief tells me he’ll drive back because I’m like FORGET DRIVING THROUGH THE LINCOLN TUNNEL AGAIN and while we’re driving through the tunnel, we lose the satellite connection to the Evil Tom Tom. I guess it didn’t like me cursing it out because when it finally connected again, it directed us to take an exit with was NOT the exit to the Turnpike.. even though I clearly SAW the exit for the Turnpike ahead, Chief was like NO! NO! The Tom Tom said to go THIS way.. which put us in the middle of someplace like Seacacus or something and on a highway with a 2 car red light every 100 feet. Which considering how the transmission REALLY started to act up, may have been a good thing.

But as he promised, he pulled over and did some McGuyver-ing and put us back on the road.

We finally found our way back to the Turnpike :: I had turned the Tom Tom off :: and after almost getting into two.. count them.. TWO car accidents, we pulled into one of the numerous rest stops on the pike and had a wonderful lunch of Burger King nuked by a Mexican who could only say “Whopper”.

Don’t ask.


Chief had this bright idea to drive down to Washington DC on the Sunday that the Health Care bill was going to be voted on. That’s something we’re both passionate about and really, I’m not going to get into a debate with anyone who is for it on here. We will just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

The plan was to get up around 5am.. drive down to DC.. protest.. and then drive home.

That was the PLAN anyway.. we were SO committed to going down there that we didn’t get to bed until 3am :: no kids at home means long hours playing Call Of Duty :: and then the gorgeous day we woke up to mandated that we hit various flea markets.

We’re such bad protesters!!


Weed turned 21 on March 1st.

Honestly, I have to say that he seems to be coming around. Not only has he been coming to work when he’s suppose to but he’s actually doing work. His attitude has become a little more mature but I know he still does what he does.. he’s just less obvious about it.

For his birthday we got him a cell phone. He had one from when the Crack Whore settled her bogus lawsuit but of course, by the time the first payment came around she had blown threw the money and the service was turned off.

If I had known that he could have just re-activated his old one, I would have saved myself a lot of money and aggravation.

And of course, the aggravation has to do with….


Let me just say that I have not had an actual conversation with Bubba since the day of his birthday when I told him that he wasn’t getting the grossly expensive lap top computer he wanted because he didn’t do anything he promised to do.. that being committed to his school work.

Did I also post before that I finally got my dryer because Bubba complained about not having any clean clothes because he never put them in the hamper?

I’m not going to rehash everything that went on, but I will say that this kid needs to be knocked down a few pegs. He still isn’t doing a damn thing in school.. does not have ANY hygiene at all.. stays out all hours of the day / night / weekend .. and I would be doing the pigs of the world a great disservice by calling him one. He’s beyond that.

And I’m over it.

I’m over his lies.. his manipulations.. him calling me a bitch because I call him out on his lies and manipulations.. his use and abuse.. He’s just an ugly person inside and out.. an unhappy person.. someone who couldn’t give a shit about anything or anybody but himself.

I don’t surround myself with that kind of toxin as a rule.. and the fact that this kid lives under my roof doesn’t change that.

Things kind of came to a head about a month ago when Chief told him that he was grounded because he hasn’t done ONE IOTA of schoolwork. Not that Chief makes sure he does his work.. not that the Crack Whore makes sure he does his work either. But as Chief said, “.. he wasn’t going ANYWHERE” that weekend. I told Chief that he was going to have to be the one to tell him that because I was done with being the one that has to issue the punishment only to have it renigged by the Crack Whore.. or worse, Bubba just not paying any damn attention to anything I say.

So Chief assured me that he was going to tell him when he came home from work. In the meantime, Spaz was had made plans to spend the weekend at the Crack Whore’s but as he was waiting for her to pick him up, Bubba started saying that HE was going to stay over there too. Spaz reacted in pure Spaz fashion.. which was to, well, spaz. He go SO upset and started crying and saying that he wasn’t going to go and that all he wanted was to have a weekend away from Bubba.

I tried to stay out of it but things escalated to a point where I had to get involved and told Spaz that Bubba wasn’t going anywhere.. to just calm down.

Immediately Bubba started saying shit to Spaz and to me so I called Chief and told him what was going on. He told me he wanted to talk to him so I gave Bubba the phone. I don’t know what the conversation was but at one point, Bubba said something about me not letting him use the PS3 head phones :: a long story :: and I called him a “Little Fuck” to which he started whining to his father like a little bitch.

