Catch Up.. Or Fall Behind

Posted: July 15, 2007 in Old Blogs

.. Okay, so it’s been a few days since I shared the rantings and random thoughts swimming in my brain.

Consider that my gift of a vacation! ;^)

At any rate.. some things are just deserving of their own post so if you got to this one, then you already read them so that’s that.

Guess it’s easier to just give a day-by-day breakdown. I hate when I go this long without typing because then it just becomes this long, drawn out thing trying to keep everything in order… but .. I’ll give it a go:

Actually, nothing too interesting happened other then the fact that I was utterly exhausted from being up so late. I mean.. exhausted to the point where I started doing stupid stuff and losing my mind.

Thought it was a good idea to sit in the car at lunch with the air conditioning on and the seat back and just relax for the house. Nope. Not such a good idea. I was almostthisclose to falling out so I had to start calling everyone saved in my crackberry to keep me awake.

Worked fine for me.. but some of them were pretty pissed. Oh well. Suck it up.

The drive home was a nightmare. Did you ever have to drive somewhere and it feels like you just can’t GET there? Times that by about.. oh.. I dunno.. 20 thousand?… and you’ll know how I felt. I hit every freakin’ red light.. every ghetto street-blocked-off cook out.. shore traffic.. illegal alien farm picker vans dropping off their illegal alien farm pickers :: where the fuck is NIS when you need them? :: not to mention the fools who just LOVE to block the street instead of parking in the space big enough for a freakin’ 18 wheeler.

I swear I never yelled, “… YO! What the fuck…?” so many times in the 15 miles it takes to get from my job to my house in my life.

Needless to say by the time I got home :: after another half hour of trying to find a friggin’ parking space :: I turned the air on and crashed until around 3 am when I got up, downed a glass of ice tea, and promptly went back to sleep.

Here’s a little FYI for y’all… Too much sleep is just as bad as not enough sleep! Found that out the hard way!

So today was pay day and you know what that means… SHOPPING! Actually, that’s misleading. Yes, I did go shopping but didn’t buy anything. Okay.. so it was only because there wasn’t anything TO buy, but that’s beside the point.

In fact.. IN FACT… I still have like, 200.00 bucks worth of Border’s gift cards that need to be used before the start charging me for the priviledge of being gifted with a gift card :: that’s some friggin’ racket, isn’t it? :: and nothing… Nothing… NOTHING..  parted the clouds and had the angels singing.

That’s a pretty bad state of affairs when it comes to me and Borders. It’s also what happens when everybody gives me gift cards from there.. I mean, I’m only one set of eyes and a brain, people!! Can only read so much in a year!!!

Dinner at Charlie Brown’s was.. well.. let’s just say it was an experience. The waitress sucked. Big time. I’m sure her ability to suck big time may be of interest to the man in her life but did nothing but get me aggrevated. Normally, I’m really laid back whenever I’m in a restaurant. 20 minutes.. 20 hours.. I don’t care. Especially if I’m in good company. Can’t say Kath was “great” company but she had needed a night out and had alot to vent about and get off her chest so I was the phenom good friend and sat quietly listening to her. We almost came to blows on who was going to pick up the check but I’m faster then she is so I won!! Ha!

To the point.. the friggin’ waitress sucked, big time. Wait.. that’s already been established right? Anyway… the thing is :: and maybe she just missed that class in waitress school because she was too busy sucking :: but one should never give an attitude to the person who’s going to give you a tip.

I happen to over tip. And not because I’m so great and wonderful :: well, ok.. I am :: but because I used to be a waitress and it’s not an easy job. It’s very rare that I don’t leave a tip.. even if the waitress is bad.. but this one was a fucking bitch with an attitude. A huffy… nose snorting.. eye rolling bitch.

I can be one sometimes so I can reasily recognize them! LOL!

So after she tossed the “dressing on the side” that she forgot to bring for Kath’s salad in my direction and on my freakin’ white shirt without an apology I kinda knew she wasn’t going to get tipped.

The check came to something like 53.09 or something strange like that.  So after wrestling it out of Kath’s hands, I put 3 20’s in the check holder thingy and got the waitress’ from hell’s attention.

Almost flippently :: don’t think I spelled that right ::, she says, “… you can leave it there” meaning the table.

I said, “… No. I want the change.”

She rolls her eyes YET again, stomps over and takes the check holder thingy. When she gets back she gives me my change and stands there. I shove the change into my pocket and we start to walk out.

We were almost at the main lobby section of the place when she calls out to me. I turn around and she asks me if I forgot something.

No fucking lie.

I make a face like I’m thinking… then make a face like I’m surprised.. and say, “… OH MY GOD! I did.. ” and walk back over to the table. She’s waiting there for me with this little smirk on her face. So I pick up one of the napkins left on the table.. blow my nose .. crumple it up and toss it back on the table.

Wish Kath knew how to use my camera phone. The look was priceless.

And yea.. I already know it was a rank thing to do but believe me.. it was disturbed… uh.. I mean DESERVED… but heh.. yea, disturbed too!

Ok.. so even though I had to get up before the freakin’ birds and drive over to my girlfriends to do her hair and makeup for a wedding :: SEE DAD!! That cosmotology license DID come in handy!! :: the whole day totally rocked.

You already read the post on why…

… so here we are. Nothing much going on. Went to THE best diner in the world with my mom earlier. I was actually suppose to go to the Phillies game but since they’ve been on a mini-winning streak ever since they hit 1 loss away from 10,000.. I’ve been banned from the superstitious bunch. Appearently, someboy who keeps track of these things realized that the Phils blow every game I attend so my sister-in-law is going in my place.

Just as well.. much rather listen to Midge Ure and play on the internet all night!! ;)

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.Leese

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