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What exactly DO they do when there is no toilet paper in the house?

Wanna Annoy Me?

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… put the empty can of Reddi Whip back in the fridge


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So the holiday came and went without any drama .. well.. let’s just say any MORE drama then usual.

Chief closed the shop down at noon and wound up cooking the turkey and trimmings at home instead. We finished eating and we wound up playing Call of Duty the rest of the night.

Today Chief let me sleep in and was suppose to close the shop early again but he wound up getting busy so he didn’t come home until 630pm.

So today was really and truly a day off for me. Spazz and Bubba tormented each other all day with the climax being Bubba shoving Spazz’s face into a sandwich. Yknow.. the usual.

Their crack whore mother was suppose to take them yesterday for a few hours but she pleaded sick :: yknow, the usual “sick” you feel when you  mix too much alcohol and zanaz :: Today she was “better” enough to take one of them for an hour or so. Bubba wound up going over because he wanted to use her computer so at least there was alittle quite with both of them seperated.

So now we drudge onto Christmas… between the laptops and video cameras on their wish lists, this is going to be interesting.