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So I don’t necessarily like Sci-Fi-y things.

And I don’t necessarily like Sci-Fi-y things that last about two and a half hour longs.

And I don’t necessarily like hearing about the whole 2012 theory again.. and again.. AND again.

It’s not that don’t believe it.. well, I don’t know whether I do or not.. but like I keep telling Spaz, as long as your right with your god then it doesn’t matter when the world ends

But this whole 2012 thing is getting a little out of hand. Any night of the week you can find SOME kind of documentary on it on cable.

At any rate.. the movie.

So we watched it tonight and other then the “Independence Day” level of special effects, it sucked.

Sucked so bad that I didn’t even finish watching it.

It’s the same old story..

Goofy loser dad (John Cusak) takes his kids camping only to stumble upon a wacked out under-grounder (Woody Harrelson) who tells him all about the conspiracy that the world is ending and OH! Here’s a map of secret places in CHINA that will keep you safe. Government knows ALL about it but chooses NOT to let the information out until the very last minute when California slides into the ocean.

It was just bizarre.

The only part that I found slightly entertaining :: enough to get a slight giggle :: was a few lines that the Russian billionaire uttered.

But I mean.. I guess as far as disaster movies go.. and if you’re into that kind of thing.. you wouldn’t think it sucked as bad as I did.