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This is important …

Madeline is a 16 year old girl that went missing from Huntsville, Alabama.

From what I understand, she ran away from home and it’s been reported that she was seen getting into someone’s car in the parking lot of her job. It’s also been reported that she and who ever was driving later switched cars.

She also ditched her cell phone.

I’m imagining that her parents are beside themselves..

Did she meet this person online? Was he a customer where she worked? Did we miss something? Were we not paying attention enought? Why didn’t I try to talk to her? Why did I yell at her about something that now seems so dumb? Does she know how much I love her? Is she scared? Is she crying for us to help her?

Those were the first things I thought of but I can’t imagine the depths of fright and despair and heart ache they are feeling.

I watch a lot of Discovery ID .. and one of my favorite shows is Disappeared. Sounds weird to say it’s my “favorite” .. but it is.. because it shows just how vulnerable we are.

Madeline may have run away.. but I know she is too young and maybe too mad or upset to really thing about what she did and the kind of trouble she could find herself in. I pray that she makes it home safe.

But this is a lesson.. a lesson for parents to be open with your kids and have them know that they can be open with you with out fear of judgment or punishment. Not that they wouldn’t BE punished, buy you know what I mean.. I think it’s important, especially with teenagers, that you have an open dialog.. that they understand why you are upset not just that you are upset .. if that makes any sense.

We live in dangerous times.. A young woman was being followed in Target.. she finishes shopping, walks to her car and when she opened the driver’s side door, was pushed into to by some guy who then drove her away and did some very, very disturbing things to her before taking her life.

This was in broad daylight .. in a crowded parking lot.. with surveillance cameras taping everything from the minute she walked into Target until she was kidnapped in her own car.

It’s frightening what could happen.. and how easily it can happen.

Please be safe.. please be aware of your surroundings.. don’t be complacent and don’t take anything for granted. We need to remember that and we need to teach our kids that.. especially daughters.

Being cautious is a very small price to pay for our lives.

Prayers going out to Madeline and her family .. I hope this has a happy ending.

Ok.. so this time it wasn’t really his fault AND had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.

I KNOW!! Can you believe it????

Anyway.. so yesterday Weed got out of rehab. Nobody KNEW he was getting out of rehab except the crack whore. But so be it .. at least I didn’t have to go and pick him up.

So she drops him off at the store to get something to eat.

He was in the store for a whole 10 minutes before he left saying that he had do his laundry :: which, btw, I’m doing right now as I type this :: As he’s walking out, he said to me, “.. Oh. Look what my mom found” and shows me this:

That’s a Blackberry Curve in case you didn’t know.

Now, let me explain this.

The Crack Whore has a habit of stealing finding expensive things. Like the time she “found” this iPod for Spaz just in time for his birthday.

She works for a cleaning company.. which, yknow, if you have a JOB then I really don’t understand how you still quality for welfare and food stamps but who am I to say, right? I mean, I’m only struggling to pay my bills and support my family the old fashioned way.

Ok.. way off topic. Sorry.

So Weed shows me the Blackberry and says that the service is turned off. Having a Blackberry once, I told him that there really isn’t anything you can do about it.. especially if it was reported STOLEN because really, if someone steals your phone.. or even if you LOSE your phone.. a normal person is going to report it to their cell carrier.

But anyway.. so he leaves and me and Chief wind up going to the wholesaler’s and then I go home to dye my hair and take a shower because I’m going out to dinner with my girlfriends.

About 7:15 or so, my cell rings. I’m driving so I don’t get a chance to look at the number first ‘cuz, yknow, I don’t answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number.

So I say hello and I get back, “.. Um, Leese. Are you anywhere near [such and such location] because I really need you to come down here because I’m going to get arrested.”

Excuse FUCKING me???

The kid is sobbing, “.. I didn’t do anything. I SWEAR!!”

Didn’t do WHAT for Christ’s sake???

