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I’m a self proclaimed STARBURST freak. While everyone else in my house :: including Ernie, The Terrorist Puppy :: is a chocolate freak, I prefer anything fruit flavored.

NOTE: Please. Leave me with the delusion that anything fruit flavored is “healthy”.

ALSO NOTE: I do not.. I repeat.. DO NOT.. give my dog chocolate

And although the BAJA collection of flavors is my favorite :: I ate them all yesterday so I couldn’t take a pic of them :: the SOURS run a close second.


  • Sour Tangerine
  • Sour Green Apple
  • Sour Strawberry
  • Sour Blue Raspberry

Yesterday Chief told me that Bubba’s science teacher called him. Apparently, not only did Bubba have IN SCHOOL detention but also AFTER SCHOOL detention. Bubba said he wasn’t doing it and he left. So the teacher was calling to tell Chief that because of THAT, Bubba will now have TWO after school detentions.

Chief told Bubba that, obviously, him and Bubba’s teacher are in communication so if he doesn’t go to the detentions he will be grounded .. in his room.. until September.

I asked him what about the incident where he said he wasn’t going.. isn’t he going to be punished for that?

Chief said ‘no’ because when he spoke to the teacher last week, there was no after school detention so he doesn’t agree with her just throwing it on at the last minute… but he didn’t tell Bubba that.

Yknow what.. I wouldn’t handle it that way but I’m not getting involved in it.

So when I got home from work yesterday, I had to take Spaz to youth group. I saw one of Bubba’s friends leaving the house as I pulled up and when I went in, there were 4 more in there..

Everything was in disarray… the dog had destroyed a cardboard cup holder that was all over the floor… napkins.. taco bell wrappers .. and the usual stuffed animal stuffing.

I asked him if he was having a party .. motioning towards his friends. He had the usual stupid look on his face and I started cleaning up.

Neither of them are suppose to have friends over unless they ask first and I didn’t know if he had asked his father or not.

Spaz jumped up and started helping me and I told him not to. Bubba was suppose to do it. Spaz will clean up around the house .. usually as I’m pulling up but I don’t care about that .. and Bubba knows that so he’ll leave everything for Spaz to do and that’s not fair to him.

We left .. with Bubba and his friends still in the house .. and as Spaz got into the car he asked me if I was leaving them. I asked him why he would say that and he said because I put up with alot.

Volumes. Spoke volumes.

Anyway.. so I called Chief and told him that I didn’t want it to seem like I’m trying to get Bubba in trouble but he’s in there with all his friends and did he ask permission.

Chief said he did not and that they’re only allowed 1 friend in at a time anyway… I also told him about the house being a wreck and he just sounded exasperated and frustrated.

Welcome to my world, Bucky.

When he got home that night, he told Bubba that neither of them are allowed to have friends in without permission and that he already went through this crap with Weed and he wasn’t going to go through it again.

Bubba finally slept upstairs last night because the weather became alot cooler so this morning when I woke him up, I openned the door to his room and I guess trauma from getting beaten with the belt wore off because his room was a pig sty again.

Spaz’s is just as bad but he has to get it up to par today or he’s not going to the baseball game tomorrow night.

I’m trying to be fair .. and I’m not going to tell Chief about Bubba’s room. He’ll see it tomorrow when he wakes him up for school…

The more I think about it .. the more I really do think all this will be solved if I get laid off because then I’ll be home and will be able to keep more of an eye on things AND on them.

Right now, they both have WAY to much liberty and unfortunately, the time each of us stays away from the house can’t be helped. It’s our means of survival so keep your fingers crossed that I do get laid off and maybe that way the universe can get back to some semblence of order!

.. so yesterday in the oh-so-trying-to-be-upscale work cafeteria, Chili Con Carne was one of the specials.

My girl CeeCee, who I’ve been friendLY with for about 5 years, decides to get a bowl.

NOTE: I say “friendly” because even though we see each other every day.. and have even attended some non-work related functions a few times AND we’re friends on Facebook :: cough cough :: she’s somebody that if I don’t like THAT much to miss her if she decided to ever go away. Harsh? Yea.. but that’s the reality of it.

Anyway.. So Germo-phob CeeCee starts eating her Chili Con Carne and after the second or third spoonful, she pulls out A PIEEEEEEEECE OF PLAAAASSSSTTIICCCC TTTTTHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS LOOONGG!!

Thankfully, I decided to take a later lunch so I missed all the drama.

Anyway.. so CeeCee marches up to THE World’s Best Cashier Ever and shows her what was in her Chili Con Carne. THE World’s Best Cashier Ever tells her that she needs to speak with the cafeteria manager.

The manager offers to replace the Chili Con Carne which CeeCee doesn’t want. She wants her money back. The manager :: who I believe is as nasty as she is because she is a closet lesbian and if she would just come out of the closet I think she would be a much happier.. if not less miserable .. person :: flippantly tells CeeCee that she’s NOT getting her money back and if she doesn’t want ANOTHER Chili Con Carne then she’s going to have to settle for credit and starts walking away.

Not that she was ever giving CeeCee her full attention anyway.

CeeCee is borderline tantrum and says something like “.. I’m never buying anything from here again” to which the miserable in-closet-cafeteria-manager says, “You’ll be back” over her shoulder.

CeeCee WANTED to throw the Chili Con Carne at her … no, actually, what CeeCee WANTED was for my bestest girl Chica to confront the manager. But Chica was like.. it ain’t my chili, CHOO-no?

CeeCee is now on the brink of tears. So what does the Air Force veteran do? She calls her Mommy.

Now I’m all for calling your mom to vent or let loose or get some much needed comfort and You’re-so-rights.. but CeeCee called her mother to ask her to call her FATHER :: who’s office is next to the local L&I branch :: so that he can file a complaint.

Chica was like, “.. oh no chu dih-ant” and CeeCee went on a rant about this whole piece of plastic in the chili thing.

I don’t hear about this until after I come back from lunch. Chica settles in my cube and rehashes everything… wondering when AND IF CeeCee will ever grow up. Just so happens CeeCee also pops in my cube asking me to proof read an email that she was sending to everyone and their third cousin’s neighbor about what happened.

I told her that something like that.. while careless.. does happen and for as much as she and her boyfriend eat out she’d lock herself in a bubble if she knew what went on in restaurant kitchens.

I did, however, agree that the manager could have handled it a hell of a whole lot better so I re-worded her email to focus on the manager’s disposition.

You didn’t happen to get the email yet, did you? Because I know for a fact that the only TWO people she DIDN’T include are God and Obama.. and that’s because their inboxes were full.

Come to think of it though.. this seems JUST the thing for Joe Biden to handle!!


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I haven’t heard this song in a LONG time.. this is the song that from the very second I heard it, reminded me of Chief:

Everytime I hear it I get a cheesy grin on my face … except if things aren’t going so good… then I cry.


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ME: Hey, they settled the whole Project Runway this. It’s coming back on! WHEEE!!

CHIEF: oh. yah!

ME: You like that show

CHIEF: Um. No, I don’t think so.

ME: Yes. YOU. DO!

CHIEF: Noooooo, I absolutely do not.

ME: OMG. YOU DO! It’s the with HEIDI KLUM!

CHIEF: Who’s Heidi Klum?

ME: (( eye roll )) The one you have lesbian porn fantasies about??

CHIEF: Oh. Yea. I like that show.