Missing: Madeline Busby

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Just Stuff
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This is important …

Madeline is a 16 year old girl that went missing from Huntsville, Alabama.

From what I understand, she ran away from home and it’s been reported that she was seen getting into someone’s car in the parking lot of her job. It’s also been reported that she and who ever was driving later switched cars.

She also ditched her cell phone.

I’m imagining that her parents are beside themselves..

Did she meet this person online? Was he a customer where she worked? Did we miss something? Were we not paying attention enought? Why didn’t I try to talk to her? Why did I yell at her about something that now seems so dumb? Does she know how much I love her? Is she scared? Is she crying for us to help her?

Those were the first things I thought of but I can’t imagine the depths of fright and despair and heart ache they are feeling.

I watch a lot of Discovery ID .. and one of my favorite shows is Disappeared. Sounds weird to say it’s my “favorite” .. but it is.. because it shows just how vulnerable we are.

Madeline may have run away.. but I know she is too young and maybe too mad or upset to really thing about what she did and the kind of trouble she could find herself in. I pray that she makes it home safe.

But this is a lesson.. a lesson for parents to be open with your kids and have them know that they can be open with you with out fear of judgment or punishment. Not that they wouldn’t BE punished, buy you know what I mean.. I think it’s important, especially with teenagers, that you have an open dialog.. that they understand why you are upset not just that you are upset .. if that makes any sense.

We live in dangerous times.. A young woman was being followed in Target.. she finishes shopping, walks to her car and when she opened the driver’s side door, was pushed into to by some guy who then drove her away and did some very, very disturbing things to her before taking her life.

This was in broad daylight .. in a crowded parking lot.. with surveillance cameras taping everything from the minute she walked into Target until she was kidnapped in her own car.

It’s frightening what could happen.. and how easily it can happen.

Please be safe.. please be aware of your surroundings.. don’t be complacent and don’t take anything for granted. We need to remember that and we need to teach our kids that.. especially daughters.

Being cautious is a very small price to pay for our lives.

Prayers going out to Madeline and her family .. I hope this has a happy ending.

  1. Amy says:

    I copied Sharon’s side bar too.

    Here’s hoping that she’s found and gets home safely. Teenagers just don’t think things thru with consequences….

    • Me 101 says:

      I actually got the idea from you, Amy .. so thanks.

      No, teenager’s don’t think through.. and sometimes neither do adults.

      Sometimes I wonder how I made it to 45 considering all the stuff I did when I was young .. when there were no cell phones. I’m going to have to call my mom and apologize for all the grey hairs I’ve given her over the years.

      So, so sad .. I hope this turns out well. And I can’t help but think of all the other young girls who are missing and we just don’t know about it .. so scary

  2. Mrs.Wayne says:

    Just to update: Madeline was found yesterday and she is safe at home. Thanks for posting!

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