Before he had a chance to answer, a police man got on the phone, “.. this is Dudly DooRight of the [some other town’s] police department.”

Look, Officer DooRight.. I’m driving on 95 right now and there’s no shoulder so I’m going to put you on speaker and you’re GOING TO TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON before I get a GODDAMN ticket for driving on the phone.

He tells me that my son .. EXCUSE ME, NOT MY SON.. STEP SON.. CONTINUE.. He tells me that my STEP son went into the T-Mobile store with a stolen Blackberry and tried to have service put on it. The desk person, who saw that that the phone was stolen on their computer then called the police.


I tell him that I’m about 20 minutes away and could they PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not do anything with him until I get there because there is a HUGE misunderstanding. I even offer to stop and get them donuts and coffee.

Dudley goes for it.. but declines the coffee and donuts. That might be considered a bride.

Ok. Whatever.

So I hang up with him and immediately call Chief but he’s somewhere between the store and home and doesn’t have a cell phone which, I think, it’s reasons like THIS that makes him not want one and not the excuse that we can’t afford another bill.

Then I call the Crack Whore.. and of course, she doesn’t answer her phone.

I finally get down to where Weed and the police are.

Weed’s all huddled in the corner like a wet blob.. head in his hands sobbing.

I find Dudley and explain to him that he just got out of rehab like 8 HOURS AGO.. his mother, the crack whore, had found this phone and gave it to him. I know for a fact that he didn’t steal it but don’t know for a fact if SHE stole it because she’s been known to do stuff like that in the past. But in THIS case.. he really didn’t do anything at all.

To further make my case, I called the crack whore again and left her message saying:

Yea.. you know that Blackberry you found and gave to Weed? He’s THISCLOSE to getting arrested for stealing it so I suggest the next time you FIND something.. just leave it the hell where it is or DON’T GIVE IT TO YOUR FUCKING KIDS.

Dudley was still a little suspicious but the other cop that was there seemed to realize that I was being on the up and up so they let Weed go.

When we got in the car, I didn’t say anything. He thanks me for going to get him and for verifying what he had already told the police.

I said, “.. yknow. When are you going to realize that nothing good comes out of anything your mother FINDS? Because really, if you were smart, you would have tried to sell it and anyway..where did you get the money to have a phone activated?”

He said that she gave him the money and I’m like.. great. She couldn’t give you money while you were in rehab to do your laundry or get you a phone card or for the vending machines but she can for this? Is it me or is there something wrong with this picture?

I don’t think I’ll ever understand.. honestly, I don’t.

.. so I’ve been gone a long time.

I mean.. a REALLY long time. And not for any reason. Well.. there was a reason but not a reason like, moving to the middle of Montana with no internet service.

I can blame it on my iPod Touch. I mean.. if you don’t have one, you may want to get one if you’d like to curl up in a ball and play endless hours of Tap Tap Revenge.

OR I can blame it on the fact that I had an opportunity to actually get paid to write. Like in money. Like the kind of money that you can actually spend :: well.. while it’s actually WORTH anything anyway :: and once that opportunity presented itself, I had no desire to write. Not even a check.. which, yknow, I’m not that fond of doing anyway. But yea.. I had an attack of self doubt which completely shut my brain down.

And then there’s that blasted family tree thing I’m doing.. which basically sapped up my brain cells.. time.. and desire to write. Sort of like replacing one addiction with another. Cuz, yknow.. my family’s hobby IS breeding and my over-achieving self had to do BOTH sides of my family at one time.

Honestly, I didn’t really think too much about it until Tosha @ THAT’S WHY left a comment on an old post asking if I was ok and it dawned on me that I miss you guys.. and I miss writing.. and I miss throwing all my shit out there for the world to see… read.. whatever.

So here I am.. sitting on my bed with the good ol’ laptop.. after having to clean up all the wrappers and crumbs from three boxes of cupcakes that the dogs plowed through while I was at work :: I know two little dogs that are going to have the major runs tonight :: bringing everything up to speed.

