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You may or may not know this about me but I’m very into politics .. I was before the current administration. In fact, I first became politically minded back when I had my first real job and someone very wise told me that I’d better start paying attention.

And I have. Intently.

And I have very strong views.

And I don’t generally talk about it because I have a lot of other things to do then waste my time trying to have an intelligent conversation with people who only repeat what they hear but don’t really understand it.. or have put the time in to understand it.

To flip it, it would be like me trying to have a conversation about brain surgery with a brain surgeon. Yknow what I’m saying?

And I WOULD have the conversation but it generally goes down the path of the other person spitting out nonsense and then getting all huffy and puffy when I challenge them on their view. Then I just want to pop them over the head with a water balloon.

I’m all about debate. I’m open minded enough to actually listen and consider an opposing point of view.. but what gets me is when people of differing views mock mine.. or belittle them.. brand me as an idiot or worse yet, consider me a sheep in the herd.

Because let me tell you something.. you won’t get my Italian up any faster then if you label me a sheep.. or kool-aid drinker.. or mindless follower.

Especially when they refuse to consider the larger picture and are just riding the high of having a black president. It especially torques my ass when I’m labeled a racist because I don’t like the current administration.

Come on .. isn’t that a little grade school?

Wasn’t it Hilary Clinton who said that we had every right as Americans to question ANY administration?? Just not this one, right? Ok.. gotcha.

I am a student of American history .. I am a student of the founding father’s and their documents.. and I’ll tell you what, my views were firmly etched WAY before Glenn Beck so you can take that kool-aid comment and stick it in your own IV bag because really.. who’s the one who’s being duped?

Ok.. now I’m sounding bitchy and I don’t really want to go there.

So here’s the thing.. Ā and I’m only going to say this once and then I’m done.. everything that this adminstration is doing is wrong. From forcing people to buy healthcare :: love that the IRS will with hold your tax refund if you don’t jump on board.. that’s like me telling you that the only place you can buy lunch meat is at my store :: to bailing out banks and car manufacturers. This country is so deeply in debt :: click here :: .. with the payback being held squarely on the shoulders of the people who still have their jobs. Or people like me.. with small business’ that won’t survive the new tax laws next year.

If you get this feeling in your gut that something is wrong.. then it probably is. Like Judge Judy says .. if it doesn’t make sense then it isn’t true. Or something like that.

But if your perfectly fine being in la-la land.. then you just go along living in your purple haze and enjoy your life.

For now. Because your life as well as mine is going to be interrupted in a big way and when that time comes I promise I won’t be waving the I Told You So banner.

Just a side note because I can’t help myself:

Until I was laid off, I spend the good portion of 25 years in the health care industry .. both on the insurance side and the hospital side and I can tell you as sure as I’m typing this that everything you’ve been fed about insurance and lack thereof is bullshit.

Does insurance have to be reformed? Yes.

Is this the way to do it? HELL NO.

My last piece of advise before I go to the bathroom is this:

Educate yourself. Don’t listen to one side or the other.. you have a wealth of information at your fingertips so get off of Facebook an use it. Realize that everything has a bigger picture and that a person’s views are established by their influences and associations.


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… I really need to stop cutting my own hair. I have this funny feeling that eventually I’m going to look like Joe Dirt. But with curls!