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Last nigh whe had to go to the wholesalers to get stuff for the shop. When we got back, I used the bathroom and then went to pick Spaz up at youth group

NOTE: why does his kid even go there? It’s not like it’s doing any good.

It was pouring when I dropped Spaz off so I drove over to the shop to pick Chief up.

While I was waiting for him to finish what he had to do, I went back to the kitchen to play a few round of Call Of Duty online.

I happened to notice :: believe me, I don’t know why :: that he toilet seat was up and it wasn’t flushed. Chief had come into the back and I asked him if he used the bathroom after me. He took that as some kind of woman-code and immediately apologized and flushed.

Honestly, I don’t know why I even said something. Like DUH!! Of course he used the bathroom Captain Obvious!! For some reason, I felt bad so I asked him if I was too much … yknow.. always obsessing about cleanliness and all.

He sincerely looked schocked and said, “No, NO, NOOO. You’re awesome.. your really are.. and you have no idea how much it bothers me when you’re bothered by all that.”

I believe him. I do. And it did make me feel better enough that we were splashing puddles at each other like kids after we had left the shop.. but being bothered and thinking I’m awesome doesn’t do much to fix the problem.

When we got home, Bubba was overflowing on the chair and Spaz on one of the couches. Right away Spaz says that I told him not to clean up. I did say that because as many problems as Spaz gives me, I have to say that he does pick up the house when he comes home from school. May not be the way I would do it .. but he does try. And that’s something Bubba counts on so that

HE doesn’t have to do it.

Bubba likes to wallow in trash

So I told him to pick it up… he begrudgingly / half assedly picked up some of the stuffing from the stuffed animal the dog has been prison raping recently.
I tell him again …

And again…

Finally I ask him why he doesn’t pick the mess up… his reply?

He did.

My response?

Then why did I have to ask him to do it and why am I now picking up the remainder.

He said there was a lot of it .. I asked him if there was any wonder WHY I didn’t want to drive him to school or do anything for him.

No answer.

Then again, the tv was on so why should I expect one?

And while I picked up the mess.. vacuumed… washed the dished.. fed the dogs.. cleaned the kitchen.. etc.. where was chief?

In the bedroom.

As usual

Drop In The Bucket

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265.00 child support payment posted to our account from the Crack Whore Prima Donna Of The Gutter.

We’ll see what happens at the end of the week / month