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Hey… so here’s the deal

IF you’re a PS3-er … AND you’re just as obsessed with Call of Duty as I am.. then I want you to consider clanning-up.


PSN ID: WarKittenz

And before all my non-COD friends start bitching about how much time I actually spend playing this game, let me just say that it keeps me from going REAL LIFE postal!! LOL!!

Actually shooting virtual enemies is very calming.. much more so then those 19.00 “zen” candles I tried last year!

At any rate.. fellow COD-ers know what I’m saying.



NOTE: If you have absolutely NO interest in what I’m about to say then you can stop reading right now. I promise I won’t be offended. I also promise that I won’t take is SO DAMN personally that I’ll show up on your doorstep with a virtual MP40 or AK47 or SCAR and pop your virtual melon. See what I mean about stress relieving?? LOL

Ok.. so back to the clan-thing.

Well.. technically.. it doesn’t even have to be a clan thing. People tend to get territorial over their clan tags and people NOT part of a clan tend to leave matches when a clan shows up on the opposing team.

I’m just looking for people to play with that actually KNOW how to play strategically.. without running around doing stupid things to get themselves killed and ME killed in the process.


You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that if your team is holding an area, the opposing team is going to come to you giving YOU the advantage of killing them first. It may not always work out that way because one well place grenade will cause major cluster-fuckage but I think you kind of get the idea.

And SNIPERS!! My god there is a need for sniping .. but the whole point of sniping is to :: gasp! :: ADVANCE YOUR TEAM FOWARD! There is nothing more frustrating then to have a sniper in a map that actually doesn’t even NEED one and having to keep respawning all the way on the other side of where the fighting is because the sniper is just sitting and sitting and sitting and sitting………………….. and sitting and sitting and getting up to go to the bathroom and then sitting some more.

And while I’m on my little mini-rant .. the other thing that gets me goat all twisted up in knots is when you’re playing strategically .. you’re getting the enemy to come to you .. and then SOMEBODY ELSE comes into your space.. shoves in front of you because.. OMG! You’re getting kills and they aren’t so they want to be where you’re at so that they can get the kills but the only thing that happens is that YOU get killed because they’re blocking your view.

See.. THAT’S why I’m not hooked up to the microphone. Too many bad words said to too many people!! ;)

Anyway.. so I’m putting the offer out there. Me and Chief are actually really, really good :: I’m better. I know it.. he knows it.. but I still let him believe that he kicks my ass because I don’t want to hurt his feelings :: and we’re just looking to play with other people who are really really good.

If your interested, just add me as a friend and just add a message that you’re from here so I’ll add you.


I read ALOT of blogs :: no offense, but I really need some semblance of a normal life :: and I have more then a few blogs listed on my blogroll.

And we’ve already established that I am an award slut .. and my blogger-bud Gary is an award whore.

AND if you happened to notice :: which, yknow.. don’t feel guilty if you didn’t because you probably have a normal life :: when I receive an award they have come from either Gary or Mark.

AND.. AND.. if you happened to notice :: which, yknow.. don’t feel guilty if you didn’t because you probably have a normal life :: I usually pass the award along to either Gary.. or Mark.. or Jen512.. or Booshy.

That’s because they’re just like me…

And BELIEVE ME.. that is SOOOO scary.

Well.. actually.. even though Jen512 is the youngest of us, she is probably the most mature!! But that’s just between you and me!

I’ve always been a little off :: in a good way :: .. my dad always told me I was left of center.. and there’s nothing I love more then to read blogs written by people that are just like me.

And so..

Because I have no life and I’m all semi-obsessed with this whole award thing :: don’t fret.. it’ll pass.. like the time I was semi-obsessed with cross stitching :: I was sitting here thinking “… DAMN! I should make my own award!”

So I did.


Left Of Center Award

I would have videoed a whole .. yknow.. “thing” but that just seemed like I was too full of myself. Actually.. that’s not true. Well.. it’s TRUE that I thought that it would be a little over the top :: but then, I did get that award too! :: but really it was just too much work!


In keeping with tradition, the VERY FIRST EVER LEFT OF CENTER AWARD is being presented to:

Gary at WideWorldofGary

Mark at TheNightmareScreenplay

Jen at Jen512

Booshy at Booshy

There’s nothing “extra” that you have to do.. just go on being the random, crazy, silly, funny, quirky bloggers that you are! You bring much needed laughter and I enjoy you all immensely!

NOTE: I also created THIS award:


Best Blogger Boob Award

.. but I didn’t know if Gary or Mark would appreciate having the internetĀ  oogled their man-boobs !!