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… chalk one up for either the heat or I don’t know what but last night I had a pretty vivid dream of Pete Wentz / Ashlee Simpson and their baby.

No! Not that kind of dream!! :: get your minds out of the gutters, piglet! :: It was the kind of dream that FEELS like it’s lasting for HOURS and was just.. yknow.. vivid.

Wierd, I know. I mean, I am a FALL OUT BOY fan and really nothing beyond that so I’m not sure I know where this came from.

Good Stuff

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Nestea’s Red Tea with Pomegranate and Passion fruit has to be THE best ice tea I’ve had in along time. It’s really light.. really flavorful and only has 50 cals a serving.

Personally, I can’t get enough of the stuff.

So Sunday, Chief wakes me up around 9am. He was up at 4 but knows that I like to sleep late at least one day a week. Since the store is closed on Sundays now, that’s usually the day.

We still had to go to the wholesaler but the day was so beautiful that we just wanted to be out in it. And since we both love flea markets, I suggested we try a very large on in the state next to ours. It’s the same distance as the one we normally go to but in a different direction.

He says that we should take Spaz and again, I don’t have a problem with it. But even if I did, come on, he’s 10… you going to leave him alone all day?

So we get done doing what we had to do and went back to the house. I had left my cell phone in the car and when we got back in, I noticed there was a voice mail from the crack whore. Basically, the message was to Chief saying that they had to talk about Bubba.

When Chief got in the car, I told him about the voice mail. I dialed her number and handed him the phone.

I don’t know the exact conversation because I only heard his side and he never elaborated :: I “think” I heard my name but wasn’t sure :: .. apparently, Bubba to her that Chief had thrown him out of the house. Chief told her that that was a lie.. he didn’t… but he was in trouble for the things he was doing / or not doing and gave her examples. He also told her that we work like dogs and he sits around expecting everything to be done for him.

It went like that for awhile and then Chief told her to tell Bubba to be back at the house at 6pm… and then we made our way to the flea market.

At one point, Chief said that we should have taken Bubba. I told him that WE didn’t EXclude him.. he wasn’t around.. didn’t tell anybody where he was.. he EXcludes HIMself.

I’m not going to lie. It was H-O-T. At least 97 degrees. And it was HUGE. There were so many tables to see and so much stuff to look at but right from the get go.. as soon as we left the indoor market for the outdoor market Spaz started whining about how hot he was.. how he just wanted to sit down .. Chief bought him water and told him to wear his garrison cap but nothing could appease the whiny, bratty Spaz.

It got to the point where I just wanted to leave and so I suggested we just go to a diner to eat instead of trying to find a place there where we could sit.

Chief said that was a great idea and as we made our way to the car, he said to me “I’m sorry”.

I knew he meant about Spaz and I said that he had nothing to be sorry for. He said, “I suggested we take him” and I said, “Come on.. he’s your kid”.

I was annoyed though, I won’t lie. But I don’t know what was exactly annoying me so I just sucked it up and tried to put a game face on.

We ate and then we made our way home. We still had to go to the store to jack up one of the joices so we told Spaz that we would drop him off at home first and that we wouldn’t be long.

That’s the kind of stuff that you can’t have Spaz around when you do it because he’ll get in the way and would wind up getting hurt or causing you to get hurt so we told him to just hang tight at the house.

We were gone for no longer then an hour. Chief decided to put some steaks and corn on the grill so we stopped at the market to pick them up and made our way home.

When we walked in.. it was obvious that Bubba was home. There was a bag with his clothes on it thrown on the dining room table.. a trail of clothes leading up the step and the bathroom was a mess.

When I was getting the laundry together, I heard Spaz tell Chief that Bubba was home and got pissed off that he didn’t go to the flea market .. that “.. we never take him anywhere.”

Be home, dude.. and you’d go somewhere. Simple, right?

Anyway.. we sat down to eat and my cell goes off. It was in the bedroom so I didn’t have a chance to reach it before it went to voice mail but it was the crack whore.

I didn’t even listen to the message. I jsut started the voice mail and handed it to Chief. He listened to it and then called her. Not sure what the convo was about because he didn’t tell me but from the gist of it I gathered that she had left a note for Bubba to make sure he was home at 6 but then she went out so didn’t know if he got the message or not.

Chief told her that he had been here but left again and I think that was that.

Until she called again at 830 or 845. The phone rang.. I saw it was her and just handed him the phone. Again, he never told me their conversation.. but I know she said something about Bubba being afraid to come home and that his feelings were hurt.