So the highlights:


We were still dealing with tons of snow and winter weather but on Valentine’s morning, Chief got up early.. walked.. like in putting one foot in front of the other.. roughly three miles THROUGH THE THIGH DEEP SNOW and bought me flowers.. a bag full of SweetTarts and a locket.

Definitely an AWWWWWW!!! moment.


On The Way To NYC Via The NJT

On Feb 28, the two morons :: that being me and Chief :: decided to take Manhattan and attend the International Food Show at the Javits Convention Center… an industry thing with a lot of vendors and products and samples.

Gotta love the samples!

It wasn’t so much a LAST minute decision because we had registered like, a month and a half before but because of the weather and because the wagon was inspected and registered :: still isn’t :: and the van was having transmission problems :: still is :: I wasn’t really that confident in getting there and back without incident.

‘Cause.. yknow.. whenever WE do ANYTHING, there’s “incidents”.

International Food Show

But armed with Chief’s confidence that he can fix anything that went wrong with the van, we made our way up the New Jersey Turnpike armed with coffee and a Tom Tom.

Did I tell you the story about the Tom Tom .. how I don’t like them.. don’t trust them.. and didn’t want one but got one for Christmas because Chief wanted one? Yea.. well.. let me tell you something about that fucking Tom Tom. First of all, you can’t help but argue with it when you actually do know where you’re going and it tells you to go in a different direction. But the worse.. is when you DON’T know where you’re going and the fucking thing tells you to make a left onto a FOUR LANE street with traffic going in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION from the way you’re facing.

Like it did in New York City.

Thankfully.. THANKFULLY .. when we turned the wrong way down the street, traffic was stopped at a red light so I was able to pull over IN FRONT OF AN NYC COP CAR.. :: thankfully unoccupied :: .. and turn the car around. We pulled into the first parking garage that we found and on wobbly knees, walked the six blocks to the Javits.

Yes.. that is a pig WITH it's head still on

I had never been to an industry food show before. Chief had been to this particular one before as a seller not a buyer. I can’t tell you how hard they suck your ass. They must give a class on it or something.

I’m not adventurous with food so I wasn’t doing a lot of tasting. He was.. which was good because the only thing I kept thing was “.. did you SEE how much the hot dog vendor was charging????” But we did come away with a few products that we wanted to start carrying in the shop so it served it’s purpose.


We had gotten there early and the good thing about that was by the time the place was filled to capacity, we had seen everything and were ready to chug it back home.

So we make our way back to the parking garage and contrary to everything I’ve heard, it really wasn’t too expensive. Notice I said “too” and not “that”! It was around 25 bucks and considering we almost got KILLED by the evil Tom Tom, I could deal with 25 bucks.

More food

Chief tells me he’ll drive back because I’m like FORGET DRIVING THROUGH THE LINCOLN TUNNEL AGAIN and while we’re driving through the tunnel, we lose the satellite connection to the Evil Tom Tom. I guess it didn’t like me cursing it out because when it finally connected again, it directed us to take an exit with was NOT the exit to the Turnpike.. even though I clearly SAW the exit for the Turnpike ahead, Chief was like NO! NO! The Tom Tom said to go THIS way.. which put us in the middle of someplace like Seacacus or something and on a highway with a 2 car red light every 100 feet. Which considering how the transmission REALLY started to act up, may have been a good thing.

But as he promised, he pulled over and did some McGuyver-ing and put us back on the road.

We finally found our way back to the Turnpike :: I had turned the Tom Tom off :: and after almost getting into two.. count them.. TWO car accidents, we pulled into one of the numerous rest stops on the pike and had a wonderful lunch of Burger King nuked by a Mexican who could only say “Whopper”.

Don’t ask.


