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.. Ok

Is it ME or is the universe out to get me and my hips??

I mean come on…

CHEDDAR? BAGELS? .. I’m so fucking there!!

Picture stolen from the Dunkin' Donuts site! My bad.. but free advertisement.. right?

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for sometime knows that I used to hit Dunkin’ Donuts at LEAST four times a day.

A few reasons for that..

None of them justifiable, come to think of it. Just laziness, I guess.. but it was too freakin’ expensive to make those runs EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY .. so I did the math for Chief and after he put his eyeballs back in his head, we agreed to ween ourselves off and get used to cheap coffee made at home. So I haven’t been all up in what’s new at the DD.

Once in a while we treat ourselves and when I drove through tonight I saw this picture of this really, really tasty looking treat. So I got one.

It was so warm and .. and.. CHEESY that I sat in the parking lot and ate it in the car. I was afraid that if I drove the THREE MINUTES home, it would lose it’s warmth and wouldn’t be as good.

‘Cause.. like.. yknow.. it would have NOTHING to do with the fact that I was sttaarrrvviiinnggg and I committed to greatly reducing my bread and sugar in take starting on Monday.

Heh. I’m Italian.. I fucking live on bread but I’ll give it a shot.

Anyway.. If you like cheddar cheese.. like bagels.. and like it all warm and gooey :: get your minds out of the gutter please.. it’s still early! :: then I suggest you give it a try.

Lets me know how you likey!!