Flip Side Facts About Food Stamps

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Just Stuff
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I had this conversation earlier with a co-worker and I thought that since I’m always going on a rant about Food Stamps then I should at lease clue everyone in to WHY I go on a rant.. and it has alot more to do with the amount of money they take of my paycheck to issue those stamps.

I don’t know if all states work this way but mine does.

NOTE: If your state DOESNT operate the same way, don’t send me hate mail saying that I don’t know what I’m talking about because I do.

Ok.. so me and Cheif own a grocery store / deli. Most of our customers live on food stamps. You’d think that it would make me happy right? People spending the state’s money in my store?

But consider this:

On average, it takes 15 to 20 BUSINESS days for the state to reimburse us. That works out to roughly a month.

So if we sell 100lbs of lunch meat paid for by food stamps, we STILL have to replace that 100lbs of lunch meat the next day or we won’t have anything to sell, right?

If I don’t get reimbursed for that 100lbs of lunch meat until a month later, how do you think I buy more?

Yep.. with my money.

Can’t use the STORE’S money because the state didn’t give it to me yet.

Okay .. so you’re saying that that isn’t the recipients problem, right? No. Not really. But it’s a kick in the teeth to the people who actually work and pay for there stuff using their OWN money. Because I do have those customers also.

Take Soda for example. Because soda is fizzy, it’s taxable.

You come into my store and i have to charge you state sales tax.

BUT .. if someone pays using food stamps, I am not ALLOWED to charge them tax. So while you pay 1.59.. they pay 1.50. because the state doesn’t want you to tax their own money even though it gets turned right back over to them quarterly. That would mean LESS money for the food stamp user to have!

So now you’re probably thinking that if I collect state tax and turn it back to the state quarterly, then what’s the big damn deal?

Here it is.. doing business taxes is not like doing personal taxes. DUH! And when you have a business like ours, the state worries that you’re going to cheat them so how to they guarentee themselves that they’re getting what’s do them?

They base your taxes on your inventory and delivery receipts. I have to pay tax on every case of soda I buy. But if most of the sodas are bought with food stamps.. and I cannot charge tax for THEM .. then who pays for it?


Here’s another thing. I cannot set a minimum amount. You know when you go to a store or wherever and there’s a sign that says that there’s a minimum purchase amount for credit or debit card users?

You know why that is? That’s becasue the little machine that they use to swipe your card? It’s costs money per swipe. On average, with every little hidden cost (transaction fees, monthly service charge, etc.) an average swipe costs around .70.

Now, we’re not ALLOWED to put a minimum purchase amount for food stampers. So if someone wanted to buy a 0.10 piece of bubble gum or a 0.05 piece of Swedish Fish.. then I HAVE to do it. It’s illegal for me not to and comes with some ridiculous fine.. I believe 10,000.00.

And please don’t say that I’m exaggerating… that people don’t actually come in to buy a nickle piece of candy and use their card.

I’m not exaggerating.

It happens.. and happens fairly often, especially towards the end of the month when they only have change left on their card.

So basically, I’m losing money instead of making a profit.

This is another thing you may not know. FOOD stamps will only allow you to by FOOD.

Not toilet paper, not soap, not shampoo, not laundry detergent….

But they can buy lobster tail, prime rib and filet mignon.. because it’s food.

Tell me that’s not fucked up. You can’t wipe your ass, take a shower, shampoo your hair or wear clean clothes BUT you can eat lobster.

Does that seem fair?

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