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… can anyone help before I take a thousand straight pins and stick them all into the WordPress main page turning my laptop into a technological voodoo doll?

‘Cause last night I was monkeying around with changing the email address associated with my account and the gravatar (the little picture next to your name) disappeared.

I figured out that the picture is associated with the email address and NOT the actual wordpress account so I finagled some more and got my picture attached to the NEW email address..

A little message said that it was updated and would take .. A FEW MINUTES to take effect.

IT’S BEEN HOURS and there’s still the generic green design box showing.

If I check under the USERS options on the dashboard (where I changed the email address) it shows the correct picture so I don’t know WHAT the hell is happening!!

Any thoughts???


Posted: November 6, 2009 in Convos

ME: Hey Spaz.. is that a bug on the floor?

SPAZ: It looks like a dead lightening bug

ME: Can you pick it up for me?


ME: You can pick up a half dead mouse and drown it but you can’t pick up a dead lightening bug?

SPAZ: Yea.. pretty much.

ME: You’re freakin’ bizarre

SPAZ: And your just finding that out????