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Yknow… with all the safe guards that the schools and day cares and places like that want you to BELIEVE are in place to protect your child, get this.

NOTE: Steam is still coming out of my ears like a cartoon character and my face is redder then when I fell asleep in the sun one summer on the beach. Me and my non-olive tone skin!!

So I have a parent / teacher conference this morning for Spaz. He got his report card and he actually did pretty damn good. For him. Mostly B’s.. two C’s and one D in .. in.. Social Studies, I think.

I didn’t realize it when I was talking to his teacher because I was more focused on his grades and behavior but when I got home, I noticed that the address they had listed on his report card :: which is basically just a blue piece of paper :: was the Crack Whore’s.


Now remember… Chief has FULL LEGAL CUSTODY. She had nothing. Not even visitation. Her visitation with them is up to HIS discretion.

So it kind of torqued me that she can walk into the school office and request his home address to be changed when the information cards I filled out at the beginning of the school year CLEARLY indicate that Chief is their legal guardian.

So .. all torqued.. I called the school and spoke to the secretary. She immediately became defensive and told me that that information was on the info cards.

Just as I was beginning to respond, Chief says something to me and I tell him about what the secretary is telling me along with .. very loudly.. HOW THE HELL CAN SHE JUST CHANGE AN ADDRESS WITHOUT THE SCHOOL CHECKING WITH YOU FIRST BECAUSE THAT HAS AAAALLLL KIND OF LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS?

The secretary caught my meaning and said that she would change the address immediately but would “… look into the situation”.

She calls me back a few minutes later :: real quick for the public school district we’re in :: and she tells me that she has the info cards in front of her and it CLEARLY has our address on it.

I know. My penmanship was at the hands of nuns wielding metal rulers. Duh!!

But she also said that the address had been changed at the Educational Services Center and their database is where the information is pulled when the report cards are printed.

Naturally wanting to rid her hands of me and not assume anymore responsibility, she FREELY gives up the name of the head honcho in charge of registration at the ECS.

Again, something that just ISNT done in our public school district.

Got that tiger by the tail now, dontcha Leese!

So I call her and get her voice mail and explain in a low.. firm.. what I thought was a non-threatening tone that WE. HAVE. AN. ISSUE. I explained about the address change and that she does not have any type of custody and that it needs to be changed back so call me back to tell me how that needs to happen.

I may have said “legal ramifications” again. It’s like the buzz word of the day!

So a few minutes later she calls me back with the ‘TOOD OF LIFE. I’m not just talking and attitude. I’m talking ‘TOOD! And asks me if there is a custody issue.

No, I tell her. No issue. She doesn’t have custody. At all.

She then tell me.. with the ‘TOOD OF LIFE :: which I’m starting to find really, really offensive :: that Chief will have to come into the office with the legal paperwork indicating that he has full custody before they will change the address.

Now I get the ‘TOOD OF LIFE and go into lawyer-mode.

“So basically,” I start in my best my best Perry Mason impersonation, “.. is that you need a legal document that clearly states custody before you can alter an address.”


“Uh-huh. Well then will you mind telling the court me what legal document you received from her when the address was changed?”

“She had paper work”

“Uh-huh. So you’re telling me that she had LEGAL DOCUMENTATION CLEARLY INDICATING CUSTODY”

“She had a copy of her lease.”

“Her LEASE! Ladies and gentleman of the jury, so you changed an address based on a lease from a NON CUSTODIAL parent but require the CUSTODIAL parent to present everything and anything before you can fix YOUR ERROR.”

And then Perry Mason ducked for cover under his wheelchair and my ghetto bitch came out.. so much so that I just handed the phone to Chief.

He had a completely different tone with her and obviously she had a different tone with him because yknow.. I’m just the step parent and who the hell am I to worry about the well being of the kids I’m raising.

So the bottom line is that the address was changed back and will NEVER EVER be changed again without a something in writing by him.

But I got to thinking.. yknow.. suppose there was a more serious issue at hand with the Crack Whore.. and the school, where you’re child is suppose to be safe is just changing information without referring to the information that THEY requested … an address isn’t only just an address. It’s proof that a child lives there so suppose this gets changed and then changed is used for something like kidnapping the child?






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Wicked Moxie

Moxie did a drive by one day and left a comment and because I always check out the blogs of people that take the time to stop by mine, I popped on over.

OMG.. I loved it. She’s just as left of center as I am and I know that if you check it out, you’ll love it to..

She’s new to the blog-o-sphere so I figured we can all drop by for a visit and show some love.

So.. yea…

Before I go into the emails that I got from the Crack Whore, I have to fill you in on a few things regarding the kids.

