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Are you the stepmother to kids that primarily live with you? What’s your relationship like? How do you handle discipline and stuff like that? I know that Bubba and Spaz have their own particular baggage but I’m grasping at straws here!

So Chief called me and said that it sounded like something was wrong. I told him that I was having a “down” day and he was like “awww” and I immediately changed the subject and asked him how business was since it’s been rainy and miserable out.

He said it was doing okay but that he was able to get alot of stuff done. I said I was surprised and he was like, “be happy. I hate when you sound down” and I’m like “I told you, I’m having a blue day yknow”
And then a customer walked in and that was that.

I don’t feel like going to the wholesaler tonight.. If he has to go then I’m going to tell him to either go himself or maybe he can go tomorrow morning..

Can’t wait for this day to be over with.


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I called.
He was slicing lunch meat.

Oh well.

I haven’t talked to Chief since I left the shop this morning. I want to call him.. but then I don’t want to because it’s always ME reaching out to HIM.

I’m so unhappy .. depressed .. doesn’t he see that? Is it that he doesn’t care or he doesn’t want to admit that there’s something wrong?

There’s never a good time to talk things out.. when he’s at the shop there is constant interruptions. When we’re home, he’s usually asleep in 15 minutes.

And even though we’re together alot, it’s not like “together” together. It’s hard to explain.

I just wish I could talk to him.. make him understand. More importantly, I wish that he would respond the way I need him to and say the things I need to hear.


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Do I really have the guts to leave him?