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O! M! G!

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Blogs, Just Me
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Remember MySpace?

That little social networking site BEFORE Facebook?

The one that renamed itself MY_____ ? Yea.. clever stupid!


So I used to have a MySpace My____ account and on that account I used to have a blog.

And because I’ve been up all night and was trying to find something from my past, I stumbled upon this blog.. the dates are from July 5, 2007 to April 2008 .. so basically before I met Chief and a little after I met him.

This was the time that I was living with my mom after leaving the Spawn From Satan’s Ass.

I had too blogs before this MySpace My____ blog but I couldn’t find them. Well, one was on Bravenet that I’m almost positive I deleted (what the HELL possessed me) and the other was on MSN Live. That’s the one I wanted to find but couldn’t.

Anyway.. I ¬†decided to move all those posts over here but with the original date.. so if you’re interested, you’ll be seeing the month and year listed on the Archive list on the left ..

I won’t change anything.. I might regret it, LoL .. but I’ll leave them as they are!

New Blog Alert!

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Blogs
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Oh.. you’re going to love this one!!

If there’s one thing I ALWAYS have, it’s an opinon.. since y’know.. I have so many myself!

And if there’s one thing I ALWAYS do, is check out the blogs of people who are nice enough to drive by here and leave one of their own.

I mean, not only is that the proper etiquette .. but it’s also a great way to find great blogs. This is a GREAT one:

Click on the banner to jump on over...

The Art Major that still swims around in me LOVE that banner, too..

So if you’re like me and love pop culture, definitely check out BabyGirl’s blog .. you won’t be sorry!

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I know I haven’t posted in a few days but it wasn’t because I started driving and haven’t stopped yet or joined a circus or anything.

I’ve been consumed with reading The StepMom Files.

You know, it’s very rare that I connect with a blogger and want to read every single thing they’ve written but when I started reading TSMF, it felt like someone had been peeking in my windows and writing about it and I was like WOW!!! I know that feeling… I lived that moment.. I’ve put up with that.. I said THE VERY SAME THING!! I FELT THE EXACT SAME WAY!!!

You know.. when you go through the things I go through you sometimes feel isolated.. you feel like you’re the crazy one and not the other people you live with..

And it really felt like a burden was lifted knowing that it isn’t ME, yknow?

I realize that not everyone is going to get what I mean, but for those of you that do.. it’s an awesome feeling in sometimes non-awesome times!

So Sharon.. I love ya, girl!

Thank you for putting it all out there and at least making one person feel a little bit better about going through what I have to go through.

And on a serious note..

For all you step-moms out there, we really should pick a day sometime and gather somewhere so we can sit by a pool, drink a Mojito and vent!!

It’s like 3am so I’m going to commence posting tomorrow.. or today.. or whatever day it is!! LOL

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Ok.. so I skiped the photo off the internet and made a banner!! Y’all should know how anal I am by now about keeping things in order!! LOL!!

Sharon is another southern step-mom who is dealing with her own blended craziness.. on her’s doesn’t come with a shot of rum or a paper umbrella either!!

She’s witty.. sarcastic.. snarky… what’s not to love, right??

Her’s .. and Amy’s for that matter.. is the type of blog that I have to start reading from the latest to the current.. they’re just that good!

Click On The Banner To Jump On Over

You’re going to love Amy.. well, I do anyway.

She shoots from the hip .. which I REALLY appreciate.. Just play nice in her sandbox because you know what they say about messin’ with Texas, right??

Amy is going through what a lot of us step moms are going through and reading some of her posts makes me want to send her down a frozen strawberry margarita.

‘Cause it’s hot here and that just sounds really, really good!!

Virgin for me, please!!