Pretty Is As Pretty Does..

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Just Livin', Pets
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So Pretty the Kitten :: no matter how much Chief calls her Katu, her name is still Pretty :: is adjusting quite well.

Her normal routine is hide sleep during the day and then play to her hearts content at night.

Which, you know, considering that I have a mouse TWO mice, is just fine by me!

She’s eating well.. pooping like there’s no tomorrow in her brand spanking new litter box :: thank Jen512 :: and until she tells you she wants to play, is like she isn’t even here.

The scratching post I bought her is working out great.. she hasn’t yet scratched the furniture or tried to climb the curtains.

She’ll let you cuddle with her and and will ball herself in the crook of your legs  or on your chest or the nook of your arm.

She’s fine with the dogs and is just a real sweetheart.

One funny thing..

Her arrival was the catalyst to an new Ernie, The Terrorist Puppy trick.

Now.. when you say WHO’S THE BABY? he jump up in your lap and throw his body backwards so that he’s cradled in your arm like an infant and nuzzles his nose into your neck as if to say ME! ME! I’M THE BABY.. NOT HER!!!

I have to find the video camera.. as annoying as it can get to be, it’s just too damn cute!

  1. Gary says:

    Glad to hear Pretty is adjusting well! It’s always good when they poop like there’s no tomorrow. LOL

    Honestly, if I was THAT KIND OF BLOGGER I would take a picture of her HUGE dumps and post them.. in case y’all think I’m exaggerating or something!! And for some randomly bizarre reason, every time I sift threw her clumpy litter box, the voice of Mike Meyer’s Scottish father in “So I Married An Ax Murder” pops in my head saying, “… that’s one. huge. poop.”

    I seriously think I need meds!

  2. Jen512 says:

    LOL! You don’t need meds.

    I’m glad the box is working out, just make sure those little latches seal all the way around the sides otherwise you might be spilling those poops on the floor when you roll it over…

    She’ll probably start hiding less in a few weeks when she gets totally comfortable with the house. She sounds like such a sweetie, I miss cats! I’m going to have to get one soon.

    Oh God I so need meds!! LOL!! I have to tell you, I LOVE this litter box! So much that I want to clean it all the time! She has been showing herself more and LOVES to run from one end of the house to the other.. slide across the ceramic tile kitchen and slam herself into the dog’s water bowl. I thought she did it by accident at first but no.. she keeps doing it and doing it. She SO fits in with the rest of the wackiness that is my house!! LOL

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