I get back on the phone with Chief and he tells me that I was right to do what I did. I told him that I didn’t give a fuck whether or not he thought I was “right” or not .. he wasn’t here and it isn’t fair to Spaz to be tormented by Bubba the way he is.

I hang up with Chief.

He calls me back about 15 minutes later and asks me if I can pick him up from the shop because it was pouring out. I told him I would then went back to getting ready to go out because I really just wanted to get out of the house.

A few minutes after we hang up for the second time, I hear Bubba leave the house. And I’m like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And when Chief calls me about a half hour later to tell me that he was closing the shop early and that I can pick him up at any time, I cut the call short because I was in the bathroom.. almost getting physically sick over this fucking kid.

I go down to the shop and I don’t know what made me say this in the way that I did but when I walked in I said, “… you know that Bubba left the house, right?”

He says, “.. oh yea. He went to stay at his mother’s.”

When I tell you that I have NEVER felt like a bigger asshole in my life. HE was the one who INSISTED that Bubba was NOT to leave the house for the weekend which made ME make an issue out of it earlier when he was tormenting Spaz and then he let him go to his mother’s?

Where’s your fucking balls, man?

So I got torqued beyond ever being torqued before.

And I couldn’t look at him.. be near him.. talk to him.. breath the same air as him.

So I stayed in the living room while he tanked out in the bedroom and remained there until the next day when I had had it SO up to here that if I had a box and some place to go I would have packed all my shit right then and there and left.

We had it out the next day.. big blow out.. and when he tried to blame it on the kids I told him all about himself and told him that it’s HIM. That he says one thing and does another and doesn’t give me a heads up. Like the cell phone.

Remember Weed’s old cell phone? The Crack Whore wanted it back so that she could have it reactivated for Bubba. Chief went on a looooooonnnngggg tirade about how Bubba doesn’t deserve one.. that he can’t have one until he brings his grades up.. blah blah blah. Not five minutes.. FIVE MINUTES after he told me that on the phone, the Crack Whore texted me and told me that she had just left the deli and that Chief said he didn’t have a problem with Bubba having a cell phone as long as he doesn’t have to pay the bill for it.

And I called him out on that. And called him out on a million other things that I’ve been holding down. When I tell you that that was the closest that we’ve come to breaking up.. then that’s the closest we’ve come to breaking up.

I told him that if he still wanted me in the picture then he better prepare himself for me not doing anything for Bubba. That I was going to treat Bubba the way that he treats me. No more driving him to school in the morning.. no more doing his clothes.. no more driving him here or there or to his friends. That I was going to email his teacher’s and inform them that from now on, they would have to contact him and the Crack Whore and when Bubba gets into the trouble he’s on the path to get into, don’t expect me to be sympathetic or supportive. Wasn’t going to happen.

So that’s the way things have been and to be honest, Bubba is rolling off my back by rain on a duck.


He’s still having his issues but nothing worse then normal 11 year old shit. He, at least, understands why I’m hard on him about school.. about being neat.. about brushing his teeth and taking showers. Knowing that I don’t want him turning out like Bubba is his big incentive. And as sick as it sounds, knowing how I feel about Bubba is giving him the cujones to stand up to him.

BUBBA: Dad doesn’t love you.
SPAZ: At least he doesn’t have to by me Comet to scrub my neck with

NOTE: Because Bubba doesn’t take regular showers, his neck and knuckles get BLACK. At one point, Chief told him to use Comet to scrub his neck with to take the dirt off.

I almost pissed myself laughing and was like You Go Spaz!!!

The only thing that I can’t really explain to him is why the Crack Whore will buy Bubba a laptop .. will buy him an iPod Touch.. will get him a cell phone when he does nothing to deserve it but when Spaz asked her to contribute to help pay for the two trips he’s going on with the church group ( one is 400 the other is 65), she started yelling and screaming at him that she isn’t made of money and why am I not paying for it.

So that’s basically what’s been going on.

Now that I got this post over with, I’ll get back to my old routine :: 2800+ words will do that to you! :: so buckle up, I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

I have to type this fast because I’m late for work but last night while I was posting about what had happened with Bubba and Chief and all that drama, the Crack Whore texts me.

