So.. heh.. remember a few posts back when I said that God likes to fuck with me?

Well… maybe I didn’t say it QUITE like that but you get the point.


So since I found out that I was a fugitive from the law because of a parking ticket that I DIDN’T get and one that Chief SWORE he paid, I’ve been waiting for this morning so that Bird can drive me to the District Courthouse so that I can pay all 119.24 of it.

I completely IGNORED Chief’s suggestion that I go directly to the county courthouse because if I go to the address of the District Courthouse that was on the BRIGHT. PINK. NOTIFICATION. OF. IMPENDING. ARREST. it’ll will cost me 119.24 … BUT if I go to the County Courthouse.. it’ll only cost me 63.70 because then I wouldn’t have to pay the additional money the constables charge for the bright pink paper, printer ink and the gas it took to drive to my house.

I calmly told him that I wasn’t paying anything… HE was paying for it.. and I would rather pay the source with an additional 55.54 then to go on faith that the County and District talk to each other about important matters.

Important matters being MY freedom!

Anyway.. getting back to God and His sense of humor..

Today is Columbus Day .. a day that I ordinarily celebrate due to my Italian heritage.

A day that I always looked forward to because I got the day off from work.


So I couldn’t pay the fine.. I’m still a fugitive.. and I still have to dive in thorny rose bushes when walking down the street because .. yknow.. FUGITIVES AREN’T GIVEN A HOLIDAY FROM THE LAW..

But I did shave my legs.. so at least I’m good there.

Anyway.. so Thelma and Louise me and Bird are going to take care of this thing tomorrow.

  1. Jen512 says:

    Just don’t drive off any cliffs, please.

    … is Brad Pitt involved? If so, I can’t make any promises!

  2. On the run from the law, but still finding time to blog.

    • Leese says:

      ROFLMAO!!! Well, Review.. I’m not actually on the run.. YET! Just bush diving ( that didn’t sound right ) and avoiding the front door!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated!

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