Chief had this bright idea to drive down to Washington DC on the Sunday that the Health Care bill was going to be voted on. That’s something we’re both passionate about and really, I’m not going to get into a debate with anyone who is for it on here. We will just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

The plan was to get up around 5am.. drive down to DC.. protest.. and then drive home.

That was the PLAN anyway.. we were SO committed to going down there that we didn’t get to bed until 3am :: no kids at home means long hours playing Call Of Duty :: and then the gorgeous day we woke up to mandated that we hit various flea markets.

We’re such bad protesters!!


Weed turned 21 on March 1st.

Honestly, I have to say that he seems to be coming around. Not only has he been coming to work when he’s suppose to but he’s actually doing work. His attitude has become a little more mature but I know he still does what he does.. he’s just less obvious about it.

For his birthday we got him a cell phone. He had one from when the Crack Whore settled her bogus lawsuit but of course, by the time the first payment came around she had blown threw the money and the service was turned off.

If I had known that he could have just re-activated his old one, I would have saved myself a lot of money and aggravation.

And of course, the aggravation has to do with….


Let me just say that I have not had an actual conversation with Bubba since the day of his birthday when I told him that he wasn’t getting the grossly expensive lap top computer he wanted because he didn’t do anything he promised to do.. that being committed to his school work.

Did I also post before that I finally got my dryer because Bubba complained about not having any clean clothes because he never put them in the hamper?

I’m not going to rehash everything that went on, but I will say that this kid needs to be knocked down a few pegs. He still isn’t doing a damn thing in school.. does not have ANY hygiene at all.. stays out all hours of the day / night / weekend .. and I would be doing the pigs of the world a great disservice by calling him one. He’s beyond that.

And I’m over it.

I’m over his lies.. his manipulations.. him calling me a bitch because I call him out on his lies and manipulations.. his use and abuse.. He’s just an ugly person inside and out.. an unhappy person.. someone who couldn’t give a shit about anything or anybody but himself.

I don’t surround myself with that kind of toxin as a rule.. and the fact that this kid lives under my roof doesn’t change that.

Things kind of came to a head about a month ago when Chief told him that he was grounded because he hasn’t done ONE IOTA of schoolwork. Not that Chief makes sure he does his work.. not that the Crack Whore makes sure he does his work either. But as Chief said, “.. he wasn’t going ANYWHERE” that weekend. I told Chief that he was going to have to be the one to tell him that because I was done with being the one that has to issue the punishment only to have it renigged by the Crack Whore.. or worse, Bubba just not paying any damn attention to anything I say.

So Chief assured me that he was going to tell him when he came home from work. In the meantime, Spaz was had made plans to spend the weekend at the Crack Whore’s but as he was waiting for her to pick him up, Bubba started saying that HE was going to stay over there too. Spaz reacted in pure Spaz fashion.. which was to, well, spaz. He go SO upset and started crying and saying that he wasn’t going to go and that all he wanted was to have a weekend away from Bubba.

I tried to stay out of it but things escalated to a point where I had to get involved and told Spaz that Bubba wasn’t going anywhere.. to just calm down.

Immediately Bubba started saying shit to Spaz and to me so I called Chief and told him what was going on. He told me he wanted to talk to him so I gave Bubba the phone. I don’t know what the conversation was but at one point, Bubba said something about me not letting him use the PS3 head phones :: a long story :: and I called him a “Little Fuck” to which he started whining to his father like a little bitch.

I get back on the phone with Chief and he tells me that I was right to do what I did. I told him that I didn’t give a fuck whether or not he thought I was “right” or not .. he wasn’t here and it isn’t fair to Spaz to be tormented by Bubba the way he is.

I hang up with Chief.

He calls me back about 15 minutes later and asks me if I can pick him up from the shop because it was pouring out. I told him I would then went back to getting ready to go out because I really just wanted to get out of the house.

