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When To Push.. When To Shove

Posted: November 12, 2008 in His Family
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I had fallen asleep last night before Chief came in from the shop. I had the headache of life that was making my stomach upset. Not all caused by the house. Fair being fair, I had work to do at home and the combination of my laptop screen and the possibility that the prescription on my glasses is outdated seems not to be a good one.

Anyway.. he came into the bedroom, kissed me awake and gave me the cup of coffee he always brings me home. He said that he though I had work to do. I told him I did but that I developed a headache from the laptop and he said he could understand that.

He didn’t seem like himself so I asked him what was wrong. He said nothing and left the bedroom. I heard the trashcan being emptied :: our bedroom is on the first floor :: and the water in the sink turn on so I figured he was cleaning up the kitchen.

I want to say that I didn’t feel bad but I did. Want to say that I didn’t feel guilty.. but I did. I can’t help it.. that’s just me.

So I go out there and happen to notice Spaz’s homework folder on the dining room table and looked in it. He hadn’t done his homework. He had gone into his room earlier where he had fallen asleep with the tv on. So I woke him up and told him he had to do his homework.

When he came out of his bedroom :: also on the first floor :: he said hello to his father who promptly said, “Hello Dick”. Spaz asked him why he called him that and Chief said that he WISHED he could say “Hello kind, considerate son of mine” but the fact that the dog had ripped up the trash :: sometime between when I went into my room and Chief came home from work :: and Spaz just walked over and around the mess  left that option out.

Spaz made the scrunchy face that he always makes when he gets told he did something he shouldn’t have or didn’t do what he should have and continued to do his homework, stabbing the pages with his pen.

Meanwhile, I grabbed a trashbag and proceded to pick up all the trash and stuff in the living room and dining room.. culminating in throwing out any toys or trinkets that were left laying around.

Chief asked what I was doing and I told him that I lived her too and I couldn’t stand that fact that it was a pig sty and that the living room looking like that meant that I couldn’t watch the 50″ HD Plasama flat screen tv and why shouldn’t I?

He said he didn’t start doing the kitchen as a hint… he did it because he didn’t want ME to have to do it.

That was nice to hear. It really was.

We then had a conversation about Bubba which…