Weed has completed the G.E.D course but needs $75 to register for the actual test. I told him last week that I would give him a money order for the amount next week when my unemployment check came in. He said that the Crack Whore told the judge :: his GED was court ordered.. or something like that :: that she would pay for the test but that wasn’t happening. Because, yknow, the windfall from her bogus lawsuit only lasted about 10 days. Damn that week spent in Atlantic City.

Bubba is back living with us and things didn’t get any better until Friday when I got an email from his teacher saying, basically, that he’s acting like an asshole.. not doing any work in school.. and she’s sick of it. He has now lost ALL liberties. He’s grounded.. the laptop was taken away.. he can only use the computer for school work (with supervision) .. no playstation.. AND I have the joy of picking him up from school everyday to keep him honest.

But on a good note, he isn’t acting up about it at all and has really been pretty good about it. Not that he has a choice, mind you, but I’ll give credit where credit is due and he isn’t acting all Eyeore-ish about it.

Spaz’s school pictures came in and I have a parent / teacher conference on Monday morning.

Okay.. so..

Considering ALL the drama that went on with Bubba and the Crack Whore last month, Chief asked me to email her about Bubba’s latest mis-adventures so that SHE would know what the dealio was and not believe Bubba and his violin playing. I also told her that I had school pictures for her.

Because, yknow.. I’m not that much of a bitch that I wouldn’t give her school pictures of her kid.

So I email her on Friday afternoon and didn’t hear anything from her until yesterday afternoon:

Hello Leese, I just want to take a minute to thank you for giving me the update on [Bubba’s] progress.I really appreciate it………Thnaks for caring enough to share,also can’t wait to get school pictures .thank you sincerely for thinking of me when it comes to their school pictures and progess

,have a great day and thanks again

….hope you guys have a great thanksgiving,not sure what [Bubba] and [Spaz] are doing for thanksgiving but if you guys dont already have plans ill gladly take the to my moms for dinner.please let me know ,,,,,,thanks again ,,,,[The Crack Whore]

So I email her back and basically tell her the update on Bubba and that the kids were staying at Bird’s house for the weekend but I would ask them about them going with her on Thanksgiving. I also asked her if Weed ever got glasses because Chief had suggested we pay for him to get a pair for Christmas. I also mentioned that we were going to give him the money for his G.E.D.

This is the next email I got:

Leese ,hello again and thank you for responding about the boys 4 thanksgiving Their grandparents and i would love to spend the day of thanks with them…I’m excited i hope they want to come… for [Weed] yes i took him to the eye doctor he has 2 pairs of glasses he also got all his teeth done….i got him a play station 3 system well actually it was bought 4 all the boys as far as what to get [Weed] 4 Xmas i know he loves that 1 play station game that u guys have and play all the time i cant remember the name of it ill find out.I want to thank both of you for helping with the g.e.d money i got him through school ,pushed his ass through the classes but he did it I’m very proud of him …As soon as he has the money were able to schedule him for testing,i would ask that you or [Chief] inform me when u give him the money cause honestly i cant trust him he might just use it to party and i don’t want that.if you like u or [Chief] can give me a call and ill tell you the exact amount it is and you guys can put it in a money order and write it out immediately to the college this way he cant touch it.I’m not doubting [Weed] its just sometimes he puts partying before the important things .please keep this between us i would appreciate that.thanks again for thinking of me w/the school pictures and truly thankful for helping [Weed] with his school money.take care ,be safe and have a great holiday.sincerely [The Crack Whore].Leese i know you work very hard with my children and take very good care of them I also know how much you love them.Their very lucky and blessed to have you and I’m blessed to have my children around such a good woman ,THANK YOU.P.S sorry about the time on the email this is what time i get up for work

Ok.. “.. blessed to have my children around such a good woman”? There’s no way in HELL she wasn’t smoking, swallowing or inhaling something.
And what’s up with the whole “… get up for work”. Well, maybe trolling bars and finding men to pay her rent and cable bill is what she considers work. Not sure. But I guess it COULD be considering she had to do it every month.

Dunno.. and don’t know who long before the current mood wears off.

Funny thing though.. I didn’t tell Chief about the emails or what their content. I don’t know why, exactly. I do know that my still waters have been running deep and I haven’t had the right opportunity to to have a conversation about him about how I’ve been feeling about things going on and how I feel about them.

He tends to just ignore the obvious.. or doesn’t want to deal with the obvious. In fact, tonight when we were watching Dexter, there was a surprise ending that he had picked up on last week.

So after his AH! HA! I TOLD YOU!!! moment, I said to him:

How is it that you are so in tune to the random but oblivious to the obvious?

He was all like “… what do you mean?” .. and I was all “.. just what I said” and he was like, “Tell me! I’m scared…”

But deep down, I know.. it’s just getting HIM to admit it!