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Last night was another late night.. as usual. Wednesday nights are hectic because Spaz goes to youth group at the church and it’s the only night of the week that the wholesaler is open late.

Bubba was going to be home by himself for a few hours and since he’s on punishment I figured I’d help him not to be tempted to play video games and take the PS3 controller.

I wish I could have been there when he tried to find it and couldn’t!! LOL..

There was a moment when I flew off the handle alittle bit.

When we had our cable / internet connected, the only place that the installer could put the modem meant that it had to be plugged into the outlet that’s connected to the light fixture. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s an old house so …

But in order for the internet and cable to work, you have to have the basement light turned on.

If there is one thing that gets under my skin is when lights are left on and cabinets and drawers are not closed.

Because we have an obese gas/electric bill :: ours is combined :: AND because there is no one home during the day it serves NO purpose to keep that light on so I turned it off.

Now, the kids know this. They were told the first time they sat in front of the tv for 6 hours staring at the YOUR SERVICE WILL BEGIN MOMENTARILY message because the light was turned off.

When Chief and I came in the house yesterday, Spaz said that there was something wrong with the tv and I told him that the light was turned off.

He started complaining and I told him that Im tired of getting bills in the THOUSANDS because NOBODY turns lights off. Right away, he said, “… dad too?”
And I went YEA, HIM TOO.

Which made Chief swing his head down around his knees and he was quiet on the ride to drop Spaz off.

I think that had more to do with him thinking that I was mad/pissed/angery or maybe because he knew I was right.. but yesterday was a brutal mental day and there’s only so much boiling I can do before the lid pops off.

Other then that… it was pretty uneventful. No talks or discussions or whatever. I didn’t have the energy and he wouldn’t have been receptive anyway.

So when we finally got home to stay, I helped Bubba with his math homework and went over his class options for high school then I just climbed into bed and went to sleep.


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If today drags any slower I’ll be 16 again by the time 5pm rolls around

I’m going to apologize in advance if I already posted this… I write here and there all day in different formats and I sometimes I can’t remember who I told what.

At any rate .. the rugs in the house are disgusting. They were disgusting back when Chief and I were dating but now after two dogs, they’re worse then disgusting. We were contemplating having new rugs put in but with the square footage of the house, it would have run around 3 grand. I don’t want to spend 3 grand on a rug. And it isn’t because we just rent the house because I live there.. don’t plan on going anywhere.. so if I want something particular, I’m more then willing to shell out for it.

No. The reason why I won’t put that much out is because of the kids and how they trash everything. I’m not down with having something costing that much money be ruined within an hour.

But underneath the carpet, there are hard wood floors. I always wanted hard wood floors!! A guy who happens to work for a company that restores hardwood floors was working on a house in our neighborhood and happened to stop in the shop for lunch. Him and Chief got to talking and hopefully he’ll give us a good price for the work.

Can’t wait. Once the rugs are out I can finally paint.. get new curtains.. get new blinds.. redo the bathroom..

Now, I just have to find the time to do all that!!

Family Business

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So I heard from my cousin DeeDee this morning. Haven’t heard from her in a while because yknow .. her life is the way she wants it now so she doesn’t need anybody to vent to.

It’s all good though. To be perfectly honest, I don’t have time for my own drama let alone someone elses.

They moved into their new rented home with his kids and their baby and she’s busy doing the domestic nesting thing and making the space her own.

Im glad for her.. in the way I’m glad whenever anyone gets what they want. His mother is still trying to stir up drama within the family but I told her she can’t let that stuff get under her skin.

Life Lesson #637: It’s harder to pull someone up then to bring them down

Like the Crack Whore, they like living in the underbelly of the gutter.

‘Nuff said.


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ME: I wish Bubba would always act like this

CHIEF: Like what

ME: Submissive