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Posted: August 14, 2010 in Pissed Off Saturdays
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<< start rant >>

You know.. I watch a lot of news and read a lot of newspapers. There’s really little else to do when your standing around the deli all day waiting for customers.. there’s ONLY so much DoodleJump, Solitaire and Brain Challenge you can play on the iPhone!!

Two things caught my attention these last few days and I had that ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING reaction so I figured I’d share!


I apologize in advance if I give you the same reaction!! ;)


So here’s the deal. Apparently, “homeless” people living in RVs have decided to take up residence in Venice Beach, California. Parking on streets.. leaving trash around.. using resident’s front lawns as bathrooms.. there’s even been mention of drug dealing and prostitution but to be fair, I don’t know if there is.

I DO know that the people of Venice Beach are fed up with this and want it to stop.

Seems fair, right? I mean you pay a mortgage and property taxes and have to follow laws and regulations and stuff and all of a sudden all these RVs start parking in your neighborhood causing a problem. You’d be pissed too. I know I was…

I was ESPECIALLY pissed when I heard one of these RV people saying that HE had every RIGHT to shit on someone’s lawn and that THEY should provide a Porta-Potty for them to use.

Are you FUCKING kidding me?

I’m sorry but I don’t consider living in an RV as being “homeless”.. and I know there are RVs that have bathrooms. Not all, I grant that.. but why are the rights of people who don’t pay taxes surpass the rights of the people that do?

Why is it that people breaking the law :: and I’m sorry, if you’re parking where you shouldn’t park and shitting on someones front lawn then you’re breaking the law :: are being allowed to bring down the quality of life of people who work for a better life?

Okay.. so insert the violin playing here ______________

Some are going to say that I’m being too bullheaded because people are down on their luck and what are they suppose to do…

Look.. I’m sorry if people are down on their luck or if circumstances found them where they’re at .. but if the city is TRYING to make concessions for you… trying to make both sides happy.. then WHO THE HELL GIVES YOU THE RIGHT to thumb your nose at it and say Oh? That parking lot 10 miles away? The one where we are ALLOWED to park and won’t have to be harassed by the people that live here? Yea.. the one that would have bathroom and shower facilities?? Um.. yea… nooooo. Not going to go there because it would just be too damn far from the beach.

Come on people!

Believe me, I am no fan of California in general :: sorry Cali, I’m an East Coast girl through and through :: but this has GOT to stop!

You  need to get tough on these people because it isn’t fair and it seems to me that the RV-ers are using their numbers as leverage.

So.. how would YOU feel if this was happening in your neighborhood? Am I being unfair?


You know these people, right? They’re the ones with 19 kids.. who just had their 20th that was born really premature and both mother and baby had serious health problems to contend with because of it?

Come on.. you know the ones! They have a TLC show and all their kids names start with a J?

Ok.. well.. they’ve been coming under fire for years :: I think after their 12th or 13th kid :: about their lifestyle and the fact that they have so many kids.

All these bleeding hearts are blasting them saying that they’re being irresponsible.. that they are overpopulating the earth.. that they are robbing their kids of a normal childhood… that having the older kids help taking care of the younger kids is just like having kids work in coal mines.

So what’s the problem? Why is it anybody’s business what they do?

They don’t live off the state.. NOBODY other then themselves are providing for their family.. Their kids appear to be educated.. well mannered.. and happy. Do they have responsibilities and chores and have to make sacrifices? Sure.. but you know what? They are also learning about team work.. about not being selfish.. about putting other people first instead of yourself.. learning a work ethic and being responsible.

I think there are TOO many kids today NOT being raised that way.. and I’ll be the first to hand over my three step sons as evidence to that.

But really? I think the main reason why people are objecting so much is because they’re Christians and for some reason, it’s okay to bash Christians ( maybe because we can take it? ) .. I don’t hear anyone publicly blasting the 35 year old in Florida who has 16 kids with as many different fathers and has been living off welfare and never once held a job or paid her own rent.

So what’s the difference?

If you’re going to put one on notice, why aren’t you putting them ALL on notice?

Until someone’s lifestyle directly impacts your own, shut the hell up about it..

<< end rant >>

Now it’s time for a Hershey Bar!!!

  1. That’s crazy! I’d be so angry at the RVers in my neighborhood, pooping on my lawn. The Duggars can do whatever they want, IMO.
    What about that man who was marinating his cat in his trunk? Wacky!

    • Leese says:

      It just blows my mind that they call these people HOMELESS, Jean .. I’ve been in RV’s and while it’s not exactly a architectural delight, it DOES have four walls and a roof!!

      And no.. don’t know about the marinating cat and don’t think I WANT to know!! LOL

  2. Mark says:

    Here’s an idea for a new TLC show…get those 20 Duggar kids to crap in their neighbors yards. Tell me you wouldn’t watch it. LOL They could call it The DUNG-GERS 20 turds and counting!

  3. So with you on these. I actually watched a couple of pieces on the CA thing on Friday – what cracks me up is that Venice wants to take action but the state has told them it is the homeless people ‘right’ to do what they are doing. Further complicating matters is the fact that many of the actual homeowners have witnessed drug deals, cleaned up feces and other messes and have had to deal with noise and pollution – where is their right to live in peace and in a clean and healthy environment?

    As far as the Duggars go? While I do not agree with some of their views (ie the girls can’t wear pants) I DO support the choices they have made. Their very large family is entirely self-suuffiecient – they do not rely on the government or charity to support their family. The parents decision to have as many children as God saw fit to give them is entirely their own business. People do not like the ultra religious views – even I had trouble with the episode where they visited a ‘natural history’ museum that proved evolution wasn’t real – but no body can claim they are bad people. As far as the last baby goes – I know a lot of press went on a rant about how it was time for them to stop – Michelles Body couldn’t handle it anymore. What happened to her can happen to even first time moms. She had a Gall Bladder problem and, I believe, Pre-Eclampsia. People need to stop worrying about how many kids they have and start worryign about all of the people who are using governement funds to support themselves (without doing anything else).

    Great job bringing these issues to light

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