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In case it isn’t blatantly obvious .. Chief and I are MAJOR PS3 Call of Duty gamers.

Our mode of choice is online play and I, personally, have never been this addicted to a FPS (First Person Shooter) game before. Brain games, absolutely.. but not FPS’s.

I really thought that Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare couldn’t get any better.. but then came Call Of Duty 5: World At War and in the immortal words of somebody that I can’t remember: FUGGEDIBOUTIT!

I could play all day.. everyday.. and really does alleviate a lot of the stress that otherwise would have me scoping out nice high towers!! LOL!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to be released on November 10th. We already pre-ordered it and have made arrangements with our local GameStop to send up some catering because they’ll be open until past midnight. They were all “OMG! You Rock!” but really, it’s just making sure that I have my copy at a minute past midnight!

I already told Chief we’re closing the store for the day so we can sit and enjoy playing on our 52″ flat screen while the kids on in school!

Hey.. it’s the little things in life, right?

Snap shot of a recent game we played

Snap shot of a recent game we played

So if you’re into it and want to play with the big dogs.. my screen name is WarKittenz and Chief’s is DooFuzz … we both play under each other’s but I’m better.. the student has well surpassed the master!!