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So last week some time me and Weed were having this conversation about him wanting to go to college. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to study but something in computers seemed like a good bet.

So me.. being me.. and not wanting to pull the brakes on the momentum jumped on line to find out grants or whatever to get the ball rolling.

Let me just say this..

It’s been A LONG time since I was 1) IN college and 2) had to maneuver the ropes to GET into college.

Back in my day if you wanted to go.. you got a job and paid for it. No free rides.. no state money.. no papa writing a big fat check.

So this was all new to me.

Anyway.. so I filled out some form on some website that was SUPPOSE to send information about various online colleges and ways to pay for it.

There came a point when I had to pick a specific college and I chose one who’s name I recognized.. one that Chief’s cousin’s Bird’s son just graduated from :: if you can follow that :: and I also knew that it was geared towards adults that had to fit school and life together.

Within 5 minutes.. no lie.. after submitting the information, my cell phone rang. Chief answered it and said, “.. OH! You mean (No Longer) Weed” and handed the phone to him. He talked to somebody for like 5 seconds and then said that he had an appointment with someone at the college for Monday.


Well.. ok.. I put the ball on the field so now I gotta run with it, right?

So yesterday I take him up there. He wanted me to go in with him so I did and the FIRST thing I explained was that we ONLY WANTED information.. that we’re only here because I was submitting forms and just expected something about the college in the mail.

I don’t think the chick heard a word I was saying as she gave us a damn tour of the campus.

Yea. A Damn Tour!

The she started pushing papers in front of (No Longer) Weed and said because this was an open house day they weren’t going to charge for the application fee and don’t worry about not having SAT scores because they do an aptitude test and the dean will help him figure out his courses when he meets with him.. etc. etc. etc.

And all the while, I’m saying EXCUSE ME.. WE’RE ONLY HERE FOR INFORMATION..

But if I got the ball rolling and was running with it.. SHE was going for the goddamn touchdown in the last 10 seconds of the last quarter of the damn superbowl.

Then came the nitty gritty…

She was asking for tax information to determine financial aid.

I explained to her.. AGAIN.. that we were only there for INFORMATION GODDAMN IT and that we didn’t bring ANYTHING with us.. and beside.. he lives with the Crack Whore. I’m just the ride.

She grabs the financial aid counselor because that little piece of information threw her into a tizzy. The woman :: think stern, no-nonsense librarian with not ONE OUNCE of sexy librarian in her :: comes in and informs me that because (No Longer) Weed is under 24 both his Bio-parents are responsible to pay for his education.

Um.. WHAT?

Wait.. let me rephrase…


She sets up a meeting with him for Saturday and tells him that he’s going to be there for about 2 hours filling out forms. I immediately tell him that I have to work and that the Crack Whore is going to have to take him. The woman tells us that (No Longer) Weed needs to bring OUR tax information and HER tax information.

She bids us farewell.. and we’re shown the door.. with all the staff waving good bye.. thanking us for coming and hopes to see us soon.

When we got to the car, (No Longer) Weed asks me if I thought they were a little TOO anxious.. like they were all drinking the Kool Aid or something.

Welcome to Jim Jones’ country, I mumbled.

But here’s the thing.. I didn’t mention this to (No Longer) Weed and almost started a conversation with Chief but it got interrupted… I don’t WANT to hand over our tax information.. I don’t want to be responsible for paying for his education if he decides to fall back to his old ways or if he just decides he doesn’t want to finish what he stated.

Not having two pennies extra is waste is beside the point.. even if I did.. I don’t want to do it.

I especially don’t want to hand over my tax records because the Crack Whore will have access to them.. and believe me, she will take that information and do SOMETHING with it that will benefit her .. try to get out of paying child support :: not that she has been anyway :: or just “something”.

I don’t trust her.. and I don’t believe anything she says.. so the last thing I want to do is give her anything to use against us on a silver platter.

So when I see him today, I’m going to tell him that I’m not giving up the info. If he wants to still pursue it, then he’ll have to figure it out with the Crack Whore.

A very little piece of me feels a little bad. Bad because he wants to go to school and this is going to be spun like I’m being a bitch and not wanting to help..

But I’ll get over it..

Beside.. HE even said that where the Crack Whore is concerned, she gets everything for free anyway so maybe she’ll break out the knee pads to help her son instead of using them to help herself.

