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… so if you read my previous post then you know that the Crack Whore Prima Donna of the Gutter started working at the thrift store next store to our shop and promptly quit after 3 hours.

This morning while I was packing Spaz’s overnight bag :: his Uncle Sarge is taking him down the shore overnight :: he mentioned something about his mother working there.

I told them that I had heard and he said, “… yknow she quit”

I said that I had heard that too.

He went on to say that she told him she quit because she had to stand on her feet all day and deal with nasty customers and :: get this :: that

.. that job was beneath her

So being a pill popping welfare recipient crack whore is ALOT better then making an honest living, huh?

THIS is YOUR tax dollars at work people!

While YOUR out working.. trying to make ends meet.. provide for your families.. sacraficing to put food on YOUR table and clothe YOUR kids.. part of your paycheck is going to people like her who just sit back and live the good life.


Something is really wrong with this picture, isn’t it?