Tell Me This Doesn’t Want To Make You Blow A Gasket…

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Just Stuff
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With the economy the way it is..

With thousand upon thousand of people that have exhausted their unemployment benefits..

With prices of every day necessities sky rocketing..

With this country is so much economic trouble..

THIS is how all that stimulus money is being spent???


I want y’all to read this.. and see for yourself how many thousand upon thousand upon hundreds of thousands of dollars are being wasted while there are hard working Americans who find them selves in dire financial situations through no fault of their own.

I being one of them.

Where is my grant for working my ass off trying to keep our store open?

Where is my grant for saving every single penny I find in the washing machine.. couch.. under the car seats and then turning them in at the bank so that I can buy a kid a pair of school pants?

Where is YOUR grant to help you over whatever financial burdens you have?

Ohh… I get it..

I need to be listening to ants.. or giving cocaine to monkeys.. or creating video games for the elderly …

People.. I really, really, REALLY want you to not pay any attention to the fact that this document was put together, in part, by John McCain. I don’t like that bastard either but since I am currently unemployed .. and can’t find a job that will pay me more then I am receiving in UC benefits.. I had the time to check almost 75% of those listed and it’s on the up and up ..

In fact.. one locally I’ve known about for a while and it pissed me off just as much now as it did then..

This HAS to get your ass in an uproar…

  1. Trip X says:

    Are you trying to piss me off? I say vote the entire crew of sitting legislators! In the words of Jim Carey (Liar, Liar): “He’s a pedantic, pontificating, pretentious bastard, a belligerent old fart, a worthless steaming pile of cow dung, figuratively speaking.” This is how I feel about my representation after the mess they made of the “ole pork barrel”. Where’s my stimulus??

    • Leese says:

      LOL Trip!!!! You’re stimulus.. like mine.. comes prison style!!
      And no.. I’m not trying to piss you off!! LOL!!! But I was PISSED!! Especially since we’re struggling above struggling just to make ends meet. You work hard.. I work hard.. and everyone else is sitting back getting fat off the taxes we have to pay to the government and not pay to the supermarket to put food on my table.

      I don’t know what your political feelings are but this HAS to stop .. WE have to stop it.. the real CHANGE comes in Novemeber.. we have to put our country back in order and get rid of all these people who are only interested in benefiting themselves, unions and Wall Street!

      Damn man.. you really got me on my soap box now!!

  2. Noelle says:

    Oh. OH. I couldn’t read past the $2 million for ants. #1: Who gives a bleep about ANTS? Who cares what ants think? Anyone? and #2: Our town was built on an anthill. Give me $2 million and I could buy enough poison to begin to annihilate a small portion of them. The ONLY research anyone should be doing about ants is how to get rid of the tiny stupid ants that infest my house, yard, and town. Oh, I can’t even say any more, I don’t have the words. SHRIEEK!

    • Leese says:

      I know, Noelle… is this insane or what??

      And knowing my financial situation .. and the financial situations of my customers and friends it literally makes me want to throw up in my mouth!!

  3. Wow…I thought I was mad before about the whole economy thing. O is a news junky and want to be politico. He has a plan. Fire every single one of the sitting congressmen/senators. Change the seat of government to our house where we will immediatly institute a flat tax of 10%, pull out of the middle east, seal our boarders and actually cut governemental spending…

    I honestly believe that our country is headed for a major upheaval. I’m not sure I am with the tea party people, but I know this: Obama, isn’t doing what he said he would do. Our represenatives? They are not representing us. More and more families are being faced with the kind of decisions they shouldn’t have to make: pay the mortgage or pay the car note.

    To be sure, many American’s overspent during the dot com years. We lived on credit when it was flush. Now, we are having to deal with our mistakes. Just like our governemnt should have to deal with their mistakes.

    This actually made me want to puke

    • Leese says:

      Chief is a political junkie too, Wicked.. and I have to say, as dumb as that man is sometimes, everything he told me three years ago is coming into fruition so I’m not too thrilled about what’s coming next.

      Having gotten out of a HUGE credit hole after my first divorce, I stopped using credit all together and really learned the difference about things I wanted and things I needed. I’m not going to lie and say it was easy .. it wasn’t. But as least I don’t have that burden over my head. I only have to choice between keeping the electric on.. OR having a house here the electricity is off!! LOL!!! But somehow, we make it work. Barely.

      All this crap.. all this money that is being spent on nonsense really needs to wake people up because it’s not going to get better.

  4. Mark says:

    Hey you think those monkeys might hook a brother up? C’mon jus a lil bump? (just kidding i’m not really a powderhead…anymore.)

    • Leese says:

      LOL Mark… I’m sure Cheetah wouldn’t mind if I passed his number along!!!
      How do you think Tarzan maintains his swagger!!! LOL

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