Given the state of the public school district that currently holds the responsibility of educating Bubba and Spaz, there’s no doubt that it pales in comparison to a Catholic / Private education.

NOTE: Bubba and Spaz being idiots aside. I did give the district a curve because I realize the challenge they have with these to.

I am a product of Catholic school. I went from K to 12.. not counting my Baptist nursery school and Jesuit collegiate experiences.

Mind you, I graduated high school 20-something years ago but I do know from my friend’s experiences with THEIR kids that it didn’t change too much. But with the public school here, I can’t believe the leniency that goes on. I understand that for some teachers who want to be more stringent, their hands are tied. But then, what exactly are you providing for the child?

Not sure if this is a public school thing as a whole or just where I live but they will “socially” pass a student into the next grade meaning that if the kid is deemed “too old” to repeat a particular grade then they will pass him so that his psyche doesn’t get damaged.

Are you KIDDING me?

You’re worried about their psyche but not that they can’t do simple mathematics in their head??

I don’t really understand this whole concept of I.E.P (Individualized Education Program ) .. According to the US Department of Education (Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services) .. a public school kid who receives special ed and related services under IDEA (Individual Disability Education Act) MUST have an I.E.P.

I know Spaz is in “special” classes.. it’s called “Social.. something or other” .. but Bubba isn’t. I never asked Chief WHY or HOW they got involved in this.. was it at a school administrator’s instance? But regardless that’s what they’re in.

The thing is.. as I’m reading this 40 page document the USDE put out in July 2000.. I just think it’s a bunch of crap.

To me, all it does is serve to highlight a students weakness and cater to it. It’s like with Spaz and his atrocious spelling. The kid can’t spell or read at his grade level :: or AGE level for that matter :: and it’s because the teachers in his SPECIAL classes allowed AND condoned :: mind you :: phonetic spelling.

For example, this kid doesn’t know how to spell OR recognize the word KNIFE because he spells is NYF.

I had discussion after discussion after discussion with his teachers about this… like, they’re always spitting out about how it is their goal to get the kids back into mainstream classes. My argument is “.. how are you going to do that if you keep condoning phoenetic spelling?”

No answer. Blank stare.

Sorry.. I went SO down a different path!! But it’s frustrating.

Anyway.. so Friday when I stopped at the store after work, Bubba was there. He was telling us what his recent test schools are and it looks like he very well MAY be graduating 8th grade.

I told him that he has ONE year in the public high school he will be going to.. if he starts messing up or not doing what he’s suppose to do then he’s going to start his sophomore year at the local CATHOLIC high school.

I told him that I was WAY more then prepared to send him for Freshman year but it was too late to register.. but that it was all set.. ready.. go for Sophomore year.

The look on his face was priceless. “.. I’m not going THERE!!”

Chief jumped in and said, “… you have no say in it. But if you don’t want to go there, then you know what you need to do to stay at [the public schooi]”

I was having a ball at his expense. I was saying stuff like, “.. yep, hair about your collar, shirt always tucked in, tie everyday…”

He thought he was finding an out by saying, “.. well, I’ll just throw myself in front of the trolley and be in a body cast so I can’t go.”

I started laughing and was like, “.. nope. You know what they do for cases like that? They have the nerdiest seniors who are trying to build their resume for their college applications come and sit in your room WITH you to tutor you. There’s no such thing as feeling in Catholic school!”

I swear the kid was starting to turn red and sweat. It just so happens that there was a customer in the school who was agreeing with me on every point.

Now, I just have to say this. There is really nothing “set up” for sophomore year. We did start considering taking him out of public school too late to enroll him in Catholic school and beside that.. the tuition would have REALLY been a stretch.

BUT .. he doesn’t know that. And considering he thinks we spent a HELLA lot more for Sylvan then we did .. AND considering how he knows my feelings on education… he wouldn’t put it past me… and that’s a good thing.

So we’ll see.

There’s only a week left of school and I BELIEVE that sometime this week is the 8th grade graduation ceremony. It’s not some big shindig like some school have.. his teacher’s have said it’s more like a transitioning thing.

Bubba hasn’t brought anything home about it.. but that doesn’t mean he didn’t receive anything.. unless he gave it to the crack whore… have no idea.

So I just emailed his teacher. We’ll see what she says!