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I Am A Slut!! I AM A SLUT!!

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Awards

Well.. according to my buddy Gary over at WideWorldofGary.. I am.

Twist those balls tighter, Horn Dogs.. I’m talking about an AWARD SLUT!

And Gary, being the AWARD WHORE :: his own self acknowledgment :: that HE is offered this up to his blogroll.


You're The Sweetest Award

So I took it .. because.. yknow.. I am a sweetie. I AM!! I AM, DAMMIT!!

And to PROVE to you just how sweet I am, I’m passing this along to all these other sweet people:

Jen512 – because not only is she sweet, but she’s brave an dfunny and smart an512nd omg.. 6’1″!! And she lives in Turkey where.. yknow.. I might wind up on vacation one day!! LOL!!

Booshy – because not only is she sweet, but she IS THE BOOSHY! How can you argue with that? She the chick that if you hung out at a bar with her one night, beer would be coming out your nose and staining your shirt!

Mark @ Nightmare Screenplay – because not only is he sweet, but he comes up with the most bizzarrest .. random-est shit that just keeps you LOL-ing!

JeanHasBeenShopping – because not only is she sweet but she had enough cojones to try an Elvis inspired Peanut Butter / Banana / Bacon cupcake. So if ANYONE deserves an award with a picture of a cupcake on it.. It’s Jean!

Auroracoda – not only is she sweet but she was the first stranger to reach across the internet and slap me upside my head for something stupid.. and I will forever be in her debt! She doesn’t blog much anymore.. being a newlywed and moving to India.. but I know she’s still sweet!

… and to Gary.

Gary already has one but if I could give it to him again, I would!