Here’s the convo:

CRACK WHORE: Weed needs 2 come 2 ur house he ran my [cable] up over 300 bucks either that or he goes on  the street idk.b  a father

ME: You need to stop with the whole “be a father” bullshit.. Cause you haven’t done much as a mother.. He’s not coming here

CRACK WHORE: Fuck u i know about the pot wit Bubba and the neglect with Spaz so does social services

ME: .. and I know what goes on at your place.. and what you condone at your place.. Because according to Bubba that’s where he got the pot from

CRACK WHORE: This aint Chief  talking u have no clue whats been going on so hush

CRACK WHORE: Dont fool urself you’ll never be their mother.ever

ME: I don’t want to be there mother.. never did

CRACK WHORE: Keep dreamin i don’t smoke pot,i meant what goes on at your store ms know it all

ME: No.. but you do everything else.. And so does Weed.. Why don’t you just try and straighten your life out?

CRACK WHORE: U never will b. they tell me how u tream clean shoes. its all on video cam 4 social services

ME: If it makes YOU feel better to believe that then go right ahead..

CRACK WHORE: i do nothing i can prove it on paper i go 2 probation every week 2 b urined. y dont u let Chief speak is he nervous the truth will come out. iam done talking 2 u

ME: I don’t talk for Chief.. You texted me, remember? And because it’s always a joy talking to you.. don’t use this number anymore.

CRACK WHORE: ill talk 2 Chief alone

So yea.. just another log on the fire.

I gave Chief the heads up and I suppose at some point today she’s going to come into the store.. when she does, I already told him that I’m throwing her out.

I also explained to the kids that she was going off the deep end again saying this.. saying that.. saying that she was going to call social services because of their rooms, etc.

I tell them this so that maybe.. hopefully.. it will stick with them that cleanliness is an important part of life and that if they don’t get their shit together their wack job of a mother is going to do something that can’t be undone because she’s over the edge and they’ll be removed from the house and their dad will get arrested.

Spaz said something.. can’t remember what.. and I told him that he should feel sorry for her because all she does is rely on other people to support her.

Bubba said to me, “… I know what you mean now about having pride”

And there you go.

I didn’t get a chance to post this over the weekend for the obvious reasons but I thinks something that I really, really want to share ;)

If you’ve read the all the posts regarding Chief’s arrest, the search warrant and all the drama that came :: and is still coming :: with it then you already know all about the ANONYMOUS INFORMANTS

If you haven’t :: and I think I’m going to put all the posts pertaining to it in it’s one category called TRAVESTY. Serioulsy. Look for it later on :: then the bottom line is that Chief got arrested as basically a “Fuck You” from his oldest son Weed. His kid basically set him up.

In the search warrant, it stated that Claim Informant One and Claim Informant Two, both of whom are self professed drug users and dealers, wish to remain annoymous for fear of retribution and bodily harm.

It’s always been a thorn in my side that I don’t know who Claim Informant One and Claim Informant Two :: hereby knows and CI1 and CI2:: are.. the pickings are slim.. the cast of characters small so after analyzing the whole situation and sorting the puzzle pieces out, I believe I am 100% certain who they are.

In fact, as I posted before, one of the came into the store the day before Chief’s last court date.. after having been awol since his arrest. He kept asking all these questions and Chief was just like “.. I got nothing to say”.

Best case scenerio is that CI1 was crapping his pants worrying that Chief knew it was him… worse case scenerio is that he was wired and trying to get something verbally from Chief because they know their case is non-existant.

At any rate.. I believe that what you get, you receive back 10 fold. Whether good or bad.

This was in Friday’s local paper:

NOTE: I know you already know but anything that can identify any person or place has been stripped.


Police responding to a domestic disturbance found a 6 month old baby inside a second floor apartment filled with trash, rotting food and a large stash of drigs.

The baby’s parents [CI1],23 and [CI2], 18 of xxxxxx Avenue, were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, drug possessin with the intent to deliver and related offenses.

“It was sickening,” said Police Chief xxxxxx xxxxx on Thursday, “You couldn’t see the baby through all the trash and debris.”

The baby was taken to a local hospital to be evaluatd and was placed in the custody of Children and Youth Services. The 6-month old is now being cared for by a family member, xxxxx said.

The incident began unfolding on Wednesday morning, when someon called 911 to report a domestic dispute at the couple’s apartment in the first block of xxxxxx Avenue.

Responding officers found the couple arguing on the stairs leading up to the apartment, xxxxx said. It was the third time in a matter of hours that police had been dispatched to the apartment for a domestic dispute, he added.

[CI2] and [CI1] were arrested for persistent disorderly conduct and placed into custody. It was then that [CI1] told the officers their baby was alone inside of the apartment, police said.

