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Yea.. you see what time it is, right?

Get these freakin’ ideas in my head and forget about it… my brain turns into a pit bull with a pork chop.

So the other day I was hanging with D and he was showing me some stuff on here.. he wound up showing me his but I didn’t show him mine.

GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER..we’re talking myspace here! Heh..

Anyway.. so I’ve had the same profile for almost 4 years :: since Dave enlisted :: but haven’t actually been on it since he came back from his second tour of Iraq.

Whatever.. so I get home and now I got this myspace thing in my head. So I jump on the laptop.. go to sign on.. and.. And.. AND…


I must have tried a hundred variations of a hundred different passwords that I always recycle :: yea.. I’m a freak like that. Get over it! :: and nothing.

Now the fangs come out and I start to snarl…

After about 40 minutes and six lock-outs, I punch something in and it worked. Don’t remember what it was.. at this point I was basically just leaning back with my eyes closed and letting my fingers do the walking :: wouldja get your mind outta the gutter here! :: but I’m in so I’m stoked.

First thing I do? You know it… CHANGE THE PASSWORD!

I had tons of bulletins, messages and friend requests. So I set out to clean everything up and figure it would be beneficial to get the 12-cup brewing… cause it’s gonna be awhile!

So I checked out a slew of stuff.. clicked on the DELETE button and went to get the coffee going. It takes what? Like 2 minutes to start the coffee maker? I get back to the laptop and it’s frozen. Stuck on the freakin’  hour glass.. nothings moving.. crap blinking.. nothing cooperating.. and I swear if I didn’t have it on mute I would have heard it mocking me!

Did you ever notice when your computer freezes or drags, you tend to pound the keys harder. ALOT harder. Yea.. me too. And you KNOW I know better then that because this is what I do for a living but .. yea.. popped more then a few keys of the alphabet

I have to reboot.. which takes forever on my crappy laptop.. so I figured I already got the caffeine going.. may as well hit the nicotine as well.

So I do that.. and come back.. get aggrevated because nothing finished loading.. get another cup of coffee.. and finally get the thing going.

Go to myspace.. key in my email address.. key in the new password.. and nothing.. Niente.. Nada.. Tried about a hundred times.. got locked out.. tried to reset it.. couldn’t remember the password to the EMAIL address I used to set up the account.. couldn’t remember the answers to the security questions to reset THAT.. almost.. ALMOST.. chucked the laptop.. and tried some more.


Now I’m pissed off. Big Time.

I try some more.


Finally I just said, “… screw it. I’ll just make another fucking profile.”

If you know me.. then you SO know how I said it!

And if you’re here then you know I did.. and you should know that I had to fight the demons of myspace technicle issues.. firefox freezes.. unfounded downloads.. and all the other crap that happens at this time in the morning when the Net Nymphs know that you should be sleeping and decide to fuck with you.

Worse part? Unless I have a brain storm when my cells finally fire at their max.. I lost all kinds of pics.. videos.. etc.

I also lost something like 230 “friends” which really blows the wad… and NOT in a good way!

So as of now, I’m stuck with only Tom as my friend.

I’m actually surprised he still wants to be friends after the last incident we had. I mean.. yknow.. it did get ugly but I have to admit that the time locked away DID give me alot of time to reflect. Not only on my behavior.. but also my skill with concealing shanks!

If you KNOW me.. you know I’m only kidding!

I’ve always been good at concealing shanks!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.Caio For Now.. I need some freakin’ sleep!