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This is important …

Madeline is a 16 year old girl that went missing from Huntsville, Alabama.

From what I understand, she ran away from home and it’s been reported that she was seen getting into someone’s car in the parking lot of her job. It’s also been reported that she and who ever was driving later switched cars.

She also ditched her cell phone.

I’m imagining that her parents are beside themselves..

Did she meet this person online? Was he a customer where she worked? Did we miss something? Were we not paying attention enought? Why didn’t I try to talk to her? Why did I yell at her about something that now seems so dumb? Does she know how much I love her? Is she scared? Is she crying for us to help her?

Those were the first things I thought of but I can’t imagine the depths of fright and despair and heart ache they are feeling.

I watch a lot of Discovery ID .. and one of my favorite shows is Disappeared. Sounds weird to say it’s my “favorite” .. but it is.. because it shows just how vulnerable we are.

Madeline may have run away.. but I know she is too young and maybe too mad or upset to really thing about what she did and the kind of trouble she could find herself in. I pray that she makes it home safe.

But this is a lesson.. a lesson for parents to be open with your kids and have them know that they can be open with you with out fear of judgment or punishment. Not that they wouldn’t BE punished, buy you know what I mean.. I think it’s important, especially with teenagers, that you have an open dialog.. that they understand why you are upset not just that you are upset .. if that makes any sense.

We live in dangerous times.. A young woman was being followed in Target.. she finishes shopping, walks to her car and when she opened the driver’s side door, was pushed into to by some guy who then drove her away and did some very, very disturbing things to her before taking her life.

This was in broad daylight .. in a crowded parking lot.. with surveillance cameras taping everything from the minute she walked into Target until she was kidnapped in her own car.

It’s frightening what could happen.. and how easily it can happen.

Please be safe.. please be aware of your surroundings.. don’t be complacent and don’t take anything for granted. We need to remember that and we need to teach our kids that.. especially daughters.

Being cautious is a very small price to pay for our lives.

Prayers going out to Madeline and her family .. I hope this has a happy ending.


Before I start saying ANYTHING let me just preface this with:


Does that accurately relay how horrendousĀ I think sex offenders are?

.. and that’s tame.

For me.

Anyway.. the reason I bring this up:

I have a customer who comes in maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I know his wife.. I’ve met his kids.. and his sister is also one of my really good customers. They’re really nice people who are doing what they need to do to provide for their families.

Nothing illegal.. just working hard.. making sacrifices.. etc.

Normal.. everyday.. good people.

So this morning, he comes in and orders a breakfast sandwich. Since Chief cooks everything “made to order” we have a little time to chit-chat.

I ask him how things are going and he proceeds to tell me that his 11 year old son is in trouble.

I ask him what’s going on and he tells me that his son and a bunch of other kids in his class :: some “friends” some just “classmates” :: were hanging around in the school yard after school and boys being boys.. some kids dared the other kids to pee in the parking lot. So my customer’s son did just that.

Pee’d in the middle of the parking lot while all the other kids laughed about it.

A second kid was going to pee also, but the principle happened to be coming out of the school at the time and the kids ran.

It would have probably been just one of those stupid little Ferris Beuller pranks that aggravate the shit out of principles but in this case, there was video tape.

And when the tape was reviewed :: to determine the who the kids were :: and my customer’s son was viewed actually doing the peeing, he got suspended.

End of story, right? And what’s this have to do with sex offenders, right?

Well.. I’m not quite sure how the school board got involved. Not sure if they get involved when their is a suspension or not. But some how, the school board found out and is now pressing charges for indecent exposure on this kid.

Did I mention he is ELEVEN YEARS OLD??

And if that isn’t bad enough, if found guilty, he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. If found guilty, his family is going to have to move because they live two blocks from the school.

Did I mention he is ELEVEN YEARS OLD??

So now, his parents had to hire an attorney. And if you had been one of the lucky ones :: cough cough :: to have been following Chief’s legal problems last year, you’ll understand when I say that if you can’t afford a good lawyer, it’s no sense hiring a bad one because it’s just a waste of money. An expense that doesn’t quite fit into their already tight budget.

Did I mention that there is video of this incident?

Did I mention that the video shows a bunch of boys egging each other on to pee in the parking lot?

This isn’t an instance where this kid inappropriately touched another child .. it isn’t an instance where this kid took his weener out and waved it at his girl classmates with a Chester The Molester face.

It’s just boys being stupid boys and doing stupid things.

But that seems to be getting lost on everyone who’s so fucking hypersensitive about shit.

Remember, I said I can’t tolerate sex offenders. But is this 11 year old boy REALLY a sex offender?

Is the 19 year old boy who got caught having consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend a sex offender because the girl’s parents are pissed that she’s sexually active??

As cut and dry as it SHOULD be, there’s a big, big grey area and when you get into situations like the one’s above, I think it’s only right that you’re very careful on who you slap that tag onto.


Your thoughts?