A few minutes after we hang up for the second time, I hear Bubba leave the house. And I’m like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And when Chief calls me about a half hour later to tell me that he was closing the shop early and that I can pick him up at any time, I cut the call short because I was in the bathroom.. almost getting physically sick over this fucking kid.

I go down to the shop and I don’t know what made me say this in the way that I did but when I walked in I said, “… you know that Bubba left the house, right?”

He says, “.. oh yea. He went to stay at his mother’s.”

When I tell you that I have NEVER felt like a bigger asshole in my life. HE was the one who INSISTED that Bubba was NOT to leave the house for the weekend which made ME make an issue out of it earlier when he was tormenting Spaz and then he let him go to his mother’s?

Where’s your fucking balls, man?

So I got torqued beyond ever being torqued before.

And I couldn’t look at him.. be near him.. talk to him.. breath the same air as him.

So I stayed in the living room while he tanked out in the bedroom and remained there until the next day when I had had it SO up to here that if I had a box and some place to go I would have packed all my shit right then and there and left.

We had it out the next day.. big blow out.. and when he tried to blame it on the kids I told him all about himself and told him that it’s HIM. That he says one thing and does another and doesn’t give me a heads up. Like the cell phone.

Remember Weed’s old cell phone? The Crack Whore wanted it back so that she could have it reactivated for Bubba. Chief went on a looooooonnnngggg tirade about how Bubba doesn’t deserve one.. that he can’t have one until he brings his grades up.. blah blah blah. Not five minutes.. FIVE MINUTES after he told me that on the phone, the Crack Whore texted me and told me that she had just left the deli and that Chief said he didn’t have a problem with Bubba having a cell phone as long as he doesn’t have to pay the bill for it.

And I called him out on that. And called him out on a million other things that I’ve been holding down. When I tell you that that was the closest that we’ve come to breaking up.. then that’s the closest we’ve come to breaking up.

I told him that if he still wanted me in the picture then he better prepare himself for me not doing anything for Bubba. That I was going to treat Bubba the way that he treats me. No more driving him to school in the morning.. no more doing his clothes.. no more driving him here or there or to his friends. That I was going to email his teacher’s and inform them that from now on, they would have to contact him and the Crack Whore and when Bubba gets into the trouble he’s on the path to get into, don’t expect me to be sympathetic or supportive. Wasn’t going to happen.

So that’s the way things have been and to be honest, Bubba is rolling off my back by rain on a duck.


He’s still having his issues but nothing worse then normal 11 year old shit. He, at least, understands why I’m hard on him about school.. about being neat.. about brushing his teeth and taking showers. Knowing that I don’t want him turning out like Bubba is his big incentive. And as sick as it sounds, knowing how I feel about Bubba is giving him the cujones to stand up to him.

BUBBA: Dad doesn’t love you.
SPAZ: At least he doesn’t have to by me Comet to scrub my neck with

NOTE: Because Bubba doesn’t take regular showers, his neck and knuckles get BLACK. At one point, Chief told him to use Comet to scrub his neck with to take the dirt off.

I almost pissed myself laughing and was like You Go Spaz!!!

The only thing that I can’t really explain to him is why the Crack Whore will buy Bubba a laptop .. will buy him an iPod Touch.. will get him a cell phone when he does nothing to deserve it but when Spaz asked her to contribute to help pay for the two trips he’s going on with the church group ( one is 400 the other is 65), she started yelling and screaming at him that she isn’t made of money and why am I not paying for it.

So that’s basically what’s been going on.

Now that I got this post over with, I’ll get back to my old routine :: 2800+ words will do that to you! :: so buckle up, I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

.. so I’m not really that good at keeping my cell phone glued to my person. I’m always leaving it somewhere.. in the car.. in my jacket pocket.. in the bathroom :: don’t ask :: I’m not that big of a phone person anyway and really only have it because of the night my mother and I were stuck on the highway.. with a flat tire.. in the middle of an ice storm. HER cell phone has never been intimate with it’s charger so we were up the proverbial creek.