Chief said something to her about he’s starting to get really pissed off that he wasn’t home but I walked out on the rest of the conversation. I figured he’d clue me in but he never did.

About 930, I was on my way down the basement to switch the laundry and I noticed that Spaz had knocked the shade off the window :: don’t ask :: and while I was putting it up, Bubba walked in and sat on the couch.

Chief came out of the bedroom and started saying stuff to him but I just grabbed the hampers and made my way downstairs. I did hear him say something about the way he treats him and me and Spaz. I wanted to stay out of it.

I brought the laundry up and went into our bedroom to fold it. Chief didn’t say anything to me about Bubba and I didn’t ask.

Spaz went to take a shower and then headed to bed. At 1030 I asked Chief when Bubba’s bedtime is and he said now .. so he told Bubba to “wrap it up”. About 15 minutes later he leaves the bedroom and comes in again.. this time getting ready to go to sleep. I didn’t hear the creaky steps or anyone in Bubba’s room above ours so I went out into the living room and there he is.. sleeping on the couch.

I changed the light in the kichen, put the globe back on the ceiling fan light in the dining room and went back to bed.

Like I said before.. it was HOT and no matter what we did, we couldn’t get air through the house. Chief was especailly suffering so I offered to take the air conditioner out of the closet. At first he said no, he didn’t want me to go through all that but that later became “.. if you want to”.

So I pulled it out of the closet and while I was swining it over from the closet to the desk under the window Chief said to me , “.. you really don’t know how beautiful you are.”

I was like, “.. yea, ok.”

And he was like, “no really, your hairs all messed up sticking out all over the place.”

That was sweet.

Unfortunately, the air conditioner didn’t work. I don’t know why. He tried to explain it to me but honestly, I didn’t care .. all I knew was that now I was hotter then I was before! Talk about mind over matter.

He wound up taking the air conditioner from Bubba’s room :: that being the ONLY working one in the house now :: and said that we were to figure out how we could afford 3 new units. I told him that since they are always sleeping in the living room anyway, that we should just get one unit for their first and then get the room ones later. He agreed .. saying, “I encourage them sleeping in the living room during the summer”… which is actually news to me because that wasn’t his feeling last summer.

But anyway.. so that was the weekend.

And there’s something gnawing at the back of my brain and I just can’t put my finger on it.

.. so Saturday morning comes and he wakes me up asking if I wanted to sleep late or go to the wholesaler’s with him. I knew that his morning was going to be busy and thought it better that I go along so that I can take care of the normal store stuff while he concentrated on the catering stuff.

You REALLY want the catering stuff to be right!!

So while he takes the dogs out, I gather up all the guns and stuff and put them in a trash bag and then in the crawl space in the back of my closet.

I know this all sounds childish.. but I’m dealing with ALOT here.. you’ll see why..

He tells me that we’re going to have a good day .. we’re going to work.. laugh.. have fun.

Ok.. I thought. Cool.

And we did. There was no mention of Bubba :: in fact, neither he NOR Spaz came to the store :: and at around 4pm Chief asked me what I thought about closing at 5pm (instead of 7pm) and heading to the local farmer’s market to get some Amish kielbasa and dried beef. I told him that that sounded great and then he said, “… I guess we’ll have to take Spaz”.

I hate when he says things like that the way he says them. I’m like, come on.. he’s your kid, dude.

Anyway.. we get home and tell Spaz where we’re going and he starts with his million one questions about a place he’s probably been to a million and one times.

How long does it take to get there? Are we going to eat? Etc. Etc. Etc.

Yknow.. Spaz being Spaz.

Apparently, Bubba had been home earlier because he left his hoodie thrown on the back of the couch and his house key on the fireplace mantle. After being robbed the way we were, I’m gun shy about leaving anything open and even though he didn’t have his key well, tough luck. So I told Spaz to make sure his windows were closed and locked and did the same around the house.

We get there and figured that we’d eat dinner first. There’s a place in there where you actually get served by a waitress that we had never tried before. It’s an Amish place of the type that the menu is written on a chalkboard and when they’re out of something, they’re out of something.

OMG.. it was SO good. Both Chief and I had the 1/4 chicken :: me white him dark : and Spaz had their version of a chicken pot pie. Really good.

So we’re walking around. There really isn’t much to see that we haven’t already seen a million times before but it was an unexpected night out on a Saturday so who was I to complain!!

