Ernie, The Puppy

Just where to I begin with Ernie?

OMG.. the dog needs his own reality show!

He’s the black hole of love.. will drape his body over you like a sack of potatoes.. does not like when you laugh at him and knows the words ROPE, BALL, and EVIL SPERM :: don’t ask. Or do, if you really want to know! ::

Ernie's First Night Home

Ernie's First Night Home

The decision to get Ernie happened on the fly one morning in January 2008 when Chief whispered the word “PUPPY” in my ear early one Sunday morning.

Spaz’s crack whore of a mother had did a number on him and Chief felt as though having a puppy would ease his pain and give him something that he could grow up with and tell all his sorrow and secrets too. I could relate with that.. dogs growing up provided me with endless comfort and so we took a long drive and got Ernie.

It didn’t turn out “exactly” like we expected but I can’t say I actually regret

Current Ernie

Current Ernie

getting him.. as much as I bitch about his getting into the trash or raping my pillows.

I think actually that Ernie has given ME more comfort then anyone!

If Ernie could talk, I think he would definitely have a reality show by now!

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