But I digress..

Anyway.. so early Sunday morning, around 4am, I get up to go to the bathroom :: which I am not afraid to do now since we got a kitten :: and noticed this odd light in the kitchen :: our bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are all on the first floor.. I don’t live in a rancher, just a weird house set up :: So I go check it out and the light was letting me know that there was a missed call.

A missed call from the Crack Whore

A missed call from the Crack Whore at 2am

A missed call from the Crack Whore at 2am AND a voice mail!

Did I WANT to listen to it? Not really but there’s only a few reasons why she would call my phone at that time. Either she was wrecked out of her nugget and felt the need to once again blame her pathetic life on me OR something happened to Weed.

It was the latter.

She said that we needed to call her back because Weed came home and she doesn’t know what he’s on but he can’t talk and was beaten up pretty bad.

Ahhh… the downside to being a junkie.

So what do I do? Regardless of OUR history, regardless of how I feel about Weed.. I’m not the cold hearted bitch that people think I am. I wake Chief up and tell him about the phone call.

He rolls over with “… let her take him to the ER” and goes back to sleep.

I don’t agree with this. At all. But it isn’t my call. I just figured I’d wait until she calls back and then answer the phone.. telling her that my cell had been left in the kitchen which is why the first call was missed.

I don’t have to tell her that.. I don’t really have to explain anything but some part of me knew that she was going to think her call was ignored on purpose and some part of me wanted to make sure that she was told it wasn’t.

She never called back.

Not that morning.. not all of Sunday.

So considering how she rolls.. I’m figuring that Weed is alright.. just out on another bender because… yknow.. NOTHING happens in HER house, right?

But we’ll see.. I’m sure at some point today she’s going to make an appearance at the shop and I’m SO SURE it’s not going to be any better then the last time she came in.

I’ll keep you posted

UPDATE: So this morning when I got to the shop, I asked Chief if I REALLY needed to be there since I have a feeling there’s going to be drama and I don’t want to be anywhere near it. He asks me what I’m talking about and I said, “.. the phone call? The 2AM PHONE CALL from the other night?” .. he gives me this blank I-Have-No-Clue-What-Your-Talking-About-Woman look. I said, “.. the call from the Crack Whore saying that Weed was all fubar?” He said he doesn’t remember. I ask him if he remembers saying that she needs to take him to the ER and he said he doesn’t.

I don’t NOT believe him… when he does sleep, he goes into a coma and if you wake him up in the middle of the night you can have all kinds of conversations with him that he won’t remember the next day. Comes in handy sometimes :: wink wink :: but not when you’re talking about something like this.

So I reiterate everything and tell him that I have a feeling she’s going to show up waving her Your-Not-A-Good-Father flag. He says he doesn’t care and that Weed won’t show up until any bruise he has heals.

I left the shop at 1pm and she hadn’t come in or called so maybe I’m wrong but heh.. .the day’s still early!!

… okay

So a few posts ago, I told you about the whole laptop situation with Bubba.

NOTE: In case you got a horrendous case of narcolepsy and couldn’t make it through the whole obscenely large post the jist of it is that Bubba was not allowed to have a laptop but his crack whore mother bought him one without first consulting with Chief. Since then, Bubba has done everything BUT met the conditions that Chief put in place for him and the laptop.

About a week prior to that, Bubba had asked for a cellphone.

I don’t necessarily think that he DESERVES one, but I thought that he should have one if for only to keep a track of where he was at and to alleviate any excuse he had for not calling us when he was suppose to.

So in my area, there’s this service called CriKet. It’s basically a no contract.. pay monthly service where you buy the phone and get the first month of service free. For unlimited text messaging, phone and internet the cost is around 45.00 a month.

Me and Chief agree to the cell phone but of course.. Bubba has his OWN conditions. He doesn’t want the cheapest phone they have.. he wants a QWERTY keyboard.. etc.



