Yep.. That One There Is A Genius

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Weed

… so my car ran out of gas on Thanksgiving night. No big deal.. it’s in front of the house and I really didn’t have any place to go the last couple of days to worry about it. Plus, we’re basically in walking distance to a gas station so no biggie.

Anyway… this morning I called Chief at the shop and he mentioned that he needed me to make up some signs :: that art degree is really paying off!! :: so I remind him about the gas situation. Unfortunately, we are NOT in walking distance to the craft store!

Since Weed was up and playing PS3 with Bubba and Spazz :: I use “playing” loosely :: Chief told me to have Weed walk to the shop to cover for him and he would take care of the gas situation.

So I do and he reluctantly agrees to go. So I get the empty gas container and put it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FRONT DOOR so he wouldn’t forget when he left.

What’s he do?

He opens the door, pushes the gas container out of the way and heads down to the shop.

When I realized he had already left, I called down to the shop and asked him why he didn’t take the gas can.

“Um, you didn’t tell me to”


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