Spaz had brought his own money and he wanted to buy this replica of a hand granade that is basically a non-smelling smoke bomb. Boys sutff, yknow? So he buys two of them and imediately starts in on how he can’t wait to set one off. If the kid has his way, he’d set it off in the middle of the farmer’s market as soon as the guy handed it to him.. but I told him that he’d have to do it with his dad. It isn’t anything dangerous but I just wanted to make sure that he was careful about where he did it at.

We finally leave and we stop to get ice cream. By this time, it’s getting late AND dark so Chief tells Spaz that it makes no sense to set it off tonight because he wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Spaz was disappointed but yknow, we were having a good time so he didn’t bitch too much about it.

We get home and I noticed a cake wrapper on the floor next to the couch.. I walk into the bedroom and once again, Ernie had gotten into something… and check the mantle and Bubba’s key is gone. So.. he was home.. he went into my bedroom again.. didn’t find the guns this time.

Here’s the kicker… I purposely said to Chief that he probably went into our room to get a pair of socks or something .. he turned around and said “oh yea, or he was looking to see if we were home.”

Fat chance Bucky .. you know as well as I know why he went into our room.

But I let it go…

He wanted to watch Bedtime Stories but Spaz had already seen it so we went into the bedroom to watch it. I think I was awake long enough to see .. oh, I don’t know.. the first 3 minutes?.. before conking out. Chief kept nudging me awake but after awhile I didn’t feel or hear anything.

And again, Bubba didn’t come home.

.. alot happened this weekend so I’m going to break this up into a few different posts.

After the argument that me and Chief had on Friday about Bubba, I was debating whether or not I would stop at the store after work or just go home, change out of my work clothes and then go to the store.

NOTE: At closing all the chip racks have to be lifted onto the freezer and that’s a two man job so regardless of what was going on I would have eventually had to go down there.

He hadn’t tried calling me back after I told him that I would basically suck it up and be a Stepford Wife so I didn’t know what I was going to walk into.

I wound up going to the store right from work. There was a customer there so I started reading the paper and then started making a cup of coffee. The customer left and he came up behind me and gave me a hug. Didn’t say anything and nothing would be said. I just went along like nothing happened.

I know you’re thinking :: or maybe some of you are :: that that wasn’t the appropriate way to handle it. But even though I can do the verbal gymnastics with the best of them, this is a different case because there is alot to lose. In situations with Chief, it’s better that I write him a letter. Better because I can make sure that I have my thoughts sorted and conveyed properly without interruption AND he has the opportunity to NOT feel so defensive. For us, it works.

He asks if I would mind pizza for dinner and I told him honestly, that I didn’t care. I planned to just go home and go to sleep because I was all kinds of exhausted. So he said we’d go home and order. We got out of there a lot earlier then usual and when we got home, only Spaz was there.

The house was ok. I knew that at one point Spaz was at the store when me and Chief were arguing and I figured he made sure everything was they way it should be. I appreciated it and I told him so but he’s still only 10 and so there were a few things that I had to finish up. I did.. without any complaint or attitude or eye-rolling.

I went into the bedroom to change into my PJ’s and got comfortable on the bed until the pizza came. I went into the living room and grabbed slices for both me and Chief. Spaz was in the living room watching some kid movie so me and Chief stayed in the bedroom.

After I finished eating, I put the dishes in the sink and went to bed.

Bubba didn’t come home Friday night. Chief didn’t say anything about it.. and I didn’t ask. I had figured he’s sleep out since he was chained to the radiator in the basement with duct tape on his mouth grounded for a week so I wasn’t actually THAT surprised.

What I was surprised at is that he had gone into our bedroom and found where I hid the airsoft guns that he had bought off Craigslist and I took away the same day because he didn’t clean his room.

We have an empty fish tank in our room that has become the collection spot of choice because Ernie The Terrorist Puppy ca’t reach anything in there. I had packed the guns up in boxes and Tetris-ed everything to fit and then had stuff on top of it.

Although when we got home it didn’t appear as if anything was moved, there was some stuff on the end tables that Ernie had gotten into.. so I KNEW somebody was in my room. I also noticed that the stuff on TOP of the fish tank was moved so I looked inside and sure enough the guns were moved around and a few removed.

OK. Fine. Chief never said anything about allowing Bubba to go in our room so I didn’t say anything about the guns. He :: meaning Bubba :: really has no clue how much of a bitch I can be.

Chief had alot of catering jobs to do on Saturday so I purposefully made it an early night. Plus, when things are bothering me to the level that they had been, it’s better off for me to sleep.

I stay out of alot of trouble that way!