I was all “… you get what you get boy and be satisfied with it” but then I remembered what it was like to be a freshman in high school .. meeting new friends.. meeting girls.. and I caved and told him that he could get a higher end phone which would run me about 200.00.

NOTE: The crack-whore’s back child support payment had come in so it wasn’t like I was really spending MY money and really, who am I kidding.. I knew that the price of it was going to be something used against him at a later date. Evil, I know.. but come on, you’ve read everything I go through with these kids so let me have my moment, ok?

Anyway.. I’m not certain exactly why the online order didn’t go through but it didn’t. So last night when Bubba asked about the phone, I told him that I would take him after school today.

I wasn’t in the greatest of moods this morning… Spaz was giving me major attitude about having to do his homework this morning :: he “forgot” to do it yesterday when he came directly home from school because the crack whore wasn’t going to be home after school :: and his “… I never get to have fun in the morning” comment would have landed a pan of scrambled eggs on his head had I felt like cleaning up the mess afterwards. Which I didn’t.. Ernie, the terrorist puppy had already knocked over the trash can after I left to take Bubba to school.

Whenever I don’t feel like dealing with anything having to do with them or the crack whore… or Chief for that matter.. I practice the age-old art of retail therapy.

NOTE: That experience is a WHOLE. OTHER. STORY that I’ll post about later. Just how does a store stock their shelves with products that they’re computer says they cannot sell??

While I was out and about.. I figured I would stop at the Cricket store and get Bubba’s cell phone since I really didn’t want to take HIM after school. I really just wanted to go home and hang the curtains that I bought. So I get to the store and buy him this phone:

phone2 phone

It’s a pretty bad ass phone that is wide enough for his baseball mitt sized hand.

In fact.. it is SO bad ass, that I wanted it for myself.

Anyway.. so fast forward to this afternoon and Bubba comes into the shop after school.

Immediately, Chief starts talking to him about what happened last night. THAT being the fact that he was on the laptop longer then he was suppose to be and stayed up later then his bedtime.

I’m not going to go into the age old argument again about how Chief needs to be more on top of them and really shouldn’t go into our bedroom and conk out after dinner.. regardless of how tired he is or how many hours he worked. In fact, MY argument is that we shouldn’t go to bed before they do. It’s because of that that I’m the one who usually catches them doing what they’re not suppose to do.

Right away Bubba gets that OMG I’M SUCH A TORMENTED SOUL IM SO DEPRESSED I SHOULD LABEL MYSELF EMO face on. His life is really, really horrible, huh?

Anyway.. he asks me about going to the cell phone store and I give him the phone. Not only is he NOT excited about it.. but when he leaves the store and doesn’t ever say “Thank You”.

Let me tell you.. if this kid is not THE biggest fucking douchebag, I don’t know who is… and I’ve known some douchebags in my time. So I tell Chief. His response?

He was upset about the whole laptop thing..

I guess when he saw the steam coming out of my ears he realized what he just fucking said so he tried cleaning it up with “… but that’s not an excuse”


That’s not a fucking excuse you goddamn moron!

And so tonight.. when we’re all sitting around at dinner.. I’m going to tell these kids a few things:

  • I don’t have to drive you to school every morning.. but I do
  • I don’t have to make you breakfast every morning.. but I do
  • I don’t have to make you lunch.. but I do
  • I don’t to tolerate your little attitudes and hissy fits and lies and brattiness.. but I do

And because I spent 200.00 on a cell phone, I can’t get a dryer that I need AND have to lower MY cell phone plan to afford YOURS but I did…

And it’s all going to stop.





I don’t care if you hate me.. I don’t care if you think I’m a bitch.. I don’t even care if it breaks me and your father up.. I am not your bitch.. I am not your whipping post.. I am not the one who’s going to continue to watch you treat your father and I like shit because you think you’re owed something in life..

I’ll let you know how it goes…