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Birds of a Feather

Posted: April 19, 2009 in Friends, Weed
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… this is a pretty busy morning.

Chief is down at the shop repairing the floors and I have a guy here at the house now ripping out my carpets.

From the looks of it.. he completely UNDERcharged us!!

Anyway.. I was in my bedroom making the bed when somebody knocks at the front door and asks if [name] lives here.

Now Chief and Weed share the same first name so I automatically assumed she meant Chief. I said yes and then she asked if [another name] was here.

I thought she was talking about Bubba so I asked her what she wanted him for and she said “I’m his mother”.

Well.. I know what the Crack Whore Prima Donna Of The Gutter looks like it wasn’t who was standing in front of me. This woman looked like she hadn’t done a drug a day in her life…!!!

She must of saw the look on my face because she said the full name. Then it all makes sense.

She was looking for her son who is a friend of Weed’s.

I told her that Weed didn’t live here anymore and she said that her house had been robbed three times and she was looking for him to get his key back.

When he used to come around, he had lived in another county with his girlfriend and had a job as a refridgeration apprentice.

I told her that I haven’t seen Weed OR any of his friends since January so I wasn’t able to help her and that I know how she feels and that I’m sorry she has to go through the same thing.

She said she wasn’t driving around looking for him but since she saw our door open she’d chance it.

I may have even invited her in to commiserate over coffee!

Out of all Weed’s friends, I though Zep and this kid were the two most responsible. Guess not.

I hope that Zep stays far far away because it would be really sad if the got drugged :: excuse the pun :: down in the gutter too.