(No Longer) Weed Goes To College…

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Just Me, Weed
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So last week some time me and Weed were having this conversation about him wanting to go to college. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to study but something in computers seemed like a good bet.

So me.. being me.. and not wanting to pull the brakes on the momentum jumped on line to find out grants or whatever to get the ball rolling.

Let me just say this..

It’s been A LONG time since I was 1) IN college and 2) had to maneuver the ropes to GET into college.

Back in my day if you wanted to go.. you got a job and paid for it. No free rides.. no state money.. no papa writing a big fat check.

So this was all new to me.

Anyway.. so I filled out some form on some website that was SUPPOSE to send information about various online colleges and ways to pay for it.

There came a point when I had to pick a specific college and I chose one who’s name I recognized.. one that Chief’s cousin’s Bird’s son just graduated from :: if you can follow that :: and I also knew that it was geared towards adults that had to fit school and life together.

Within 5 minutes.. no lie.. after submitting the information, my cell phone rang. Chief answered it and said, “.. OH! You mean (No Longer) Weed” and handed the phone to him. He talked to somebody for like 5 seconds and then said that he had an appointment with someone at the college for Monday.


Well.. ok.. I put the ball on the field so now I gotta run with it, right?

So yesterday I take him up there. He wanted me to go in with him so I did and the FIRST thing I explained was that we ONLY WANTED information.. that we’re only here because I was submitting forms and just expected something about the college in the mail.

I don’t think the chick heard a word I was saying as she gave us a damn tour of the campus.

Yea. A Damn Tour!

The she started pushing papers in front of (No Longer) Weed and said because this was an open house day they weren’t going to charge for the application fee and don’t worry about not having SAT scores because they do an aptitude test and the dean will help him figure out his courses when he meets with him.. etc. etc. etc.

And all the while, I’m saying EXCUSE ME.. WE’RE ONLY HERE FOR INFORMATION..

But if I got the ball rolling and was running with it.. SHE was going for the goddamn touchdown in the last 10 seconds of the last quarter of the damn superbowl.

Then came the nitty gritty…

She was asking for tax information to determine financial aid.

I explained to her.. AGAIN.. that we were only there for INFORMATION GODDAMN IT and that we didn’t bring ANYTHING with us.. and beside.. he lives with the Crack Whore. I’m just the ride.

She grabs the financial aid counselor because that little piece of information threw her into a tizzy. The woman :: think stern, no-nonsense librarian with not ONE OUNCE of sexy librarian in her :: comes in and informs me that because (No Longer) Weed is under 24 both his Bio-parents are responsible to pay for his education.

Um.. WHAT?

Wait.. let me rephrase…


She sets up a meeting with him for Saturday and tells him that he’s going to be there for about 2 hours filling out forms. I immediately tell him that I have to work and that the Crack Whore is going to have to take him. The woman tells us that (No Longer) Weed needs to bring OUR tax information and HER tax information.

She bids us farewell.. and we’re shown the door.. with all the staff waving good bye.. thanking us for coming and hopes to see us soon.

When we got to the car, (No Longer) Weed asks me if I thought they were a little TOO anxious.. like they were all drinking the Kool Aid or something.

Welcome to Jim Jones’ country, I mumbled.

But here’s the thing.. I didn’t mention this to (No Longer) Weed and almost started a conversation with Chief but it got interrupted… I don’t WANT to hand over our tax information.. I don’t want to be responsible for paying for his education if he decides to fall back to his old ways or if he just decides he doesn’t want to finish what he stated.

Not having two pennies extra is waste is beside the point.. even if I did.. I don’t want to do it.

I especially don’t want to hand over my tax records because the Crack Whore will have access to them.. and believe me, she will take that information and do SOMETHING with it that will benefit her .. try to get out of paying child support :: not that she has been anyway :: or just “something”.

I don’t trust her.. and I don’t believe anything she says.. so the last thing I want to do is give her anything to use against us on a silver platter.

So when I see him today, I’m going to tell him that I’m not giving up the info. If he wants to still pursue it, then he’ll have to figure it out with the Crack Whore.

A very little piece of me feels a little bad. Bad because he wants to go to school and this is going to be spun like I’m being a bitch and not wanting to help..

But I’ll get over it..

Beside.. HE even said that where the Crack Whore is concerned, she gets everything for free anyway so maybe she’ll break out the knee pads to help her son instead of using them to help herself.

  1. Amy says:

    There’s something fishy about that. My DIL is 18 and getting financial aid without them using ANY of her parents info. And when my daughter went back to school, she did it without me giving her any of my information. I refused.

    So, don’t feel badly at all.

    • Leese says:

      I hear ya, Amy!!
      I thought there was something off about it as well.. they even mentioned something about running credit scores.

      I’ll tell you what.. they can kiss this Italian ass!! I think they are pushing for the “student” loan and screw them if they think I’m going to be responsible for it!!

  2. Sharon says:

    It is the same in my state (under age 24 is dependent unless they are married or have a kid). Since we get no child support from the Ex, I just filed the info at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ with only OUR information and I told my stepson nothing about it. I about shit my pants when I saw that he qualified for a Pell grant that paid 1/2 tuition. Hoorah! Of course, after I forced him to take the ACT and did all that work to get his grant, he flunked out his first semester and everything went to hell. So there is that…

    I totally understand your reluctance to give up your tax documents. If Crack Whore has primary custody, I would definitely leave the ball in her court. If she won’t take the ball and run with it, encourage the kid to do a stint in the military – they have great benefits and even pay for college once he gets out.

    And that college you described? Waaaay too eager. I would be leery of them.

    • Leese says:

      The Crack Whore doesn’t have custody, Sharon. My husband has full custody and she has no visitation rights via the court .. only on his say so.. but I just don’t get how he can be over 21 and we still have to be responsible for him…

      I actually want him to go to a community college first, especially since he will have to take basic courses but he wants to go to the appointment and see what’s up with that.. and yea, the college was entirely OVER EAGER but I guess their numbers are down and are trying to soak everyone in that they can with smiles.

  3. datGurl! says:

    naw- Im not givin my tax info to no smilin stranger either. And that sounds and smells like bs- Ive never heard of GROWN-ASS MAN havin to have the parents pay for anything. Arent they considered adults and their own household at that age?

    They seemed to eager to get they hands on your financials…

    Im glad he is doin ok and makin positve moves. Give him a hug for me and tell him to keep up the good work. He dont want me to have to come out there…!~ :-)

  4. Totally agree with Amy – I only used my parents income to determine if I could get financial aid or needed a loan.

    Did you look into Pell Grants? If not, let me know – my stepdaughter and her hubba just got approved for them.

    and…on a personal note…….I am totally pee green right now – your SS is making postive steps and my SS is still practicing BeerPong

    • Leese says:

      Maybe you’re SS will get his shit together once he gets arrested four times and has over 5000.00 worth of fines, Wicked!! LOL!!

      So you might want to thing about painting over the pea green!! LOL!!!

      But it is good that he’s trying to do something positive now and I’ll help him as much as I FEASIBLY can … but paying for college? Um… nooooo

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