Archive for April 12, 2010

I’m more then a little .. um.. BENT right now.

It’s 4:02 am .. yes.. that would mean IN THE FUCKING MORNING and I’ve spent the last million hours trying to fix my page layout.

You’ll notice that I have a different theme, right?

Yea.. HATE IT.

But it was the only theme that would let me put my widgets up and didn’t shift posts into weird places.

And while I’m cursing WordPress and almost.. ALMOST.. bounced my laptop off the wall.. it dawned on me.

This all started with Gerald Butler’s ass.


Think I’m off the tiny rocker I’m on?


I swear it’s because of Gerald Butler’s fine Scottish ass.

Here’s the deal..

The other day I used my iPod Touch to publish a post about how I just wanted to clear that I could spend the rest of my life staring at Gerald Butler’s ass and be perfectly content.

That was the only time I ever posted from my iPod and I think it did something to something because it was right after that that everything went haywire.

And when I say “everything”.. I mean EVERYTHING.

So I spent the entire time from then to now trying every single theme and playing around with settings and other bullshit and this is the closest I could come to normal.

Well.. my version of normal anyway.

And with that.. I’m going to do the adult.. responsible thing and try pulling an all-nighter because I have to be up in two hours and if I fall asleep, I won’t wake up until Wednesday!!