Officer xxxxxx xxxxxx and Sgt. xxx xxxxxx looked into the apartment through an open door to check on the baby and were shocked by what they saw, xxxxx said.

The infant, wearing only a diaper, was lying face down on the couch surrounded by bags of suspected marijuana, police said.

“The place was filthy,” xxxxx said. “There was trash and food dumped on the kitchen floor. The refrigerator was deplorable and the crib was filled with trash and debris. I don’t know where the baby could have slept.”

The kitchen sink was filled with dirty dishes, police said.

The food in the refrigerator was rotting and there was out dated food in the cabinets. There were no working smoke alarms in the one-bedroom apartment, xxxxx said.

The apartment was secured and Officer xxxxxx xxxxxxxx stood watch until a search warrant was obtained.

Magisterial District Judge xxxxxxx xxxxxx signed the warrant giving police access to the apartment.

On a living room table, police found an assortment of prescription pill bottles with individual pills separated into small denominations, along with packaging materials and a digital scale, according to xxxxx.

Just outside the apartment door, police found numerous glassine baggies, typically used to package drugs for resale, along with ohter drug paraphernalia.

More then 300 pills, suspected narcotics, were confiscated and sent to the xx State Police Lab in xxxxx for analysis.

The borough’s health investigator and code enforcement officer padlocked the apartment after deeming it uninhabitable. xxxxx said the owner will be sited.

[CI2] and [CI1], who is currently on probation and parole for armed robbery, was arrainged by xxxxxx.

Bail was set at 10 percent of $15,000.00, which both failed to post.

They were remanded to xxxxxxx county prison pending their preliminary hearing scheduled for next week in District Court.

So there you have it…

A few things come to mind:

  • With everything they were charged with … with EVIDENCE right in front of the police :: pills, pot, scale, etc. :: not to mention the condition they had their BABY in… why was THEIR bail HALF of what Chief’s was?  Could that be because.. oh… I don’t know… maybe because they are POLICE INFORMANTS???
  • THESE are the people who’s word you take over someone who is trying to BUILD the community by having a business there?

Guess Weed will at least have company in prison and since they all have the same preliminary hearing date :: 05/12/09 :: it should be one big love fest in the borough’s court house tomorrow.

In the meantime, Chief’s next court date is the 18th.

In the newspaper article, there was a picture of the apartment. I told Chief that I was sure damn glad there was no camera around the day our house got raided.

He had the good sense NOT to say anything.

Last night when we were driving home from the wholesaler, I asked Chief he Weed was still trying to contact him.

Something has been on my mind for a few days.

I know that the whole situation with Weed being in jail and the things he’s been doing and the way Chief HAS to react to it in an attempt for Weed to see the error of his ways is weighing on him.

TOUGH LOVE” is indeed tough.. but I think it’s tougher on the parent then the child.

I asked him if he wanted to set up a phone account. He was like HELL NO!. He wasn’t going to put up yet another 50.00 because he was in jail.

I made this face that I always make when I’m like “yes-sery-bub” and then said, “.. cause you know, if you wanted to, I don’t want you to think that I’d have anything to say about it.”

He was like, “No. No. I’m not doing it“.

I said fine but that I was worried that you thought you’d get a problem with me if you did. Because that’s not true. You need to do what you think is best.

He said that if he stayed in after the 12th :: the date of his preliminary :: then he would do it.

I asked him if he thought he’d be released given his charges and previous track record.

He said that it was up to the judge but that the wife of one of our customers :: who are Weed’s cronies :: came in and told Chief that what happened was Weed was behind the school with 4 or 5 other people. One of them, CGWGRWTSAL :: Confused Girl With Great Rack Who Thinks She’s A Lesbian :: is under 18 and was found with a needle on her.

According to what Chief was told, because she is a minor everyone over 18 was charged with what Weed was charged with and that Weed didn’t have anything on him when he was arrested.

Not exactly sure how much of that I believe but given what me and Chief are going through with charges that are unfounded .. I guess it could be true.

I think though, Weed has to learn that even though he may NOT have had anything on him THIS time and he was telling the truth.. we didn’t believe him because we can’t trust him. And we can’t trust him because of everything he has lied about in the past. Also that there have been plenty of times that he should have been caught and wasn’t.

I know Chief tries to be non-chalent about it.. I know that he tries to bury the hopes and dreams that he had for him deep in the back of his mind. I know this because sometimes when he thinks I don’t notice.. I do.

And the sadness that comes over him.. the slump of his head.. the vacant stare into nothing breaks my heart.